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Are Hanky Panky thongs worth it

So you're concerned about Hanky Panky thongs being worth it, and whether they stand up to the hype as proven over many years.

Make no mistake, well expensive; Hanky Panky thongs are worth the price, as your investment will pay off in due course. Quality is second to none, while the pay off will happen in the one size fits all original rise, low or high rise thong offering comfort, quality and avoids VPL.

Absolutely, it can be a worry with the thought of buying a single high-end, expensive thong when many are needed.

While the fear of the thong lasting only a few months or so a very real, a genuine concern.

Though it shouldn't be with Hanky Panky thongs as they provide themselves on quality; going as far as guarantee.

So good are their thongs, they've won award after award, and those don't come lightly.

Invest in one Hanky Panky thong to see how it goes, then you can really get an idea how they last with everyday use.

No unraveling in stitching, no holes or loose string; the stretch will continue well comfort level will stay put during the entire length the thong is with you.

Brides pride themselves with Hanky Panky thong underwear, so do a number of celebrities who have openly admitted to being a dedicated wearer of Hanky Panky.

Hanky Panky cost vs. other brands

If we take the average cost of the Hanky Panky Original Rise thong, $22.00 is the expected price you'll pay from Hanky Panky themselves, or other vendors.

While a similar original rise thong from say Victoria's Secret would cost you approximately $16.50 or a little more.

So if you think about it with both brands offering similar thong design; the costs doe add up from wherever you buy them.

That can only mean the price plays an important role while costing up the design, manufacturing or marketing.

Therefore, all good quality, respectable branded thongs will average around the price of $16.00 to the $25.00 mark.

While we were at it we also took a look at the average cost of popular sporty Calvin Klein thongs - which happen to cost in between VS and Hanky Panky thongs.

So there you have it, if you want a quality thong... then expect to pay the price.

Investment that keeps on giving

No where else can you find thong underwear that keeps on giving, than those that are made from Hanky Panky.

Through the lifespan of Hanky Panky, you can expect little in the way of damage from too much wear, with little tear in terms of material unraveling itself.

Hanky panky thongs are not only worth it in in terms of costs; but the dedication will see you benefit for years to come - perhaps way past the usual lifespan of underwear.

Make no mistake, Hanky Panky thongs must be looked after, for example; following the washing instructions on the label.

Though it must be said washing your delicates in the sink by hand will help extend there life, if the washing machine was avoided.

Hanky Panky cost so much because replacement underwear are needed much less.

Once you've got your hands on Hanky Panky thongs, that's it; it will be a while before they need replacing, due to the quality.

Quality, made in USA

Amazingly, and quite a rarity these days is Hanky Panky are made in the USA; and that's something that is not found in any other brands of underwear.

Victoria's Secret or undies from Calvin Klein for example are usually made in Asia; and well the quality is still good, its not amazing.

When Hanky Panky design, stitch and sell there range out of the USA; not only will they have to compete with cheaper, rival countries, they must do something radical.

Hence, making them in the USA in a quality that is unmatched in developing countries.

You can also put the extra cost of Hanky Panky's down to them being made in the USA, due to higher labour costs.

However, well they're made in the USA, the design along with the build quality is absolute perfection coming out of the factory floor.

So good are Hanky Panky, the wide band that goes up your know what, along with the coverage in the front will help you carry on wearing pads with thongs during your period, as there's width to stick on a pad.

Hanky Panky reduces VPL in all bottoms

Often you'd find yourself buying a series of thong styles to match the outfit its required for, for example; seamless or no show thongs for work pants or skirts.

Then there's thongs to be worn everyday, so well they might not be seamless or have the no VPL gimmick, its not necessary when wearing regular thongs around the house.

However, if you commit to only wearing Hanky Panky thongs; you'll soon get a return in your investment as they're so comfortable, they can be worn any time.

That includes wearing Hanky Panky casually around the home, going to sleep in them or quickly heading out of the house to do chores.

There's no need to change thongs or regular underwear well wearing Hanky thongs; the design, comfort and huge reduction in VPL helps you overcome all eventualities.

Whatever you may be wearing that day - in or out of the house - you can continue to wear those high rise jeans or low rise sweatpants without fear of VPL.

On top of that, the thick lace waistband of Hanky Panky thongs will prevent the thong becoming visible over the waistband of your pants of skirts.

That extra material will help stop the thong part becoming visible and well it can be seen, you'd have to reveal a lot of underwear for people to know its a thong.

Wear them with all outfits

The way Hanky Panky thongs are made is done in a way that is to make sure they can be worn with any outfit, at all times of the day.

Out of bed and in the shower, get dressed then head out to take the kids to school, do a bit of shopping or head out to work.

Hanky Panky have you covered as their thongs stay discreet under all bottoms.

Where you'll benefit while wearing Hanky Panky is in tight fitted pants or jeans. The tighter or lighter the material in bottoms, the more you'll benefit.

No need to change thongs into another pair if the outfit changes material, and therefore increase in VPL - wear Hanky Panky at all times to stop worrying about changing.

Where you might go wrong well wearing Hanky Panky thongs is under white bottoms.

While their thongs allow for complete discretion under all bottoms, its not a good idea wearing white thongs under white bottoms - or black thongs under black bottoms.

And well both colors are popular with Hanky Panky's dedicated followers; you'll need to meet in the middle and always wear nude if you're a white person, or tan or similar shades of you're a women of color.


Hanky Panky thongs are totally worth the price. When sized up to similar brands we found the price range to be very similar.

Though very expensive, the quality with the made in the USA label is sure to guarantee the thong will last the test of time.

In an effort to keep up with thong underwear manufactured with cheap labour; Hanky can stay ahead of the game by making quality underwear at home.

What makes Hanky Panky thongs worth it over say a regular pair of cheap or more expensive Victoria's Secret thong is how much use you'll get out of them.

Say goodbye to VPL, bunching or discomfort; Hanky Panky are an all in one, so no need to change undies or the outfit.

One size fits all Original Size, Low Rise or High Rise Hanky Panky thongs can be worn under all outfits, 7 days a week.

And with that all important soft stretch lace material; that makes them among the best in the world.

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