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Are g-strings comfortable

Unlike full bodied thongs, g-strings can be felt more if its the wrong fit, so focus more on coverage on the crotch well using soft fabric on the waistband and rear end string.

Absolutely, g-strings can be comfortable as there's little material, so reduces the likelihood of bunching up. However, g-strings can be uncomfortable if you don't make an effort to make it fit correctly. So only use soft material with stretch and a focus on the waistband and string that rides up the bum.

Make no mistake, g-strings can be extremely comfortable if you make use of the high quality, super soft options available.

You could go wrong as you would if wearing a wrong fit thong, cheeky or full brief; only the g-string needs a little more attention.

As g-strings are made in, well you guest it, strings; there's an increased likelihood of discomfort if those strings can be felt.

So your only goal to make a g-string fit comfortably is making sure the waistband and string that rides up the bum is super comfortable.

The most comfortable g-strings will have a flat string that fits flush up against the band around the waist, as to prevent digging.

All while the string that goes up the bum needs stretch to expand well riding through the bum cheeks - with additional stretch for sitting, squatting or bending over.

Quality made g-strings only

Big say if g-strings are comfortable is really in the quality, so well a g-sting sold in a department store should be fine, there's little in the way of quality check.

Meaning designers too often release g-strings without comfort in mind as they keep to a strict timetable to get it made and out for sale.

That is not true if you were to make the most of branded g-strings available through more high end sellers.

Example of that is the Hanky Panky g-string made primarily super soft nylon.

The first thing you need to do is prioritise quality over quantity so you need to forget the packs of g-strings while opting for standalone options.

If buying in-store that would be a good start as you can feel the quality in the stretch and, or softness in the material.

Where you might go wrong is buying g-strings online as you're not able to check.

No stretch in string

One way a g-string will be comfortable is if the underwear has stretch where its needed most; namely the strap that rides up the bum, and waistband.

Stretch in g-strings is more important over say thongs that have more coverage; as the strings that g-strings are primarily designed in tend to be the non-stretch kind.

Much like shoelaces or drawstrings, not much care and attention is put into comfort.

That results in the string well stretchy, the material really does suck so you may as well be wearing regular string up your butt.

To make the most out of stretch in the rear and around the waist, be sure to only wear g-strings that are made in nylon or spandex.

To guarantee comfort only wear g-strings that are made in super soft, stretch material.

Comfortable material

The most comfortable g-strings will absolutely be made in soft fabric in spandex or nylon; a material that makes up the body of the g-string.

So the whole panel in the front and the v-shape in the rear will be made in soft material.

However, you need to pay attention not to what the g-string is primarily made in; but more so what the seams - if any - and the waistband is made in.

If the waistband is made in something else, you can guarantee the string that rides up the bum will be made in identical material - which is not always mentioned.

G-strings made in cotton, spandex or nylon tend to not be included in the string section.

So with that the string is going to be made in the lowest percentage of elastane and polyamide - with any decoration excluded.

Depends on the fit

At the end of the day g-strings will only be made comfortable if the fit on your body type measures up perfectly.

So let's say you've found the perfect g-string that has all the attributes we've previously outlined, comfort over made-to-fit is something completely different.

It is common for women to wear g-strings that are comfy but don't necessarily fit well.

What we mean by that is the fit up the rear or on the gusset could be too narrow or tight which could cause trouble later.

With that in mind let's examine a g-string in detail with all sections covered.

Rear string strap

For a g-string to be comfortable the focus should absolutely be on the strap that rides up your bum, in between your b-cheeks.

That strap would indeed be a string as its a g-string you're wearing.

But to be the correct fit that rear string should go undetected; meaning if it can be felt then its the wrong fit g-string - hence why you can feel it.

If the part that rides up you bum is felt once in a while, it will be the wrong string style that rides up the bum, which would probably be the wrong fit g-string.

Instead, drop that g-string while going for a rear strap that you cannot feel anytime.


To maintain comfort in the g-string the waistband is going to have to cause no trouble over the course of being worn.

Because the waistband measures up to your waist or hip size; its quite easy for the fit to be all wrong.

So therefore the waistband will be too tight so will dig into your hips.

If that is happening with the g-string you're wearing then its time to ditch the string, well making do with a size up.

Essentially, the waistband on g-strings are just that, literally a string; so in a way the string will dig into the body with nothing you can do to prevent it.

Only you will know if its not too tight so use you own judgment here.

Front section panel

Despite the little g-string covering as little as possible, it must be said that coverage of the vagina and, or pubic area must always be protected.

G-strings are underwear after all with the point of not covering the bum this time, but your front section.

To which whatever g-string you're wearing the fabric that makes up the front panel will basically be a triangle shape - in a high or low waisted design.

If its a high waisted g-string know that the chance of front wedgies is a higher possibility than the low rise kind, and here's why...

High rise g-strings tend to have a narrower front section, so the wrong fit g-string will only be noticed later when the fabric digs into the vagina when you're active.

V-point in gusset

When we talk about the v-point section on the g-string, this is the area that begins to form into a v-shape point before entering in between the bum cheeks.

It literally happens as the material scrunches up before riding over the anus.

Here is a design flaw in the g-string that will make or break the comfort level in the in the underwear style.

What you want here is for the v-shape to maintain full coverage over the vagina as its possible most g-strings will expose your vagina lips.

It goes unnoticed with most women well others can feel the wedgy, to which adjustments will have to be made.

With that, you need to go for a g-string that has a wide, full gusset as there's a less chance of discomfort caused by fabric rolling into the flaps.


For sure, g-strings can be extremely comfortable but it depends heavily on the quality, style and what its made from.

To make sure the g-string is a comfortable one will depend largely on the correct fit around the waist with the string that rides up the bum completely depending on stretch.

Without stretch in the waistband or strap that goes between the bum cheeks; forget it, no way can a g-string be comfortable without stretch.

Its also helped if the string is made in super soft elastane or polyamide; while the bulk of the g-string in the font and rear v-shape panel is made in cotton, spandex or nylon.

Only can these reputable materials make underwear comfortable, so not just g-strings.

Like most panties the g-string can be a pain in the backside; though like most undies that can change if you only find the correct fit.

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