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Benefits of g-strings

Women are set to benefit from wearing g-strings over say thongs as less fabric tends to cause less issues in terms of panty lines.

Benefits of g-strings is less fabric will cause less issues in VPL. While the thong has fuller material, the g-string is made up primarily of strings but will still offer the coverage you desire. Removing the material around the waistband to the rear end will help reduce lines with less fabric free to move around.

I have outlined the benefits to wearing g-strings most women are set to benefit from; but let me tell you g-strings require a learning curve.

Meaning time is needed to not only get used to the new style, if say converting over from thongs, but it will be a matter of trial and error.

That means when you buy your first g-string it might not be the correct fit and could be extremely uncomfortable.

So its over to you to refine your style until the g-string fits beautifully, and where it cannot be felt when worn.

What you will end up with is an extremely comfortable g-string that can and should be worn with casual wear or for an outfit required for a special event.

You'll understand in time the g-string should really be in skin stone as to avoid it being seen under outfits that may become transparent under bright lighting.

G-strings are notorious for their tiny figure, so you'll sure to benefit with that as it less likely to cause visible panty lines.

If you cannot get used to the tiny string up the bum, and is felt at all times; simply revert to a full bodied thong as the material will scrunch up the rear, feeling quite comfortable if made in light cotton or spandex.

Less material, less to seen

One major benefit to g-strings over full thongs is the sheer size, or shell I say lack of size which holds many benefits indeed.

Its like this, thongs can be quite large on the body, so big in fact they can appear to be regular panties as seen from certain angles.

Why this may be a problem is women with smaller figures would miss out on the full benefits of small thongs or g-strings, worn as they should be.

That is the g-string should fit with little of the material seen as possible.

Rather than the wide waistband or access material that runs between the buttocks, the g-string cuts all the extra material away.

Instead, you are left with minimal coverage, yet will still cover up the important part.

Benefits to cutting away unneeded material is all about avoiding VPL; g-strings will sure help with that issue due to lack of unnecessary material.

Where a thong's more material can be seen around the waist and on occasions, across the bum cheeks, the chances of that happening in a g-string is slim.

For sure, you can still get a visible panty line with g-strings but it sure helps to remove that extra fabric, when its not needed under certain, silky outfits.

String up the rear leads to comfort

Not all women like thongs, but those that do will insist on tiny, skimpy g-strings only as they prefer the feeling - or lack of - between the buttocks.

Its all a matter of preference, so for ladies who wear g-strings it could be the style, how they look or more importantly, the feeling.

Wearing a thong up the bum can be uncomfortable for many women because the wide band that fits up the crack can be felt in more ways than one.

I must say these same women simply don't give the full bodied thong style a chance so will instantly look to something tinier, namely the g-string.

Its like this, where the feeling of the band yanked up the butt can be felt, its normal to think a thong with a tinier string is the answer.

And in many ways it is because a 5mm string up the butt is less likely to be felt than say the cotton strap of a 1 inch band between the bum.

However, its not always as its cracked up to be - no pun intended - as the string kind doesn't necessary outperform the full bodied thong kind.

If you want to wear g-strings over thongs, or at least have one or two g's in the underwear drawer for certain outfits, know all types of g-strings are not for you.

First of all, g-strings don't always offer enough coverage in the front, which leads to front wedgies.

On the other hand, the string that runs up the rear can be just that, a string.

This can therefore mean it will indeed feel like a lace from a shoe with zero elastication, so will be incredibly uncomfortable.

G-string will slip under any outfit

The rumours are true, wearers of g-strings will benefit in that the style will slip on under any outfit.

It could be causal jeans to dressy trousers/pants to little black dresses or a pencil skirt.

Make it a g-string that fits around your waist without creating that muffle top look as to avoid unwanted lines or creases in the skin.

If the g-string fits perfectly it will for sure be a great alternative to the full NO show VPL thongs.

Its not a matter of one g-string style will go with any outfit mind you, its all about high or low waisted styles.

Slip on a regular g-string under low waisted pants and just watch as you grab the attention of everyone who dares to look your way.

