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Are thongs comfortable

One question women often ask when thinking about wearing a thong for the first time, is are thong comfortable.

Answer is thongs are comfortable as proven by millions of women who swear by them. Its not a one thong style for all sort of thing, but a women must find her own thong style, as it will depend on her body type. But in the end it will be a stretchy thong, made in soft fabric with a bit of trial and error along the way.

Latest trends dictate the need to wear a thong ASAP, with no better time as thongs made today are far superior to once they were.

Meaning its more common to buy a comfortable thong off the rack right away, rather than stumbling across a troublesome thong, designed to be a torture device.

So believe me when I tell you thongs are extremely comfortable thanks to manufacturers understanding the customers needs.

If you're thinking of transitioning away from full coverage panties to thongs; know that the move will be easy and painless as any thong can be as good as comfy granny panties.

Remember why you want to do this, to wear a comfortable new underwear styles while also enjoying the benefits of no more VPL, which thongs are famous for avoiding.

You'll know you're wearing the best type of thong underwear as you shouldn't feel it at all, in fact it should feel like nothing.

The transition will only entail getting used to the feeling of no material covering you bum, as a breeze hits your bum if wearing a skirt.

Thongs ARE comfortable

Its not uncommon to hear women say thongs are extremely uncomfortable, followed by a few nasty words why people bother.

But the truth of the matter is those women have neither ever tried a thong, or tried one agonising thong, then declaring them a pain in the butt without giving them a chance.

However ask any die-hard thong wearer and she'll be quick to point out that thongs are comfortable, while never urging the need to revert back to full coverage briefs again.

On a side note reverting back to regular panties after wearing thongs for a long period can in fact feel as if you're wearing a diaper, taking a while to get used to big old granny panties again.

Much like regular full coverage briefs, hipsters, boy shorts or cheekies, thongs can be uncomfortable - because there's no guarantee a good fit every time.

So make no mistake there are more than enough comfortable thongs out there that will make sure you never go back.

You can turn to world famous Hanky Panky thongs or perhaps the less comfortable Calvin Klein option.

Thongs should be so comfortable that they never irritate you at all, so continue on your journey to make sure you only buy and wear the most comfortable thong you can find.

Depends on the right kind

The right type of thong is one that fits your body shape and needs, so while one thong is amazing for some, it can be uncomfortable for others.

But again I'll say the Hank Panky thong collection is well worth its price as this high end brand is sure to cater to most women - in their one size fits all only option.

Hanky Panky are made in a nylon blend so while lace is notoriously uncomfortable, its not true in this soft, stretch blend.

Thongs are comfortable if worn correctly, meaning while they are functional other features are taken into consideration.

If wearing a high rise thong and its creates front wedges if pulled up too high, then a better high rise thong exists out there - there's no need to carry on the pretense this thong is super comfy, if its not.

So try high or low rise thongs for certain outfits, while an original rise suits most people.

Much like the all rounder t-shirt bra, a plain cotton thong is super functional with a light, no-nonsense construction that is sure to be comfortable more times than not.

No feeling while wearing a thong

You'll know you've found the right thong as soon as it feels if you're not wearing anything, because like any underwear, it shouldn't be felt.

Thongs can be a little different of course as the strip that runs up between the buttocks can cause all sorts of problems...

So once that area of the thong is sorted you can guarantee any other issues will be minor.

So in a way the wearing of a thong should feel like you're wearing nothing, if it can be felt its likely to be a bad one - much like any type of panties you can buy - its time to find new pair.

Big brands promise a lot but they don't necessary offer a guarantee of comfort, in the end it might just be a department store thong or one from a supermarket. You know the kind that comes in a pack of 5, that sort.

So enjoy the wearing of a thong with no feeling whatsoever, whether it be digging in, itching or rubbing - nothing should be felt as it would feel more like air.

Body type as its say

Thongs are super comfortable as soon as you find the correct thong, but body type can change the way thongs fit, thus creating a whole new experience.

Often this can be met by buying a thong size up or down, but in most cases you'll need to buy a thong that is a size too big, as its better to be loose then too tight.

Its all about body shape too, an ultra thin women may find the thong that is suppose to promise everything, does in fact disappoint hugely.

