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Are Cheeky Underwear comfortable

Know that the wearing of cheeky underwear can be incredibly comfortable, with a self-serving wedgy design to fit in the rear, as oppose to accidental wedgies.

Make no mistake, cheeky underwear is comfortable and should be considered for any one that wishes to reduce the unintentional wedgy that occurs from full briefs. Instead the cheeky is designed to fit inside the bum comfortably without feeling it at all. Try cheekies to put an end to annoying wedgies.

When going through a phase of trying cheeky underwear, as oppose to your regular full briefs or high cut knickers or panties, the change of style can feel different.

So in the first few days to a week it will only feel uncomfortable in a sense of getting used to a new kind of underwear.

Over time, this feeling will vanish and what you should end up with is a new underwear that lives in and out in your bum.

If you can't get rid of the feeling of something up your bum cheeks; then perhaps its time to switch back to your regular underwear - or better still try different kinds of cheekies until you find a pair that is comfortable.

Cheekies are not Brazilian style knickers or indeed no where near being a thong; they're just a little cheeky in the bum which removes the area that would otherwise lead to wedgies.

Soft, cotton only cheekies

Switching to cheeky underwear requires you to go through a series of cheeky styles before you stumble across the most comfortable one that is suited to your body.

To have the best chance of succeeding, you will need to only wear soft cotton cheekies.

Most cheekies on the market which are made from cotton tend to be the most comfy, so therefore will be super soft against your skin.

While the cotton makes up most of the cheeky in the front, back and sides; know that the edging - or seems - could be made from other, less comfortable material.

Its more likely to be made from a lace trim that lays flat against your skin, and well that could be comfy, bare in mind it could also be scratchy.

Then there's the issue with stretching, and cheekies must be stretchy to be comfortable.

Well full briefs or the slightly less skimpier kind can have little to no stretch in the rear or around near the crouch to the anus - its vital cheekies do in this area.

That's largely to do with the cheeky section needing to fold into your bum cheeks well the need for the material to stretch out is required every time you sit, walk or fiddle.

No annoying seems under cheeks

One major advantage of wearing cheekies is the avoidance of the material that sits under your bum cheeks - later leading to self-induced wedgies as you move.

Not so with cheekies as the material, where it would otherwise sit on the bottom; goes in the rear near the bottom end of the cheeks.

And why does this matter? Simply put; seems lead to thickness around the edges of underwear, thereby you are likely to feel it as you sit on the thick seem.

The edges of the cheeky that runs across the lower half of your bum instead will run inside the crack, so it won't get a chance to sit beneath the crease on your bottom.

Sure, are cheeky panties uncomfortable in this area, they certainly are but its up to you to find that certain pair that fits well without digging or or leaving visible panty lines - and don't forget as that problem will later arise.

Controlled wedgy, not accidental

When a cheeky over say a full brief or boy shorts, has one major feat full coverage in the rear underwear has not.

And that's the ability to rid yourself of potential wedgies throughout the day by wearing a style of knickers that are designed to go inside the buttocks.

That's precisely what you will get with cheeky underwear, a little wedgy action going on.

Now we are not saying the wedgy effect is an uncomfortable one; but a wedgy that is not felt or ever likely to cause you issues as they are worn.

That is known as a controlled wedgy where the purpose of the undies going inside your bum is on purpose, rather than happening out of your control.

If you're wearing a quality, soft cotton cheeky, then you shouldn't feel it all in your rear one bit.

If on the other hand you do feel the material riding up; this could be due to the wrong material or the design of the cheeky being of poor quality - so time to get rid.

Cheekies are full coverage elsewhere

Well you get the cheeky effect in the rear of cheeky panties or knickers, know that elsewhere the design is meant to be full coverage.

While in the front and sides it would appear to be a full brief knicker or panty; then its only when seen it from the rear you know its a cheeky.

Reason to this is you get the full support of a full coverage-like panty, well avoiding the wedgy you'd get later if wearing full bottom knickers.

Cheekies cover all the bum, bar the cheeks at the bottom, meanwhile the coverage in the front is full, keeping your privates fully covered, yet very comfortable.

As the cheeky rides down your crouch toward the anus; there's full coverage here too as all areas are covered up with material - supported more with wide, lacey or cotton seems.

If you don't first succeed, try again

As you are asking are cheeky underwear comfortable to wear; we can only assume you're considering trying them out.

And before you rush out to buy a pair, know that not all cheekies are comfortable and that part that does indeed go up the bum, can be problematic.

So if you buy your first pair of cheekies and they're uncomfy, know that this is perfectly normal as you'll need time to find the pair that you like.

It might take a few tries or might be beginners luck; though if you choose to go with soft cotton with stretch, you'll have a better chance of succeeding first time.

Much like all the types of knickers or panties worn as you grow up.

Some can be a hit or miss, while others can be a take it or leave it kind of thing. Yet with cheekies, you'd want them to be comfortable as the cheeky section can become unbearable.


So there you have, well cheeky underwear can be incredibly comfortable to wear, even though its designed to go in your bum, it can be painful if wearing the wrong cheeky style.

To be a good fit it must be made from soft cotton with stretch. Avoid fancy lace or trim, though certain kinds can cause VPL or bunching up.

Cheekies take wedgies that are common in full briefs, by controlling how that wedgy effect fits inside the bottom.

So its designed to go in the lower cheeks with more material out than inside.

Cheekies don't feel like thongs as they don't go inside the bum on full length; instead they should feel more like full briefs.

And so the cheeky part in the rear should not be noticeable or you shouldn't feel any movement, as it sits there comfortably.

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