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Are thongs sanitary

In asking if thongs are sanitary, it can only be assumed you're new too wearing thongs, and so are a little concerned about where the thong rides up.

Its not the thong itself that is unsanitary, but the thong wearer themselves who have a poor level of personal hygiene - which can cause many health issues. New thong wearers soon learn to improve personal hygiene to avoid staining or contracting a yeast infection, but a daily thong change goes without saying.

In being concerned about thongs and if they're unsanitary, it could be that you're new to wearing thongs, or thinking about trying thongs for the first time.

While to be honest thongs are sanitary, but only if you keep up with a bang up job of avoiding stains in the thong.

You'd need to improve your wiping technique on a bathroom visit, all while improving the way you keep it clean.

Its not difficult to wear a thong on your period so therefore it shouldn't be too hard to keep the thong gusset free of stains - be it poop, blood or pee.

You won't be able to avoid sweat but know it can cause health issues too, but nothing a thong change can fix - much like wearing any type of women's panties can be the same.

Thongs can enhance the spread of germs from the anus to the vagina, as the narrow strip is like a highway that moves poop from A to B.

To avoid all that simply improve your personal hygiene, but in wearing a thong you'll soon come to realise that your own personal hygiene improves by wearing thongs anyway.

Depends on the wearer

The thought of wearing thongs to many women puts them in the mind of a nasty type of panty that goes up the you know where.

To those people I would say yeah, if you believe wearing a thong doesn't match your own personal hygiene level expectations - then a thong is not for you.

Believing the bum must always have an unavoidable of degree of staining, its not actually true, thus wearing thongs is not for you.

Its possible to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in the bottom if you are indeed a clean person yourself.

So thongs can be sanitary, and that is only if the wearer is herself.

Thongs are not a direct cause of poor sanitary, but the blame is directly on the thong wearer who doesn't care too much about staining or dirtying her thong gusset.

Treat the wearing of thongs as a special project, with the object of the game too keep it clean as possible, for your benefit only.

Sanitary issues arise

Make no mistake, the wearing of regular panties can cause just as many sanitary issues when worn, than a thong or g-string can.

Reason women put less pressure on themselves in this area is because the full brief style, does not go up the bum - thus the issue of unsanitary panties is less so.

However if wearing a cheeky or French cut panty then the mind does lean towards more sanitary problems - as the fabric passes in-between the buttocks.

With a thong on the otherhand its an area the thong strap needs to pass through, hence more concern is put on unsanitary thong issues.

Where the issue of sanitary while wearing a thong is on the mind, that could be a good thing as one would do her best to improve her own personal hygiene level.

Thongs are sanitary but only if you can maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout the day - as to avoid skid marks or stains of any kind.

Thongs are know to spread germs

While this issue is not a direct cause of wearing thongs, but the way thongs go up the crack can only increase the possibility of contracting an infection.

Nothing serious mind you that a course of medication cannot fix, but thongs can cause a nasty yeast infection if you're not sanitary while wearing thongs.

Any cause of UTI can be caused by any kind of underwear if you don't shower everyday or do your best to stay clean and fresh in and around the vagina.

But failing to maintain a clean butt, so therefore a untidy anus will involve remnants of poop making its way to the open vagina - and so the cause of a UTI grows.

To stop the spread of germs while wearing a thong, improving your own personal hygiene can stop the spread in its tracks.

However the cause of say, a yeast infections is not directly linked to thongs or g-strings, as a matter of fact no underwear can cause it.

So maintain a high level of cleanliness in the vagina and bum area to avoid issues later.

Hot, humid conditions will make it worse

The cause of UTI's while wearing thongs is real and serious enough to improve oneself, but you'd also feel the benefits of feeling fresher, for longer.

Regardless, how good you are of keeping clean in that department, one cause of concern that cannot be avoided, is sweat.

Everyone sweats in the underwear when it feels like you're not, so keeping healthy down there is all you can do for now.

But not dealing with access sweat is not sanitary, it will cause health issues if not cleaned up.

The problem will be worse in hot or humid conditions, thus a reason why tourists will go commando in tropical climates.

So you could care a load about personal hygiene, but do be extra vigilant when involved in sports, doing yoga or exercising - as failing to change your thong can lead to other problems.

Not changing thong daily

I assume you're a women who changes her underwear daily right?

I hope so and I certainly hope you change your thong everyday as failing to do so it not only unsanitary, but health issues will occur anytime.

Not only that but in wearing a thong - or any underwear - without changing daily can lead to rashes to even a nasty smell.

If you struggle to keep it clean and tidy in the crotch area, I would advice you to change your thong before bed - as to avoid wearing the thong you've worn all day to bed.

In fact I would suggest you change all panties before slipping into bed, or if you can - to go commando to allow the genitals to breath.

Not changing thongs daily has the potential to be a real concern in the health department, and avoided an embarrassing visit to the doctor can be done if you just change underwear every single day.

Are thongs sanitary summary

Thongs are sanitary, its the thong wearer who is not, thus the growth of poor health or a horrible small can develop over time.

Its not directly targeted to thongs either, any type of women's underwear or even going commando can cause health issues, more so if you have a poor level of hygiene.

In wearing a thong specifically one could find the subject of are thongs sanitary can arise for sure. Because how the thong goes up the butt is sure different to full briefs you wore previously, but had no reason to be concerned then.

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Its now up to you, the thong underwear wearer to improve your personal hygiene not only in and around the vagina, but extra care cleaning up the anus after using the toilet will need to be tended to.

Thongs can cause germs to spread from the anus to the vagina, hence a yeast infection can occur.

To stop that spread one must prevent staining the thong crotch with poop marks while changing your thong daily.

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