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Female model wearing revealing black lace Brazilian knickers

Are Brazilian knickers comfortable

Well to know if Brazilian knickers are comfortable, it won't be a bad idea to give them a try, but personally I've found them to be not comfy at all.

Brazilian knickers are not comfortable for the most part, the design in the rear varies so greatly the style is inconsistent, so there's no guaranteed comfort level. Too much material goes in-between the buttocks, meanwhile the material over the bum never retains its shape, and leads to panty line issues.

Brazilian knickers are comfortable to some women, but I can't say most will swear by them, as the design is among the most uncomfortable in the world.

Brazilian knickers are designed to go up, but are still highly visible higher up on the bum.

No purpose to this, unlike the thong where its designed to keep VPL discreet; Brazilian cut panties do quite the opposite by exposing VPL, plus any awkward bumps caused by the trim digging into the skin.

There is no guaranteed shape to Brazilians, that leads to a fit that that can be good, but in most cases it will be a bad one.

To make it a comfortable Brazilian knicker, why not go for practicality over sexy lace.

For example 100% cotton Brazilian cut knickers would prove to be more comfy, but only if its made in light, stretchy fabric.

Not only that but you'd need to make sure less fabric goes up the rear end as possible; that way it will feel less like a wedgy and feel far more practical.

Brazilians are NOT comfortable

Speaking by experience, Brazilian style knickers are not comfortable, not comfortable at all in fact.

Sure there is a possibility of buying and wearing genuinely comfortable Brazilian knickers, but the fit feels like it doesn't belong.

Its the design in the rear you see, its designed to partially cover your buttocks, but the shape causes the material to be felt at all times.

Unlike say cheekies or the much skimpier thong, Brazilian knickers have more material, with no sacrifice in cutting fabric away where its required.

On that Brazilian knickers are not practical either, as well as not doing a good job at tackling VPL issues, there's the digging into the bum which makes it worse.

But in the end its that shape in the rear that will cause most common problems.

Awkward shape in rear

Brazilian knickers can be comfortable if you go for say a stretch, cotton Brazilian cut if its on the less material side.

By that I mean less fabric coverage in the rear, as well as the material that forms on the sides and moves into the crotch.

As Brazilian knickers are suppose to go up in-between the buttocks; more material present in this area can cause dreadful wedgies.

To be a good fitting Brazilian cut, this wad of material needs to be as narrow as humanly possible, in a sense much like a thong.

Brazilian panties lead to discomfort because there's too much material going up the bum, and will be a feeling that doesn't go away.

To beat that, go for the 100% cotton Brazilian cut panty, but also make it one that goes in higher up the bum, but with less material that enters between the cheeks.

Unable to retain position

OK while this doesn't only apply to Brazilian style knickers, it has to be said this style can move around a lot in the backside.

And when it does it can feel as if its pulling up or down in the crotch.

In not being able to retain a certain level of a fit that won't stay put, this can only lead to the fabric rubbing up and down inside the buttocks.

You see the Brazilian knicker has more material than is needed back their, so its hard to keep it still as you move around, sit or squat - as a person does going about her day.

Cotton Brazilian knickers will help somewhat but the material is lighter, so can move around more over say a firm, thicker material.

In using a more stable material in Brazilian knickers it can lead to even more discomfort, so its a lose, lose situation.

Feeling of wearing Brazilian knickers

I stand by my opinion of Brazilian knickers not being comfortable at all, and that is due to the feeling while wearing them.

Its a continuous discomfort feeling that never goes away, but it shouldn't be felt at all as comfort in knickers should be the main priority.

While Brazilian knickers are designed to cut away the rear as it fits inside the buttocks, this is where the feeling doesn't improve.

Brazilian cuts vary in height levels, so can feel different from one pair to the next; crotch or gusset width can also vary so can have a final say on how much fabric is indeed wedged up the rear.

So while you can feel the material covering over the delicate buttocks, the unneeded or extra material that makes its way up there could be something you can go without.

To summarize

I would say that in trying many types of Brazilian knickers, the style never improves in terms of comfort.

I see no real benefit to wearing Brazilian knickers as its a challenging concept, almost feeling if this style of women's underwear serves no purpose.

Brazilian knickers are made to cut across the buttocks in a diagonal angle, but the trim can be felt in this area of the bum, so can it dig into the skin.

And that is not a good thing if wearing tight fitted clothing as panty lines will be seen.

That awkward shape on the bum is more trouble than its worth, and it can lead to many issues throughout the day.

Comfort is a possibility in Brazilian knickers and many women's swear by them, but to be honest a thong would be a better idea.

In fact I would recommend you get used to cheeky underwear as the design can lead to more comfort than that of the Brazilian style.

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