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Woman wearing nude no VPL knickers in thong style, matching skin tone background

Best NO VPL knickers

Knickers in the No VPL style decrease the likelihood of underwear lines being seen under leggings, yoga pants, trousers or skirts.

Best No VPL knickers are styles that don't fit over or across the bum; so its goodbye to full briefs and so to with cheekies or Brazilian knickers. Instead, you'll be better off wearing No VPL thongs or g-strings as less material is best. However, the shorts are useful well helping to keep your dignity in tact.

Making use of all types of knickers in an effort to remove the likelihood of panty lines showing up is an ongoing concern.

However, you can go a step farther by wearing the No VPL knickers that are designed to not necessarily remove lines, but to reduce them.

Trick to that is wearing any thong or g-string, so well lines appear on the bum in full briefs, thongs bypass the bum cheeks completely.

Understandably, not all women wear thongs so if the best No VPL thong is not an option; focus on all styles of seamless knickers.

And that is essentially what No VPL underwear is, seamless knickers.

Trouble with no seams is that the ridge or edging of the knickers can be seen; so the knickers mentioned should help keep that issue discreet too.

When choosing No VPL styles, its important the color of the knickers are considered, which we will begin with, as follows...

Always skin tone knickers

Its not enough to wear the very best No VPL knickers if only they were to show under clothing another way, as bottoms become see-through.

To avoid that happening to you, you'll need to step up your game by making use of skin tone or flesh colored knickers.

Really its that simple, yet very effective; if the knicker lines are not going to be seen, then make sure the bulk of the knicker material is not visible to the naked eye.

Thankfully, the very best No VPL knickers tend to be designed with flesh tones in mind, so expect nude or beige colors in all types of knicker styles.

However, if you need dark skin knickers for women of color, the task is made a little more complicated as designers are not on top form quite yet.

So well there's more than enough knickers to match up with white or pale skin women; Black, Latin or Asian women will have to dig a little deeper.

Avoid cut across the bum

You know the styles of knickers we're talking about right; that's all cheeky knickers that are designed to cut across the bum cheeks.

If you're to succeed in avoiding VPL in your knickers, more care will have to be taken in cheekies or Brazilian knicker styles.

Cheeky underwear or Brazilian knickers cut at various levels on the bum cheeks; thus creating lines where you don't want them to be.

If you insist in wearing the No VPL cheeky knickers, know that there's an increase chance the knickers will show lines regardless.

Solution to that is making use of cheeky knickers that fit so perfectly, there will be no sign of knicker lines revealed under bottoms.

However, that is not always the case as there's difficulty in a perfect fit; to which you might have to sacrifice cheekies for thongs or g-strings in an effect to avoid VPL.

Conforms to the body

Well knickers can fit up the bum in the case of thongs or cheekies; or taking the scenic route under the bum as in full briefs - all styles must conform to the bum shape.

What we mean is all types of knickers regardless of style will show up under clothing if the fit is all wrong - so its not always about VPL.

If you take the full size brief that fully covers the bum as it forms around and under the cheeks, things could happen that are out of your control.

When the body of the knickers don't connect with your form, so lay natural yet softly on your skin, the knickers will be seen under jeans, trousers or skin.

Lack of seams in No VPL knickers do help with this a little; though you need to do your part by making sure the knickers of choice fit comfortably on the bum.

Well thongs or little g-strings might be the solution, its also possible the wrong fit thong could also show under bottoms higher up, so be aware.

Comfortable material

The best No VPL knickers will be made in familiar yet comfortable material commonly used to make knickers.

So its important you don't venture to far out when experimenting with new fabrics; often its the classic fabrics that are needed.

So regardless of material the knickers are made in, you can guarantee they are made with a cotton gusset.

A pattern that did emerged as we compiled our best No VPL knickers list is that the styles are primarily made in Polyamide, Nylon or Spandex with other blends included.

In the Polyamide expect most of the knickers selected to be stitched in this fabric, and well comfortable, is it known to get a little sweaty.

Nylon knickers are extremely comfortable with popular brands in Hanky Panky thongs making use of the super soft material.

Then you can rely on sweet Spanx to offer their knickers in you guest it... Spandex.

No VPL guaranteed in thongs

Chantelle Soft Stretch String

If you are to seriously avoid visible panty lines under all types of bottoms, then only No VPL thongs are guaranteed to do the trick.

In avoiding VPL, the only way to make that happen 100% is be removing all possible sight of underwear lines on the bum cheeks.

Take the Chantelle Soft Stretch String which is a full bodied thong with no seams, so perfect to keep those lines in check.

With thongs that comes naturally as the fabric is move away from where it will be seen to then ride up the bum, where its never likely to be visible.

Demonstration of where this is most helpful is wearing a thong with yoga pants or see-through black leggings.

Other than wearing thongs or the tinier g-strings, going commando might be a solution, but probably the last resort for most women.

But who knows, different body shapes with styles of knickers can surprise you so don't give up yet - there is sure to be a style other than a thong to suite you.

Full support in midi

Full support in midi

Seeing as midi style knickers are popular with not only the mature women, but a go to style for teenage girls.

