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Women viewing her behind in mirror while wearing thong underwear

Are thongs supposed to go up

More than likely the brand of thong you have in mind is either sitting deep in the buttocks or remains more visible, unknowing if its suppose to not be seen.

As a matter of fact the visibility of a thong strap are mostly designed to go up the bum, but can indeed sit on the outside. But on more times than not, a thong strap is suppose to go up as to keep it discreet. If the thong prefers to make its way out, then it just could be your body type, which is fine.

Often it can be confusing as the thong when worn can change style in an instant, that is it will either stay put or ride up, right away or in due course.

The problem with thong straps - the fabric that goes in-between the buttocks - do ride up, so its important to wear the best fitted thong where possible.

Where women get in trouble in regard to wearing a thong correctly is how much fabric should fit in-between the buttocks.

Touchy subject I know, and a little funny, but forcing material up your bum where it doesn't belong can put your off thongs for ever.

So understand the style of thong underwear you intend to buy or own already as to not make that mistake - as its a painful one.

In the end, the thong style will find its place on your body but only if the original, low or high rise thong is allowed to sit where its suppose too.

Thongs are suppose to go up the rear 95% of the time, but in a brand such as Hanky Panky, that is not true as the wider strip allows for more visibility outside the buttocks.

Thong should stay put

A good fitting thong should really stay put whilst on as to prevent moving up as you go about your day.

In no way should a thong feel like its riding up, as it could be a sign of a wrong fitting thong.

Size too big and you'll see the thong ride up higher than it should, thus causing a pain where the strap rides up.

If the thong is too small, there will be little to no riding up, that is of course you can put up with the uncomfortable too tight thong.

One mistake a women will make with a thong riding up is sitting or squatting.

For example, you will in fact be interested to know the thong stays put around the waist even though it appears to ride up.

Strap goes between cheeks

Depending on the thong style, the narrow piece of fabric - be it an inch of material or a skimpy string - will vary from one style to the next.

It could also depend on the body shape or whether you have a flat or more curvy bottom.

But in most cases, the strap that rides up the bum is supposed to go up.

By that I mean the strip of material is supposed to ride in-between the butt cheeks, thus completely removing it from sight.

On an occasion where the strap remains visible on the outside, it could be an extra wide strap - often the focus of the comfortable Hanky Panky thong collection.

If you proceed to stand up straight while going about your duties, the strap is mostly hidden up the you know where.

Any bending over can reveal the thong where its supposed to be sat inside the buttocks, while making it more clear.

Rise of thong matters

As a matter of fact the visibility of a thong that rides up the bum can be attributed to the style of thong, in terms of high or low cut.

If its a thong that is in the low rise cut, you can bet your bottom dollar it would be a thong that yes, will be seen more outside the buttocks.

And while the high rise thong style can be seen on the outside - the narrow strap that is - thongs in this rise tend to stay discreet.

What that means is the thong strap that fits in the bum will indeed stay in-between the bum.

More importantly, and again it really depends on the thong style and the width of the strap that sits inside the buttocks.

I'll once again refer you to the Hanky Panky thong range that is designed to be wide on purpose, as to create a comfortable fit that is suited to most body types.

Band barely moves

And when I refer to the band I do mean the elasticated waistband that fits around the waist.

Often one will pull up the waistband to pull the thong back up into its rightful place, but this simple technique we take for granted can indeed cause the thong too rise up higher than it should.

Pulling up a thong should be sat on your natural waistline, thus allowing the thong to settle in its natural place for the rest of the day.

Continuously pulling up the waistband will create a sort of stretch that will later cause the thong to sit higher than it should, resulting in the thong strap sitting deeper between the buttocks.

So do be careful when taking the waistband for granted as too much stretching it over time can not only result in the thong going up more than it should, but...

Its possible the elastication can not work anymore so will have the opposite effect, which will cause the thong to drop.

Allow thong to find its place

How a thong is supposed to ride up will be dependent on how the thong fits on your body.

It really depends on one women to the next but if you're slim in size 6 - 8, you stand to benefit with a thong fit that finds it place on your body.

However a thong size 10 or above will or should I say could, result in the thong fitting in a more unusual pattern.

What comes of that is the thong has to stretch more, thus forcing the thin narrow strip to go farther up your butt.

To deal with that one would where a size up, but know that while its a larger or smaller size, it changes completely how the thong was originally suppose to fit.

You will want to help the thong strap ride up between your but if that is the design, but otherwise allow the thong strap to sit on the outside if that is the thongs purpose.


Asking if are thongs supposed to go up can have different meanings, but I've tried to explain all possibilities.

But suppose you're referring to if the thong strap that goes up in-between your buttocks is suppose to ride deep, or sit out of the bum a little.

Well then I would tell you it depends highly on the design of the thong and the body type.

If you take for example the Hanky Panky thong range, while it can disappear deep in the buttocks on most body shapes, it can still stay visible on others.

Hanky Panky is all about comfort so the extra wide band cannot always fit up there.

Then if you take Calvin Klein's current range of high rise thongs, then the purpose of them would be to ride up completely, thanks to the narrower strap that goes up.

On that the wearing of Calvin Klein thongs attributes towards eliminating VPL, so its no good the strap being out of the butt, only to create weird lines.

So yes in a sense the thong strap is supposed to go up the butt, and in most brands the narrower strap will find its place inside the cheeks, staying more discreet.

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