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Best athletic thong underwear

No need to feel discomfort while competing in amateur or professional athletics so a quality thong for wearing under spandex is key.

What constitutes the best athletic thongs are those that fit high up the waist in bodysuits, or fit low while wearing running shorts. Fitted athletic wear is made in spandex so is sure to show VPL, so make use of seamless or no VPL thongs. Soft cotton helps so does if the thong is light with stretch.

Best thongs to wear with all athletic wear depends on the correct right thong fit and body shape, so results will vary; so be prepared to keep on trying various thongs until one fits.

However, all thongs must be tried in an effort to avoid VPL when running.

Its not too difficult as the thongs we think are best for athletics would be seamless or no show styles, thus farther preventing lines showing up.

If you wear high waisted shorts, yoga pants or leggings, including a women's full athletic bodysuit - wear a high waisted thong to match.

That way the imprint of the thong cannot be pointed out so would help raise it farther up out of the way where it wouldn't be so obvious to anyone taking notice.

All thong styles we listed have all those characteristics present, so could be considered for all sportswear, not just for running.

Furthermore, we made use of thongs that have a wide strap that ride up for ultimate comfort, all while allowing you to wear a thong on your period if wearing a pad, whereas the g-string won't allow the pad to cling on.

High waisted competitive running bodysuit

Figleaves Smoothing high-waisted thong

To avoid the thong showing under a competitive running bodysuit, high waisted leggings or shorts, a high waisted thong should be worn.

Example is this Figleaves Smoothing high-waisted thong that is designed to rise high as too fit around the waist so is lifted up away from the bum.

Reasoning for this is if the thong does not lift up to, or around the bodysuit waist, what will happen is the imprint of the thong becomes visible.

So what you do is make sure the thong blends into your curves to make it invisible as possible - thus moving the waistband lines higher up.

Never wear low rise or regular rise thongs with running bodysuit's as you can guarantee the thong will be visible.

High waisted thongs also help with yoga pants as do thongs or g-strings with leggings.

Bodysuit's that fit over the whole body cannot be worn with anything else, this is of course if you choose to try seamless shorts instead.

Low rise for shorts

Chantelle soft stretch string

Underwear that should really be worn with those little competitive shorts for running are thongs that sit low with the shorts waistband.

Example of that is this skin tone Chantelle soft stretch string that is useful for track sports where shorts sit low - so therefore will the thong.

Well its only available in nude there's no option for women of color thongs so the search goes on in that respect - but keep with Figleaves as they do thongs in all skin tones.

So what you'll get out of this thong over other styles is not only the low rise fit, but...

Its a No VPL thong for everyday wear or sports; while the design allows for little visibility through the tight fit of the spandex shorts.

That's helped with thicker sides which should stop the elasticated material digging into the skin, thus creating obvious bulging or bunching up.

Underwear that measures up to this can be thongs for playing volleyball as the shorts are similar in design.

Keep in place thong waistband

Calvin Klein Monogram thong

Now we're not saying this design is guaranteed to work as it depends on the body or the fit of the thong overall.

But for example this thick elasticated waistband on the Calvin Klein Monogram thong is sure to stay in place around the waist, where its suppose to fit always.

Thongs do a marvelous job of staying in place around the waist, as shown when the thong is visible over the waistband of pants or skirts.

Benefit to this is the best atheltic thongs such as this one will stop the thong from sliding down the bum, thus making the waistband or thong imprint more likely to be seen.

Athletic thong underwear that has a wide waistband is perfect for keeping the shape of the thong on the bum.

Where you benefit with the waistband not dropping down; up raises the issue of VPL, and as you can see its not the seamless thong style on this set.

If avoiding VPL is a priority then we have the thong that will be great for avoiding panty lines up next.

Seamless, No VPL thongs a must

Calvin Klein Invisibles thong

In a lasting effort to rid yourself of VPL while competing in professional or amateur athletics, no show or seamless thongs are the key.

Thankfully, there's no short of thong styles though as we recommend you try the Calvin Klein Invisibles thong for wearing under spandex.

All angles are covered in regards to keeping lines hidden; as the No VPL style is made seamless in the front, back and sides.

More importantly, you'll see there's no waistband with elastication which is what partially makes it the best underwear for working out if wearing yoga pants.

That's because the thong relies on the stretch in the nylon the underwear is primarily made in.

Designed in a way to prevent rolling or twisting under spandex so no making adjustments in an arena with spectators.

Wide band that rides up the bum sits between the cheeks comfortably so not only is it no VPL kind, its highly practical for playing sports.

Stretch for bending or squatting

Calvin Klein Ultimate cotton thong

Don't despair the all important stretch for running, bending or squatting in athletics has been taken into consideration while listed all thongs we've mentioned.

More so in this Calvin Klein Ultimate cotton thong that is sure to have stretch in the seams and in the thong body itself.

The thick elasticated waistband will fit snug around the waist but not so much as to create any bulging or rolls in the skin, so is a good thong for female athletes.

Unlike previous thong underwear we listed; this one is made mostly in soft cotton, so will guarantee comfort well competing.

To decrease the likelihood of wedgies in the rear or around the groin area; Calvin Klein have designed the thong with a little overlay.

Meaning on both sides of the vagina the material will stretch over more than is needed, but not so much that is create bunching up.

Thong strap that rides up the butt is also a wide one do will lay up against the inner bum cheeks comfortably as possible.


Depend on us to show you what makes the best athletic thong underwear while competing professional or simply for use in gym while still in school.

What constitutes the best athletic thongs are those that fit high for high waisted bodysuits, or low rise for running shorts.

Not only that but vital characteristics need to be considered, such as; seamless or the no VPL style, no tags or labels, no digging in or room for the thong to bunch up.

More importantly making use of skin tone thongs will help keep them discreet as possible if they do happen to show above the waistband.

In that we were able to pick out five of the best thongs for competing in athletics where everyday thongs might not cut it.

Thongs will stay discreet under shorts if they stay clear from the band, or atleast the thong fits along with the no show waistband.

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