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About Unewear

In an effort to solve women's everyday underwear issues, I decided to create a site around the topic, as to cover every question that needs answering.

Topic of conversation could be every panty kind; briefs, hipsters, boy shorts, cheekies or thongs - while I'll also follow that up with issue centred around bras.

I don't always have first hand experience, but I know most issues can be solved with little effort.

In that I plan to give you my top panty hacks, or if you like a simple solution to an issue that as been playing you up for a lifetime - namely wedgies or bunching up in panties, or knickers if you like.

So many subjects to cover with so little time, but I don't doubt the issue you are experience is not written up by me, in great detail - and if its not it soon will be.

Plans for the Future

I will continue to cover all topics around the conversation of women's underwear, until I've exhausted all my heart and soul into writing it all down in detail.

Early on while first getting started with Unewear, underwear articles covered more about thongs and g-string over anything else.

This told me women have more issues on thongs so I was sure to be thorough, and I won't miss one important question that needs answering.

Next up is around the issue of full panties, but the continuous issue with bra fitting still haunts most of my female readers, so I'll be sure to cover that area as much as possible too.

Who am I

I am someone who loves fashion, loves lingerie and adores writing up articles all around the subjects. My plan soon is to become a freelance writer, but for now I've truly focused on my web sites.

I have a lifetime of experience around wearing all kinds of lingerie, like most people in life, so its therefore not a hard topic for me to cover.

Where I fall short is full coverage underwear because as you may know, they are not very popular to wear at this time, unless of course its that time of the month.

Thank you for taking your time reading up my about me page, but please don't go anywhere else, as there's lots of places you can visit on Unewear, before you leave me.

Read up on topic

Notice how on the menu above the site I have a handful of categories for you to click onto; here you can narrow down your query by visiting the appropriate page.

To save you time you can simply visit my sitemap as it lists quite possibly all pages I have published.

  • Buyer's Guide: Leads you to articles written with the intention of of being helpful, before you go onto buying something that is the topic of discussion
  • Advice: Is a series of articles that cover all types of common underwear issues, including; how it should fit, how to avoid type topics
  • VPL Issues: Top subject of women's underwear issues is dealing with the dreaded VPL, or visible panty lines I hope to cover in detail
  • Health: Covers dealing with periods to keeping underwear clean while wearing your favorite intimates
  • Trivia: Sometimes its just fun to write up articles around women's underwear with interesting facts, or pitting one type of underwear against another, with a pro's and con's list
  • First Time: Is all about wearing a certain type of underwear for the first time; so thongs or cheekies are always popular, but so too is the topic around bra's
  • Sport: Focuses more on what underwear to wear while going to the gym or competing in athletics, all of which is to keep panties discreet under Lycra.
  • Celebrities: Intended to cover panties endorsed by celebrities, or answering questions that involve famous people and their favorite underwear, including any worthy stories