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Advice - Page 6

Published 23rd December 2019

What size thong do I wear

What size thongs women wear is simply the size they wear now; though it must be said going a size up would help free up the tightness.

Published 23rd December 2019

Do thongs feel like a wedgie

Thongs can feel like a wedgy, well worn for the first time the feeling will disappear over time, though nasty wedgies should be doubt with.

Published 23rd December 2019

How to stop bra band from curling

Reasons why a bra band is curling can be; too small bra size, cheap, to light material with thin seams or edging, or bra could be damaged.

Published 23rd December 2019

How are boy shorts supposed to fit

How boy shorts fit relies heavily on three things; full coverage in the rear with no cheekiness, no loose material or wedgies occuring.

Published 23rd December 2019

What undies trying on wedding dresses

Knickers you wear whilst trying on wedding dresses should be the brief or thong you intend to wear on your big day to avoid issues later.

Published 23rd December 2019

What are boy shorts for

Boy shorts are used for comfort, well reducing wedgies and VPL. Boy shorts have full coverage well useful for sleeping in or playing sports.

Published 23rd December 2019

Underwear for pencil skirts

Wear a pencil skirt with confidence by knowing your panty lines are not showing, while looking absolutely fabulous with a crease-free bum.

Published 23rd December 2019

Are cheeky underwear comfortable

Cheeky underwear can be very comfortable to wear if you pick the right pair; they reduce wedges well offering full coverage in the front.

Published 23rd December 2019

Can you return knickers

Returning knickers to the store on the high street should be accepted providing they are unworn, not damaged or marked, with tags still intact.

Published 23rd December 2019

What are Brazilian knickers

Brazilian knickers are designed to expose the mid to lower section of the buttocks well the material is fuller for better coverage in the front.

Published 21st March 2014

Types Of Thongs

Well a thong or g-string can refer to the same thing, there is a difference between them both, well they can be called many other things.