So if you're wearing low waisted skirts or pants, make it a low waisted g-string.

Its little more difficult when wearing high waisted pants or skirts because while the g-string is unlikely to become visible over the waistband, you'll have the issue of a different kind.

That is whenever a women wears low rise or regular fit g-string - or thong - the shape of the g-string can clearly be seen under fitted high waisted jeans, leggings or pants.

What happens is the shape of the g-string/thong is isolated in the middle of the butt, where the waistband is fitted much higher up.

To avoid this full on VPL issue you'll need to wear a high waisted g-string under pencil skirts, jeans or pants.

If you bring the rear end of the g-string inline to the waistband farther up, you should have no problems.

Littler waistband

Having said all that, real g-strings will have a waistband that is made up of what is essentially a string.

Benefit to that is it will stay discreet - in theory anyway - under outfits that would otherwise show lines, or at least that's the plan.

Trouble with that little string waistband is the design, or lack of in terms of comfort.

When buying a g-string the first thing you need to know is the comfort level of the waistband; as it will demonstrate how well the g-string is made.

The waistband will need to be felt by hand on your part as you feel for two distinctive features.

First you'll need to know if the waistband is elasticated, without the elastication the g-string is simply a shoe lace with pieces of materials sewed on.

Lastly, is the string waistband made flat and not rounded like a shoe lace.

If its flat, not only will this help reduce VPL by laying flat against the skin, it will be more comfier to wear.

As used by catwalk models

Huge benefits of g-strings is who wears them in there profession, namely models on the catwalk who wear the tiniest g-strings for shows.

If its all about fashion then at least you're in the right mind set knowing that if its good for supermodels, its good for you.

Models walk the catwalk in remarkably revealing outfits between changes, so the g-string will help to maintain their dignity.

On top of that, the designers will not want the models own underwear, or lack of, ruining the lines or style of their clothing line.

So the g-string serves to not only reduce VPL, but the lack of fabric is ideal for wearing under high end clothing lines that would otherwise reveal too all.

Models, or should I say designers will always insist on nude or skin tone g-strings to help farther reduce visibility.

Skin stone material blends in with the models skin so the g-string is unlikely to be seen anyway.

So while it doesn't necessary relate to you, models benefit with g-strings as it helps them maintain their dignity while not ruining the look of the outfit.

Not so beneficial

So I've quite possibly named all the benefits to wearing a g-string, but I should tell you they cannot be so beneficial either.

By that I mean a tiny little g-string cannot be worn with a pad on your period, full stop.

OK, they can be worn with a thong liner pad but that is only if you crunch it up so its fixes to the string or tiny crotch on the g-string.

And even if you do succeed in attaching a pad to the g-string, the trouble is the pad may be visible outside your pants or skirt.

So save the g-string for when you're off your period while making do with a more full bodied thong as to hold the pad on as they should do.

Where else you can go wrong with a g-string is in the fit, too big and the string in the rear will wiggle around, causing discomfort.

Too big g-strings can not keep the front covering material in place either, so is likely to end up inserting into your know where.

Likewise, if the g-string is too small then the frontal issue is also true but will be far more painful.


Benefits to wearing g-strings can outweigh that of regular panties by a mile, but I still prefer the feeling of a thong over the skimpy g-string.

If you want to wear a g-string over a thong then it could be for fashion or if you prefer the style of full bodied thongs.

While thongs have benefits of their own, the g-string's smaller figure can benefit to same degree.

In that the lack of fabric around the waist will help reduce lines or creases under outfits.

What classes as a g-string is a piece of underwear that has a front panel connected to a triangle shaped fabric in the rear using a small elasticated string.

Trouble with the rear triangle shape is the flaw in the design. To make it a NO VPL g-string, it would be hard to keep that triangle shape hidden.

So you can go one better by making do with what is known as a t-back string; it essentially removes the triangle fabric part while using the string only, to create that t-shape.

G-strings are relied on by catwalk models to not only maintain their dignity but to make it a skin tone color to help blend in under outfits.

Benefits sure do outweigh cons to wearing thongs, as g-strings can be difficult to wear when on your period, so a little imagination is needed there.

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