That could be attributed to lack of body fat not allowing the thong to sit the way it should.

But if you're in the size 6 to 8 range, you may find the thong is designed for you, but again every women's body is different, so don't expect it to fit as nice as advertise on the sellers web site.

More important than ever is making sure its super soft, and preferably has no annoying seams and is very stretchy.

Thongs rely heavily on stretch

Like it or not if the thong you love is not up to standards, it could very well be down to lack of stretch in the material.

Fabric thongs are made in vary from the more common cotton to the more expensive nylon, often found in better quality thongs.

In an effort to wear the most comfortable thong ever, only go about trying cotton or nylon blend thongs found in popular stores such as Victoria's Secrets.

Hanky Panky's own thong range is made in the nylon blend and are super stretchy to cater to as many women as possible, in one size fits all.

Thongs rely heavily on stretch more than ever in the rear part that passes up the bum, because without stretch their it would really feel like a bad wedgy all day long.

If you're in the store you can feel this part by touch, but buying online doesn't give you the chance, so do make sure to find out this part is stretchy in advanced.

Material will be final decider

Pay very close attention to the thongs product description to understand what its made from; it should explain it in a format like this - Body: 77% polyamide, 23% elastane.

Notice the body represents a higher percentage, and its this area you need to pay close attention too, as to guarantee a comfortable thong - even though mistakes can be made.

The material that makes up the thong body should be made in cotton - which is always recommended - or with a nylon blend - or as seen above in polyamide.

Whenever you see elastane that usually refers to the seams or stitching only, so is a much lower percentage.

Nylon on its own its no good but when its blended with other soft materials, it makes for a super soft thong - so make this your priority.

Stretch is important but its not possible in thongs made in cheap, poor material.

G-string or thong comfort debate

In my opinion thongs are the better option in terms of having something up your butt, but did you know many women wear thongs, but in the g-string kind.

And it is possible to wear two kinds of thongs, and well universally called thongs - g-strings are designed to be very different.

Its therefore always a battle between a g-string or the fuller thong underwear, so while most women prefer thongs, others do prefer little material as possible.

However, while I enjoy the no feeling of a thong, the little lace that passes up the bum can always be felt in my opinion.

Its therefore not possible for me to wear g-strings unless it has the wider strap that goes in between the buttocks.

So while you might start out wearing thongs, as many women do; know that in the end its the g-string that might be your thing, not the full bodied thong.

Uncomfortable thongs are possible

So its goes without saying, thongs a super super comfortable but as mentioned above, nasty, disgusting, major wedgy thongs do exist.

Thongs can take some getting used to but that never refers to getting used to the pain barrier, because there's not one in a comfortable thong.

Uncomfortable thongs might not be known to you right away, but after several minutes you might realise you've made a mistake.

That is true if you're wearing a thong for the very first time, but no its not normal for a thong to be uncomfortable, so it will need replacing.

If that means reinvesting in new thongs, then so be it because you shouldn't have to go through the day looking forward to removing this torture device as soon as you get home.

Much like normal panties not fitting right, this happens in thongs too, more so as the design can cause more pain than normal.

Strangely, its still possible to get wedgies while wearing a thong, so don't put up with that either.

To summarize

What with you asking if thongs are comfortable, I can only assume you're about to or thinking about wearing thongs for the first time, which is a shared concern.

But rest assured as thongs can be has comfortable as your most reliable big granny panties you rely upon for extra comfort.

For a thong to be comfortable only make it one that is super stretchy while made in a blend of material that is promoted as comfortable.

Hanky Panky thongs are made in a nylon blend so while they look a bit lacey, they're in fact very comfortable - though quite expensive.

In wearing a thong that is causing you discomfort, know this is not acceptable so will need to be fixed ASAP.

Never assume thongs carry some sort of discomfort level regardless because of wear it goes up; because that is completely untrue and should be ignored if others have told you this.

Buy a thong that is light in fabric, it has stretch - especially in the rear strap - with little seams or notable stitching as possible.

Body type can change how a thong fits so in which case you'll need to go up one or two sizes, or on a very rare occasion, a size down.

In the end you'll probably start out wearing a full bodied thong, but it could be the skimpier g-string being more your thing, as women prefer one style of thong over the other.

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