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Published 17th March 2021

What causes underwear wedgies

The main cause of underwear wedgies, partially in women's underwear; is a too narrow gusset, so make it a wide one with a shorter length.

Published 11th March 2021

How to make a thong comfortable

To make a comfortable thong more comfy, is adjusting the fit while smoothing out the material, focusing on the rear strap, crotch and waistband.

Published 4th February 2021

Do thongs get more comfortable

Thongs that are uncomfortable to wear do not ever improve; instead the "get more comfortable" saying, rather refers to getting used too them.

Published 4th February 2021

How to wear a thong with leggings

How you'd wear a thong with leggings is making sure the thong is level with the leggings waistband, is skin tone, seamless and of course comfortable.

Published 2nd February 2021

Is it BAD to wear thongs

In this day and age thongs are accepted in society, so it would be hard to say they're bad to wear, as thongs are an essential piece of fashion wear.

Published 31st January 2021

Are thongs more comfortable

Thongs are more comfortable due to the way the rear coverage is cut out, which is a common cause of many issues in regular underwear.

Published 30th January 2021

Do g-strings feel good too wear

While g-strings can feel good to wear, it can be more trouble than its worth; as a stringy g-string can cause more digging or wedgies over thongs.

Published 30th January 2021

Should I wear a thong with a skirt

You should continue to wear a thong as much as you do enjoy wearing them with pants, leggings or yoga pants, as VPL is an issue still while wearing skirts.

Published 28th January 2021

Cheekster meaning

Behind the name cheekster, its an underwear made to be revealing; it reveals the bum cheeks, or is a little naughtier, hence the term cheekster.

Published 27th January 2021

How to secretly buy thongs

How you will secretly buy thongs on your own would be to buy full bodied thongs that appear to be panties, then no one would be any the wiser.