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Are Boy Shorts comfortable

Great for working out, wearing everyday or help to maintain your decency under skirts, boy shorts are comfortable, but a nice fit needs to be found.

Boy shorts are so comfortable they're relied on the world over, or at least in the youthful crowd, as a mature women will prefer a skin tone, seamless boy short that is suited to all outfits. Make it a boy short in cotton only, or a cotton-blend, a short leg length with a full rear fit, thus avoiding a little cheekiness.

Boy shorts are comfortable as can be, so are suited to all types of activities, or if you need it more as a reliable everyday panty.

Larger than the bikini or hipster panty, but its a more trendier design that is popular with the youthful crowd.

But there is a boy short design out there if you want it in a more mature fit, or need to avoid VPL, or help reduce bunching.

I would then point you in the direction of multi-useful, seamless boy shorts, preferably in a skin tone to wear under anything imaginable - without ever being seen.

Boy shorts will be more widely available in funky bold colours, patterns or with buttons or large seams to imitate boy's underwear.

But the option for something more girly, while more comfortable is available - that is if you don't want the lacey, sexy kind.

One cause of concern with boy shorts is that they can be mistaken for cheeky underwear if the fit in the rear exposes to much bum.

So do remember that as in tern it can lead to wedgies or bunching up, unless that is what you want - in which case I refer you to trying cheeky panties.

Comfortable if fit is right

I can say boy shorts are indeed comfortable if the fit is right on point, which is obvious really but often a horrible fit can be mistaken for the only fit.

When in fact if wearing your first boy short leads too discomfort, know that there are better, more comfortable boy short options out there.

Boy shorts are designed for the maximum coverage possible; thus avoiding wedgies in the rear or often unavoidable bunching up to comparable underwear.

Boy shorts, or boy leg underwear, is designed much like women's hipster panties - made to cover up as much skin as possible.

High rise or low slung boy shorts are an option, but they do fit better if its an original rise.

To be a correct fit boy short, and so a more comfortable one, it should cover as much as the thigh as possible.

However there is detail in a boy short that can lead to one to avoid at all costs and that is the horrid seams.

No irritable seams or edging

Much like wearing a hipster panty or say cheeky underwear, in no way should comfort be compromised over the fancy edging.

To be a comfortable boy short on the body, it can be ruined no thanks to the lacey seams or decoration around the edges, or for example a bow tie or buttons on the front.

Be aware as they're boy style underwear, women's boy shorts can mimic the design of genuine boy underwear - hence the sometimes inclusion of buttons.

Boy shorts are prone to VPL issues, or more so the underwear obviously visible under, but not always fitted clothing.

To avoid that you can wear a boy short that as all the benefits of being super comfortable but only it will need to be a seamless boy short.

So the seams are removed while the stretch of the boy short body relies on keeping the underwear in place.

A wide, elasticated band around the waist could be present which again replicates boys underwear, but with a more feminine twist.

Not too long on the legs

Length of boy shorts from the tip of the waistband to the seam around the leg holes can very in height.

But expect a regular rise boy short to fit higher up around the waist with the leg passing a little down the thigh.

Not too long mind you because how a boy short is supposed to fit does instantly appear and feel, like women's shortie underwear.

So do keep the legs short as possible on the thigh or they could be construed as men's trunks or boxers.

If the boy short fits just under the buttocks, it can be a little easier to avoid VPL.

Too big boy short styles, and there's lots of them, are not made for form fitting clothing, so will be seen if not wearing a smaller style.

Boy shorts are excellent for wearing under short skirts or for example a dress, so don't allow it to be seen which it would if its a long fit.

Stretch, soft cotton option

To be a very comfortable boy short, you'd really want to go after the shorts made in 100% cotton.

Its not often possible to get cotton all over, so do only focus on the body of the boy short being made in 100% cotton, or with a high cotton blend.

That is because its quite common to have an elastane seam or edging.

Cotton should be the prime material of the underwear, but do make sure it has lots of stretch - as comfort does come from this vital part.

Cotton boy shorts can be made in a thick layer or stitched with thick seams; so do make sure it feels like normal, cotton underwear - much like a light t-shirt.

Boy shorts are not only made for comfort but for use as everyday wear, so it needs to feel super soft, or barely felt at all.

Elasticated wide waistband

Regular off the shelf boy shorts in-store will either be made one way or the other; one with a thick, solid elasticated waistband, or two; with a band that fits into the stitching.

So while boy shorts are comfortable on the body area, the waistband can vary in design; thus comfortable level can very from one pair to the next.

In wearing a boy short with a thick waistband - you know the type that is sometimes visible over the jeans waistband - well, that band can be felt regardless.

Its not a feeling of discomfort, but moreso a feeling of security, as it stays put around the waist.

On the otherhand, a smaller, less visible waistband that is associated with lesser brands, is not as stable as the elasticated thick waistband.

They tend to not be uncomfortable, but the boy short can drop as you sit or bend.

Not a bad thing as the boy short is more invisible under clothing, but it can lead to you needing to pull it back up.

No cheekiness expected

Comfortable boy shorts will in many respects fit the body in very much the same way, but remember where its advertised one way, it might not fit that way on your body.

But focus on the topics mentioned above to be a comfortable boy short for everyday use.

However, where it becomes a problem is the boy short fit in the rear.

In theory the boy short will fully cover the buttocks, forming around the hips while covering as much skin as possible.

In reality you could or probably will have to deal with wedgies if the gusset is designed poorly.

Wedgy-free boy shorts stem from a wide, short gusset that prevents the cheekiness that is more familiar with the cheeky underwear kind.

So while stores will promote their boy shorts as just that, they could actually be selling a more cheeky style, when in fact that is the style you may be hoping to avoid.

Make sure the gusset is therefore wide while a shorter gusset will prevent the boy short fitting too high under the bum - thus avoiding boy shorts appearing like hot pants.

To summarise

Boy shorts in many respects are similar to bikini underwear or the hipster style; only more skin is covered while wearing a more trendier, youthful underwear.

Boy shorts will get you through the best of times, and worst of times.

They're designed to be worn everyday, and will get you through working out with little in the way of discomfort, caused by wedgies or bunching.

Boy shorts are comfortable in more ways than one, namely the boy short feels more secure while helping you maintain decency under skirts or dresses.

Don't wear a boy short too big a fit as the leg covers to much of the thigh, so its harder to avoid VPL with only a limit on tighter outfits which can be worn.

Make the boy short in a super soft, super stretchy cotton, or a cotton-blend that prioritises more cotton on the body.

Boy shorts tend to be designed to appear as just that, boy shorts, or boy leg if you want.

So can feature buttons or heavy, thick seams or a y-front style that replicates them, so not ideal if trying to stay discreet under clothing.

Focus on buying a boy short that is wedgy-free, so make sure it has plenty of rear coverage, and don't be fouled into buying a boy short the store sells it as, only to relies its more of a cheeky kind of underwear.

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