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Two models revealing thong and underwear covered bottoms

Are thongs better than underwear

Benefits to wearing thongs over fuller underwear is an ongoing debate, but in reality the thong wins in every department.

Thongs are better than underwear in comfort because it removes the material in the rear, where it would otherwise cause issues in full briefs. Not only that, but a thong puts an end to riding up issues while avoiding VPL. Open up your closet to outfits that were once restricted in panties, where only a thong can be worn.

Its not so much a case of thongs vs regular underwear, but moreso how a thong can benefit an individuals needs.

But as a whole, expect thong underwear to come out on top every time as it beats regular briefs in any style - in comfort, or prevents everyday issues.

Once a comfortable thong has been found, you'd soon find it hard to wear full coverage underwear again, as your closet is once again not restricted to what can be worn.

What I am saying is a thong can not only be more comfortable, but a thong is guaranteed to not cause creeping up of material, nor is there an issue with VPL.

On the otherhand, its still possible to treat thongs like regular underwear while on your period, as a regular panty liner can still be used, but so can a tampon, obviously.

To go back to full panties, much like wearing only full underwear now; all issue mentioned won't go away until you given thongs a chance.

As a whole, if the reasons to wear a thong outlined below doesn't do it for you, then feel free to continue to wear regular underwear.

Thongs are better

To become loyal to wearing thongs you'd come to appreciate just how important the thong is to your closet, realising you will never go back to full coverage underwear.

Thongs are better than underwear in many ways, while more important then ever in respects to comfort, and comfort alone.

In no other type of women's underwear can you benefit in comfort than what the thong can offer you - if we're talking about comfortable thongs only mind you.

Full coverage underwear is just that, fabric covering your b-cheeks while an often awkward yet unnecessary seam slices under your bum and over your buttocks.

Often its not a bother, other times it can be felt so will need adjusting once in a while.

Thongs bypass the buttocks all together so seamlessly fit in-between the buttocks, so causing little to no issues whatsoever.

Comfort is paramount

How thongs benefit you in terms of comfort is the way they sit through the butt crack in a way that goes unnoticed, thanks to how they go undisturbed.

It is not easy to see a thong re-adjusting itself while sitting in the buttocks, so therefore with no wiggle room - there's no issues with movement.

Thongs will fit comfortably just as a full pair of briefs, bikini or boy shorts would so, but none can offer the benefit of the fit in the rear as the thong does.

Where there's more fabric there's bound to be issues in the rear, as the material in briefs slides around or gradually creeps into the buttocks, causing wedgies.

Not so with a thong as the thong band in already wedged up in-between the cheeks, but not in a way to cause discomfort.

Instead you'd benefit with a feeling of a soft, lighter than air thong band sitting up the bum while in most cases cannot be felt at all.

Soft, stretch cotton or nylon will help with comfort in thongs while other fabrics are a hit or miss in terms of comfort.

Unrestricted closet collection

Once the deal with comfort is doubt with while wearing a thong that fits correctly, you'd soon come to realise a thong opens up your closet to any conceivable item.

What I mean by that is while certain tight fitted pants or skirt were once an issue to wear with full briefs, it can not be worn with a thong.

Its similar to not being able to wear certain outfits a couple of months ago, but now a few pounds have been lost, you can wear that outfit that was once too tight.

The issue of visible panty lines is a big one in tight fitted bottoms, but so to is the wearing of underwear where the shape can be made out.

That is where the outline of a bikini or granny panty grabs the soft tissue of the buttocks, leading to an imprint of the underwear being seen beneath bottoms.

So not only is that an unsightly look, but it can be embarrassing knowing people can make out what underwear you happen to be wearing on that day.

To wear a thong you will not only benefit with comfort, but notice how easy it is to slip on a tight pair of jeans or leggings without full underwear bunching up in the process.

No more full panty wedgies

The worst kind of wedgy a women can receive is that one from a full panty that creeps into the butt, but has to be picked out once in a while.

Not so while wearing a thong, because while it may be a self-induced wedgy, its not a wedgy that causes discomfort.

In fact, its only a long running joke thongs are like wedgies, but they don't feel like it.

To get a wedgy caused by the design of full panties creeping up in-between the buttocks, while often not caused by the panty style itself, but more so the way you move about as the light fabric rides up.

There's little you can do to prevent wedgies, unless a fuller panty like boy shorts are worn, or you wear underwear with what is a controlled wedgy.

Not only can thongs can prevent wedgies as there's no material to ride up seeing as its already their, but if you like a comfortable cheeky panty can help reduce or stop wedgies.

Lines are no longer an issue

So much better are thongs over normal underwear, the issue of panty lines is no more, so never will it relate to you when or if it comes up in conversation while wearing a thong.

Nor can people point or stare at your bottom with visible panty lines, because VPL can no longer be seen where it normally is on the bottom.

OK you can still get VPL while wearing thongs, but not so much its completely visible across the buttocks - while in turn creating an imprint of the thong underwear.

Its an ongoing process learning how to avoid VPL under your favorite leggings, yoga pants or jeans, but there is a solution.

Be sure to wear a thong to not only benefit you in comfort, stop wedgies or even the need to avoid underwear occasionally being seen under see-through clothing, but wear thongs to put an end to VPL.

Alternative to wearing a thong to avoid panty lines could be shorts, or it could be NO VPL panties of any type; but more often than not the shorts don't work under fitted pants, nor do seamless panties always work.

That's because while the trim of the seamless underwear is indeed removed, it can still create an imprint which can lead to VPL regardless.

To summarize

Know that if you give thongs your full attention, you'd soon come to realise you've been missing out big time.

While not always shown in good light in the media, thongs are a powerhouse of taking control - something that is not often seen in full briefs.

What that is, is thongs can offer comfort that is not quite what a comfortable granny panty can offer, because the wearing of thongs puts an end to movement or creeping up of fabric in the rear.

To wear a thong over full underwear, you'd soon notice just how easy it is to wear any conceivable outfit in your closet, along realising how easy it is now to put on tight fitted jeans or yoga pants - without the underwear riding up as your put the bottoms on.

Thongs sit in-between the buttocks, so therefore are out of the way of trying on clothing, or causing VPL or creeping up, because its already in the bum.

I guarantee thongs are better than underwear, because soon after you'd come to realise how hard it is to switch back to full briefs as they would now feel more like a diaper.

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