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Are thongs more comfortable

No thong wearer will tell you thongs are not comfortable, but you can guarantee they will say thongs are far more comfortable than regular panties.

I can say thongs are more comfortable than the usual brief, bikini or boyshort style for example, due to less material in an age where thongs are more advanced. Thongs remove unneeded coverage in the rear, it prevents VPL while the seams cannot cause issues by digging into the buttocks.

Thongs can be comfortable off the rack, but then there can be ultra comfortable thongs, often made available from reputable brands.

Its a trial and error, but in time you'll find a style, a brand and perhaps a favourite store, who sell the most comfortable thongs in the world, in your opinion anyway.

Regular panties can cause all sorts of issues, but if you remove the material that covers the bottom, those issues go away.

Say goodbye to the common underwear wedgy and any bunching up access fabric tends to do on the body.

For sure VPL is not uncomfortable, but the tacky seams that make panty lines can dig into the skin, thus creating red marks, while a little seam pain can happen.

If you remove the seams, plus the full panty edging off the more delicate buttocks, you get a thong that will avoid this issue.

I can guarantee you thongs are more comfortable than other types of women's panties, but the best kind of thong will need to be found.

Thongs ARE more comfortable

In terms of full coverage briefs or bikini style panties, you can bet your bottom dollar the comfort level of a thong is far superior than those old age undies mentioned.

Long have women moved on from the underwear style they wore as a child, to a new 'adult type of underwear' that deals with many common issues.

And did you know that not only can VPL cause a lot of embarrassment, but the lines created can dig into the buttocks - of course that can be avoided on thongs.

So I would absolutely say thongs are more comfortable to regular panties, with it difficult to resort back to full briefs as thongs do take a little getting used too, as you'll find out.

Common cause of issues in regular underwear tend to come from the coverage in the rear.

Now thanks to the thong all the wedgies, bunching up and sliding out of place is gone, cut away so the thong can fit comfortably between your buttocks.

Remove unnecessary coverage

Here lies the benefit of thongs and in many respects the g-string. Removing the material that once covered the bottom, solves a lot of everyday problems.

Coverage over the buttocks creates an awkward shape, similar to that of the shape of the regular underwear - and is sure to be seen by keen eyes.

And if the regular underwear is a fit tight, it doesn't conform to the shape of the buttocks.

Disadvantage of that is the bum has a more broader appear, which doesn't look nice and can ruin the outfit.

Coverage in the bum in regular panties is not a necessity for modern, trendy women this day and age.

So for this issue to not go away, it can cause a lot of problems when dealing with full briefs under yoga pants, leggings or pants - it just doesn't fit with tight fitted bottoms.

No rear strap issue

If there is ever to be a problem with a single pair of thongs, you can almost guarantee it will be the strap that rides up causing the pain.

But did you know the strap can be designed in many lengths and widths, so its possible to find a thong type you find far more comfortable.

If you consider the coverage on regular panties, its all or nothing.

The rear strap that runs in-between the buttocks are comfortable despite where it spends its day.

Where a person as an issue here it shouldn't be too hard to replace the thong, but you'll soon know the style is not for you - because as you know thongs can sometimes be uncomfortable, as it goes without saying.

But thanks to more advances in thong design, its more common to buy a thong off the rack that's more comfortable, than one that is horrid to wear.

Issues with waistband

As you wear a full brief or bikini, as in the regular kind you get in sets of five, or bought cheaply in department stores or supermarkets...

No thanks to the design you can be assured when the panties move around, as they do when worn - the waistband will move with it.

That can lead to discomfort and the occasional pulling up of the panty.

Not so with a thong as the elasticated waistband on a thong prefers to stay put, thanks to the style, unintentionally creating a no-sliding band.

When you remove the bum coverage from any kind of women's underwear, for some reason the waistband becomes independent from the body part of the thong.

And that is a good thing as it makes for a better fit of the thong waistband.

You know when you see a women's thong visible out of her pants; that is the reason why, as the thong waistband stays put when she bends over.

No bunching up

I may also refer to wedgies too, because a lovely pair of comfortable thongs cannot cause bunching.

Bunching is a cause from access material on the bottom, scrunching up and over, before making its way up the bum.

Where it doesn't end up the bum the bunching up can just appear nasty under a lovely outfit.

In order to stop that often unavoidable bunching effect, the rear fabric has to be removed.

Hence the invention of the thong, made to take that problem out of the equation while revealing your bottom to the world.

So no longer are you wearing two layers around your bum, which does lead to bunching.

Seam imprint avoided

No material in the rear end is a godsend to avoiding the dreaded VPL, which every person on earth who wears underwear will get at some point.

And while VPL can be dealt with, thanks to a certain style of thong panties that can remove lines, lines can bring about other issues.

Well, not so much lines but the seams or edging of the underwear that causes it.

But to be blunt, if you remove the seams that positions itself over the buttocks, you're on the way to removing unexpected discomfort.

Now depending on the seam style on regular underwear, it can indeed dig into the skin causing imprints, and eventually discomfort.

With a thong, the seam is removed from the buttocks and streamlined up the bum, so there's never an opportunity for seam imprints to appear on the softest part of the bum.

Comfortable thong journey

Absolutely, thongs are more comfortable than any regular panty you can buy, but that is something to be earned, and respected.

What I am saying is that thongs can be uncomfortable for sure, morso if you're wearing thongs for the first time, and in the process of finding a thong that you fancy.

But know that in this process of trial and error, you will end up buying, and evidently wearing a very comfortable thong.

You could be lucky if investing in a luxury, soft nylon blend Hanky Panky thong for example, but off the rack thongs tend to be a give or take situation.

So the wearer of thongs is on a continuous journey of experimenting with different kinds, thus allowing you stumble by a brand or style that will become a firm favourite.

In the end you might realise the skimpier g-string is more comfortable than a thong.

To summarize

Much like anything in life in the fashion sense, it can be a wrong fit or it could be extremely uncomfortable.

That is true with a thong that promises to be everything, but in fact you don't realise what the fuss is all about.

But I can guarantee you, given time the thong is more comfortable than the regular panties you've come to take for granted.

Thongs are an essential part of any female's wardrobe, thus the need to get used to a thong is more important than ever.

In removing the unnecessary coverage in the rear, as in the bikini or boyshort style; it not only helps the fit under clothing look nicer, but it prevents bunching up and wedgies.

You will at some point learn that the thong strap that fits up the rear end is a personal preference.

Some women prefer a wider strap whereas others prefer the feeling of a g-string, or lack of I should say.

At the end of the day you will always be on a journey to discover the next comfortable thong, as the range you like changes when it comes to replacing current comfortable thongs later.

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