And midi knickers are sure to show up lines, making use of the No VPL midi knickers just might help reduce lines slightly.

You'd want to consider the classic Next No VPL Midi Knickers as an example, but where there's standout stitching, the edging has no seams whatsoever.

In an effort to get rid of knicker lines in midi's the task is a difficult one in the midi as it basically is a visible panty line goldmine.

So with that is mind you need to think about the best midi knickers [pictured] or make changes to your closet.

Its very probable the midi pictured or straight up No VPL midi knickers won't do much to remove lines.

While wearing midi knickers you'll also need to make sure they conform to your body as to avoid the appearance of granny panties seen under bottoms.

Distracted VPL in cheekies

Distracted VPL in cheekies

We will discourage the use of knickers designed to cut across the bum cheeks as those lines are a little tricky to avoid.

When you have no choice but to wear your favorite cheeky knicker styles then we might have a little tip for you.

If you wear the cheeky underwear with no VPL, that's great as it will help a little; but the positioning of straight lines is not hard to see.

So in an effort to distract those with a keen eye, you can make the lines into something that doesn't appear to be VPL at all.

Example of that is this Sloggi Zero Microfibre Cheekies [pictured] with noticeable crimpled edging that sits across the bum.

If that crimpled edging was to be seen it could appear to be a pattern on the fabric of your outerwear, so people won't know its your cheeky underwear.

Not a soundproof solution by any stretch, but it can work if the cheekies fit well.

Full Brief or granny panties

Full Brief or granny panties

OK so there's no getting away with it as many of you would prefer to stick with your good old favorite full briefs.

So let's take a look at your options for avoiding VPL in what is essentially granny panties; to which we will suggest M&S Supima No VPL Full Briefs.

Full briefs sit low on the hip well fitting high up on the tummy, so all this material is sure to risk showing up under clothing.

More so as the style can show up the shape of the granny panty, to which you need to make sure the style will fit close to your body - without being tight.

No VPL briefs are difficult to remove lines completely as the style doesn't take to kindly having its seams, or edging removed.

So you'll need to make sure the briefs stay put as its possible to get wedgies in the rear.

And if you get wedgies in full briefs there's obviously going to be bunching up; so therefore the knicker lines are least of your problems well there's a wad of fabric up the bum.

No VPL Classic Bikini

No VPL Classic Bikini

Quite possibly the most popular style of knickers any girl or women are ever likely to wear; the classic bikini for full coverage with less material.

Example of this is with the M&S Supima No VPL Bikini Knickers styled in the shape you've come to expect, only its the No VPL design.

You'll know by now growing up wearing the classic bikini well not a full on granny panty, but more so trendier knickers, so not be embarrassed about.

Where there's bikini knickers, up pops the trouble with VPL cutting across the bum. So in wearing the bikini in No VPL or not, it can still show edging.

You'll sure experience trouble with wedgies in the rear as the style is prone to bunching up and common knickers to be picked out of the butt.

If you can make it fit you'll be in for a treat as you'll have complete comfort in a style that is a little more accepted.

Hiding shorts under dresses

Hiding shorts under dresses

Not every outfit courses for the No VPL underwear in essential knicker styles; instead it might help to think outside the box in an effort to rid yourself of VPL.

So with that in mind, have you thought about trying Spanx No VPL shorts for wearing under dresses or skirts.

Not only will the lines of the knickers be removed completely, they're instead wrapped around your mid thigh so never to be seen.

Often the trouble with wearing all styles of knickers under dresses is that its not always possible to keep the seams or waistband discreet as the dress forms to the body.

Answer to that is fitted shorts for wear under dresses if knickers are guaranteed to be seen.

Its not just about VPL either, in wearing shorts there's no possibility of bunching up or better still; to help keep your dignity in tack under short dresses.

Coverage in boy shorts

Coverage in boy shorts

You could mistake boy shorts for boy shorts themselves, they're also similar to midi or hipster knickers but do tend to be promoted in different ways.

Take this Spanx Everyday Shaping Boy Short, so well they do appear to be shorts, the stitching is more discreet so can fit better than shorts themselves.

While wearing No VPL knickers in the boy short style you can put your mind at rest by knowing you are alteast wearing trendy knickers.

Boy shorts are popular with the young market but it depends on the style.

Whereas if they appear more like tummy control shorts [pictured] they can be unflattering, but are vital for keeping VPL at bay.

Everyday boy shorts would normally make use of enhanced seams or a y-shape in the front, but as we're working toward removing that, don't expect the VPL kind to have it.


In our effort to help you pick out styles of knickers that meet your needs; we've selected No VPL knickers in the most popular styles.

Before diving into picking your go-to knicker styles; consideration of the fit or color in knickers is a must.

So in the fit you need to make sure the knickers, or full briefs especially; form to the shape of the body as to not be obviously seen under bottoms.

Then you need to focus on the color of your knickers with those that are made in a close shade to your skin tone made harder to see under see-through clothing.

The best No VPL knickers don't always completely remove VPL, but only reduce it.

But you can do one better by forgetting the full brief knickers for now while making use of the always reliable thong or g-string.

If not then consider No VPL shorts for wearing under tight dresses, well helping you keep things a little more discreet under there.

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