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Are thongs bad for you

Remember that is does not apply to thongs only as regular panties can be bad too, so you should get in the habit of keeping clean to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Thongs can be bad for you with lack of personal hygiene standards; clean up well after toilet use well changing your thong every day. Thongs act as a bridge between the bum to the vagina, so will see poo spread onto your privates. That could result in a yeast infection or worse if you don't bath or shower.

In terms of a medical condition, then yes thongs can be bad for you if lacking basic personal hygiene - such as bathing or showering well not changing your thongs regularly.

The medical condition that can be contracted is a yeast infection that effects the vagina; due to bacteria passing from the anus to the vagina - so wipe up well.

Personal hygiene before you start wearing thongs is a problem; so know that it can improve as you do your best to avoid marks on your thong crotch over time.

Other than yeast infections, there's not really other conditions that can be caused from wearing thongs, though not changing your underwear would see health issues arise later.

If you're wearing a thong with a rash or spots appearing on the skin, it could simply be a poor thong rather than the wearing of thongs itself.

Depends on personal hygiene

The wearing of thongs shouldn't be bad for you in terms of hygiene as a whole, but lack of good personal hygiene will have its toll.

When we talk about bad personal hygiene we're of course referring to when you go potty with how well you clean up after peeing or pooping.

Unlike regular panties, thongs will likely catch anything that you don't wipe away thoroughly in terms of pee residue or poo up the crack.

Tissue must be used to wipe the vagina until the last tissue is dry; whereas you must keep on wiping until all poop is cleaned off with no marks on the toilet paper.

Nasty subject we know, so well it doesn't completely relate to thongs generally, it should be something you get good at to avoid health issues later.

For example, lack of cleaning up after yourself can lead to yeast infections.

Increase in yeast infections

To make it simple as possible, yeast infections are what happens when you don't wipe you bum properly, so therefore the poo is passed on to the vagina.

Therefore, yeast infection is a virus contracted in the vagina so will need medical attention if it worsens - usually with a round of antibiotics.

The possibility of contracting a yeast infection well wearing thongs increases more due to the underwear style that sits over the anus.

You see the thong strap that rides between the butt cheeks acts as a super highway between the vagina and anus.

Failing to wipe your bum properly will see the poo smear onto the thong gusset before reaching the vagina over the course of the day - with a yeast infection highly probable.

Not changing thong underwear

Most trouble with unavoidable hygiene issues is such as wearing thongs on your period can be doubt with if you change thongs regularly.

So with that you must change your underwear every single day, more so if you have leakage as you're menstruating.

Result in not changing your thong underwear everyday will not only see marks or pee stains, but will build up over time until it smells.

That smell may not be obvious to you but it will to others if undressing in front of people, or if you're in a sexual relationship with a guy.

Lack of changing thongs will see an increase in stains in the butt, so too in the crotch with yellow stains - so in that respect thongs are not sanitary if you don't make an effort.

Irritation not normal

Other than personal hygiene well contracting a yeast infection increased with lack of clean up - other irritations that are less medical but more a nuisance.

For example, while thong underwear can be comfortable; certain thong styles or brands can lead to discomfort, so therefore rashes or external discomfort.

If that were to happen while wearing a thong or a g-string that should be comfortable then know that is not the thong itself - but rather the fit.

So with that in mind you should try a new thong style or brand until it fits comfortably.

The thong strap that rides up the bum should not cause irritation, but if its does it will not be so much around the rear, but a little farther up between the anus and tailbone.

Will improve your own hygiene

One thing women or girls who start out wearing thongs in there teenage years will see there personal hygiene improve dramatically in due course.

Questions women or girls have before they start wearing thongs are; how to keep thongs clean - which is a fair question seeing as thongs fit up the rear.

If you feel like you have poor hygiene then know that given time you'll learn to wipe up and clean yourself up well after toilet use.

Practice makes perfect so as long as you see stains in the thong, you're sure to do better next day, and the day after and so forth.

So keep working at that personal hygiene until you don't see skidders in your panties or knickers any longer.

You'll have your days where you lacked cleanness, but know that happens to all women.

Bad for your reputation

Other than health issues when women talk about are thongs bad for you, they could also be talking about in terms of reputation.

In which case know that thongs are now mainstream and not a dirty little secret well kept to the closet of a hooker or inside a strippers bar.

It takes all types of women from fashion conscious types to more conservative women.

When you're being judged for wearing thongs - especially if you're a women - then that person should not be taken seriously.

So many women - and younger girls - wear thongs so that person would be literally calling out millions of women who wear thongs.

Where your reputation might take its toll is if you're in school with girls bullying you by calling you a slut for wearing thongs.


While thongs can be bad for you, they're no worse than wearing your favorite hipster, midi or bikini style underwear.

However, its possible lack of personal hygiene well wearing thongs can cause yeast infections if you don't wipe your bum well.

To avoid the poo passing from the anus to the vagina; make sure you wipe yourself clean as the thong will act as a bridge between the anus to the vagina.

Personal hygiene is the only reason why a thong would be bad for you; so if you don't clean up well you could get a yeast infection in full coverage underwear or thongs, it won't make any difference.

In that respect, improve your personal hygiene after toilet use while changing your thong every day - more so if you're on your period with leakage.

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