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Are Briefs making a comeback

Its only an assumption or an opinion but it is indeed wrong, because briefs have never gone away, and still depended on by millions worldwide.

I would say briefs are not making a comeback because they have never gone away; if all you wear is thongs or cheekies, then it may feel that way. Briefs, or should I say bikini style underwear are still relied upon by the majority, as a safe panty to wear - which is more important to wear when its that time of the month.

In believing women's briefs are making a comeback would have me believe you thinking they went away in the first place.

But if all you wear is nothing but skimpy underwear, then it can be an easy mistake to make.

In wearing anything but full coverage underwear on the otherhand, which is most women; you would be saying the opposite - are thongs making a comeback.

But in all seriousness, briefs have never gone away as women depend upon them as everyday wear, including for use as period panties.

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Briefs can mean a lot of things though can it, but in saying briefs I do mean women still wear bikini shaped underwear over hipsters or boy shorts styles.

Briefs NEVER gone away

Believe it or not briefs have never gone away, as they remain the style most women will depend on to get them through their daily lives.

Not so if you are reaching your adulthood as thongs or cheekies will be the topic of discussion at this point, but well into your 20s briefs remain the go-to underwear.

Where briefs may feel they've gone away for a while is due to mixing in with other groups that where different, skimpier panties.

And if its all you hear within the group you will come to believe that is all what women wear now.

But if you go out of the group hearing opinions of other friends or family members, not all women where thongs, cheeksters or g-strings.

In fact, you will find that most adults do wear bigger panties in the hipster, bikini or midi style - or indeed still in fashion granny panties.

Depends on brief style

As a whole you will sure find briefs haven't made a comeback at all, but that is if we are only referring to certain styles.

Big difference between briefs and panties as the design along with others varies greatly.

So I would say for sure, granny panties have gone away and never made a recovery in the last two decades.

But when a female turns to full coverage briefs she'd probably go for something a little skimpier, but still a little more practical.

Its then the bikini style brief that most women will wear when referring to briefs.

After bikini style a women will try out either boy short style briefs, hipsters - or hiphuggers if shopping at Victoria's Secret - or midi briefs.

In all you'd find the days of huge coverage in the rear with the kind of briefs that go up to the belly button have long gone by.

Skimpier styles popular

But make no mistake, the days of briefs that are all that's worn are no longer; skimpier panties are all that women - or at least fashion conscious women - wear now.

Briefs can make a comeback while you are well into wearing thongs or cheekies, but it would be temporary if for bed, lounging around the house or say on your period.

Thongs remain the number one choice for women who don't want their brief panty lines to be seen, well embarrassed more of the outline of a big granny panty that can be seen.

Moreso, lovely fitting comfortable cheeky underwear can offer a little support, but the style can give you coverage that the thong can not - but still not be an ugly brief.

For briefs to make a comeback they would of had to gone away, which they only do in theory as your attention turns to other types of women's underwear only.

So if you go through a stage of wearing thongs only in school, you'd soon realise that is not all that's worn outside of your group.

Safe period underpants

It is absolutely guaranteed briefs have never gone away, for the sole purpose of them being needed for that time of the month.

I will say women can get on just fine wearing a pad with a thong if that is what she wears, but that is not an option for all.

Briefs are needed for women who have heavier periods, to which a thong won't cut it.

So its about digging out the old briefs every month to wear until the menstruation has passed - so its safe to say several days of the month a brief is worn.

That is because a larger sanitary towel or midi pad cannot fit in skimpier briefs, with a hipsters, midi panty or the always reliable bikini style briefs cutting it always.

Ladies will often refer to wearing granny panties for that time of the month, but in fact all they mean is a fuller brief style.

To summarize

To say if briefs are making a comeback I believe would be wrong, as I don't believe they went away in the first place.

By saying briefs have disappeared - and that is if we all talking about women's briefs - could be contributed to you and your close group only.

You could be wearing thongs, g-strings or cheekies now with briefs never coming into a conversation.

But if you talk to others outside your group at school or with work colleagues for example, you'd find they continue to wear briefs like they always have.

And I will say the older generation - say 40 plus - will stick to briefs. But that is not to say they still don't wear the occasional thong or cheeky.

Briefs can mean full panty styles but what we are all really talking about is bikini briefs.

Women wear bikini style panties more than any other style of briefs, but that is followed up with hipster or midi style underwear.

Nevertheless, thongs, g-strings and cheeky underwear remains to be the go-to panty for the younger generation.

Briefs will never go away because they are a must for that time of the month.

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