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Women on bed showing cheeksters riding up uncomfortably

Are cheeksters supposed to ride up

Misconception of cheeksters, or cheekies if you like is that women are unsure if they ride up the bum and if so, how high or low do they fit.

Cheeksters are supposed to ride up the bum in a way that are cheekies only; so to much exposure and they could appear to be Brazilian panties, whereas a too high fitted cheekster could be seen as a thong. Cheeksters ride up so the fabric must enter the bum, yet still be seen on the outside.

Cheeksters are a style of knickers that are designed to be a little cheeky, hence the name of the underwear.

Yet they shouldn't be overly exposed as to be mistaken for thongs or Brazilian knickers as those styles of panties are designed to show much more butt.

Take cheeksters as a style that shows up a little bum cheek on the lower half only.

Once you've tried on cheeksters its only then you'll realise how they should fit as not all bodies are the same, so there is levels of cheekiness.

Perfect fit will see a little bum cheek coming through, whereas if the cheeksters are to small this would result in the material entering the bum more.

When going for cheeksters just make sure the cheeky part is fitting, yet comfortable to wear throughout the day so there's no discomfort.

Where cheeksters riding up do come in useful is that you have a self-induced wedgie, so now no accidental wedgie can happen.

Supposed to ride up but still be seen

The wearing of cheeksters is for sure to be worn in such a way it will paritally ride up ones bum, but not in a way that would appear to be a thong...

Nor Brazilian knickers for that matter as there would be no way to distinguish the styles.

Instead, cheeksters are suppose to ride up differently that makes them the panty design that appears to women over the more revealing knickers.

Cheeksters are supposed to ride up into the lower bottom in a way that still reveals the material, rather than disappearing up the bum to never be seen again.

What we mean by that is the lower half of the cheekster will insert in between the bum, to only then be seen out of the crack also.

This would make the cheeksters appear to be not all the way in the bum at all, but instead they're half in, half out.

So yes, cheeksters are supposed to ride up but only in a way they will still be seen; not where they fit like a thong which are designed not to be seen at all.

Partially ride up under cheeks

Cheeksters get there name for being a little cheeky, so are designed to ride up the bum in a way that is cheeky, but also cute.

To do that cheeksters need to fit in a way that is not so much sexy, but more so a little more practical.

By that the cheeksters must ride up only a little bit, and when they do ride up so much more, its not obviously seen; as the extended fabric on the seems will always keep the cheekster on the outer side.

So where the cheekster are inserted into the lower half of the bottom; the style will allow the cheekster to appear to be out of the bum too, so are partially in, and a little out.

Problem that does occur where cheeksters are supposed to ride up to only be a little cheeky rather than sexy is... it depends on the style.

So well we can classify the cheekster of being partially seen in and out of the bottom, designers would indeed style there cheeksters to look near enough like a thong, or Brazilian panty.

Allow cheeksters to ride comfortably

When wearing a cheekster its important to allow the cheekster, or cheekies if you like; to sit where they lay.

What we mean is due to the way cheeksters fit in the bottom, its not always possible for the cheekster to stay in place unless you make adjustments.

However, don't be tempted to do this, allow the cheekster to sit on the butt where it wants to lay, so therefore you'll get a better understanding of its a comfortable fit, or indeed if its the wrong kind.

As you slip on the cheekster up your legs the rear end will naturally slide in between your bum cheeks, before fitting comfortably around the waist.

So stop here as you would with other styles of panties; allow the cheekster to sort itself out before realising on your own if its a good or bad fit.

Restrain youself from pinching the centre of the waistband in the rear to force the cheeky part up the bum.

Instead pull the cheeky up on the sides of the waistband on the hips to allow the cheeky to find its place in your bum.

Its at this point you'll know if its a real cheekster or indeed something with a little more coverage such as being in line with hipster panties or the midi style.

Depends on gusset width

The level of cheekiness depends on the cheeksters gusset. So say if its a narrow width, then this would lead to them being cheeky for sure.

Meanwhile, if the cheekster has a wider gusset, in theory the cheekster would be less cheeky as the fabric is designed for more coverage.

That theory doesn't quite work with a cheeksters though; so if its a narrow or wide gusset, it should still allow for your bum cheeks to be exposed.

So instead it will fit like this; if its a narrow cheekster the cheeky part riding up the bum will happen sooner, so will fit similar to that of a thong or Brazilian knickers.

However, if the cheekster has a wider gusset then this is what we would class as a proper cheekster.

What happens is the wide gusset will allow for bum cheeks to be seen, only the material will ride inside the bum cheeks, well still being seen on the cheeks from the outside.

Wide gussets allow for more coverage well still maintaining the needs of the design.

Bonus is the wide gusset will also help with more coverage in the front, but still help with a better fit overall.


So are cheeksters supposed to ride, well they sure are but there are levels of cheekiness with cheeksters, meaning how much of your bum is exposed depends on the style.

Cheeksters ride up in a way that only exposes the lower half of your bum cheeks.

But not in a way that shows too bum cheeks as there end up serving to only be another style of Brazilian knickers, or even a thong.

Cheeksters will ride up the bum only a little, so only allow them too in a way that doesn't need help from you.

If you allow the cheekies to do there thing its only then you'll know if its a good fit or indeed underwear that does not belong.

Comfort in cheeksters really is in the gusset width as the wider kind allows for more coverage all over, whereas the thin gusset allows for spillages or wedgies.

And there you have it, cheeksters are supposed to ride up and should be allowed too.

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