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Best NO VPL thong

Never be afraid of thong lines showing up under clothing again thanks to seamless, No VPL thongs in soft, stretch material

Best thongs are those made for comfort first, NO VPL second. Thongs should sit comfortably around the waist if high rise or hips if low rise with no digging or the edge rolling. No seams help, but know that edging can be seen in thick material where the thong drops off to the skin.

Common attributes that lead to the best NO VPL thongs you can buy are those that are made in soft material, have a full body with care taken well designing the edging.

All that is included with only the more well known brands leading the charge; namely Calvin Klein, Gap and well expensive; Hanky Panky are worth your investment as their thongs are the best in the world.

Its goes without saying, the wearing of No VPL thongs will not feel like a wedgy, and if they do, the style simply doesn't belong on you.

Eradicating the thong of no VPL basically means removing the seams; and in doing so the edging could be seen instead of the seams.

Designers know that so have taken every care to make sure the drop between the thong to the skin under the thong is closely pressed against one another, so lays flat.

All that adds up to the material feeling like a second skin, helped more if its a skin tone thong to prevent those occasional see-through mishaps.

Its a big read ahead of you, so stay with us as we reveal the best No VPL thongs in the world, with all major brands included, and some that are less so known.

What makes the best No VPL thong

To be among the best No VPL thong on the market, the thong underwear must do what its says on the label, and that's to not show thong lines.

No guarantee that lines will be eradicated under clothing at all, due to all body shapes and wrong sizing, but once you've found the right thong, you'll know when.

In an effort to keep it a No VPL thong, less material is the name of the game as it means less is likely to be shown, but not always.

When picking out a thong you need to consider the thong body. Make know mistake the best No VPL thongs are full bodied, and for good reason.

The thongs with a wide front, sides and a wide rear end will help prevent problems other than visible lines; namely bulging or rolling up on the edging.

Where a thong will show up is where the v-shape is positioned. So this should be kept to a minimum well opting for little material on the upper bum crack as possible.

Comfort matters more

The wearing of No VPL thongs should in no way comprise comfort; so you found the thong that has no visible panty lines, but the comfort level is non existent.

Wearing of No VPL thongs must be comfortable in order for you to maintain the wearing of said thong through its lifespan.

Finding a thong that is comfortable - as all are that we've listed below - should be considered as much as being seamless - and its hard to think why both matter.

Where comfort levels vary is not necessary in the part that rides up the bum, but instead the thong may trouble you around the waistline.

Quality high rise thongs we consider the best NO VPL kind would still have full coverage, though it must be prevent spillage of the vagina if the font fitting is all wrong.

Don't go for second best, always look to improve the fit and comfort level, all while making sure its the best seamless thong on the market.

Other things to consider in comfortable thongs is issues that would arise that are simply out of your control, but things that do contribute to comfort or discomfort are...

Trim or seams still present

Most of the No VPL thongs we consider to be the best are largely made without seams; meaning they're seamless so with no edging at all.

Trouble with that is where there's no seams the thong tends to misshape easier as the seams would otherwise maintain the body.

That is only a common issue in cheaply made seamless thongs so shouldn't be a problem in high end, high quality thongs like the ones we listed.

However, a problem will occur in that where there's no seams present; the issue of the drop off the thong to the skin arises.

That's the edging around the thong body that creates a sort of lip or ridge; so its more important than ever to make use of thongs that are thin, soft with stretch.

Crotch will be cotton

Well its common to buy high end branded thongs with no cotton or an extra protection of material in the crotch, it should be considered at all times as the best thongs, or even the best No VPL knickers or panties in general need a cotton crotch.

The present of a cotton crotch - or gusset - will not make or break whether you should pick that thong or not - but it must be strongly considered.

Cotton stitched into the crotch is the most normal features to have in any underwear.

For good reason to, the cotton crotch will prevent rubbing or the discomfort from the unfamiliar material the thong body is made in.

Its similar to not wearing socks with sneakers, the skin will rub and feel as if it doesn't belong.

Though like most things in life, if choosing to go with a cottonless crotch there will be a time when you finally get used to it.

No labels or tags

One major thing you'll relies that is not present in all seamless, or shell we say the best No VPL thongs, is the label.

The tiniest thongs or g-strings often are available with a massive, stitched into the rear end of all places, can only contribute to being seen under fitted pants.

Really, what are manufacturers thinking stitching in a label that is as big as the thong itself, talk about defeating the purpose of a thong.

So with that in mind, all quality No VPL thongs do not have vanity label fixed to the thong, well only stiched on to make sure the brand name is seen.

Instead you might get the brand name stitched into the body, usually on the side of the waistband - but never in a way that is visible under clothing.

Present of a label can also be uncomfortable as it can stretch or move around on the skin, so again another reason you won't find a label on the best thongs.

Less material in rear, less lines

The whole point of a thong is so it doesn't show under clothing right? And more so if its a No VPL thong as that's what its made for, to be invisible.

So with that in mind, the less material in the rear the less likely it would be seen.

For sure, that is not a problem with the thong we consider to be the best; but it is a thing you should think about every time you're buying seamless thongs.

Seamless, or No VPL is not enough to keep lines hidden; you must do more but make sure there's less lines, so less edging that sits on the upper bottom before entering between the buttocks - lines in the butt are never seen.

In that regard, think about how much material is needed, you'll find full bodied thongs do have more material than needed, but they are made in a way to be invisible.

Take Hanky Panky thongs for example, they have a wide waistband along with a larger v-shape that points towards the bum - well that is never seen due to the way they are made.

For example, the wearing of a thong with yoga pants would benefit more with less material in the rear - to one where material will show up under the yoga pants spandex.

Likewise, g-strings are a good example of less material, though that triangle, or v-shape can be seen more so than full bodied thongs.

Other lines showing up

Now that you've found the perfect thong that is both incredibly comfortable and will not show VPL in the most tiniest, lightest material, up crops another issue.

That's right, have you thought about VPL showing the ridge or edging of where the seams would otherwise be, by showing up in the front or sides of the skirt or pants.

Its absolutely a certainty to get frontal VPL in tight fitted bottoms if the thong or pants don't mix.

We have you covered in that issue thanks to the thongs we like the best taking care of VPL in all directions.

And that is where the wide waistband comes in useful; its that wide band that will stop not only lines showing on the bum, but around the hips and groin too.

High waisted thongs with a narrow crotch will show up lines, though what we've listed are thongs where the edging sort of follows the crease in the leg, keeping it out of sight.

Our favorite thongs

All problems with common thongs are outlined above, but as usual we're able to overcome the issue with thongs we consider to be the best in No VPL or seamless style.

So without farther a do, we introduce what we consider to be the best No VPL thongs in the word; with Hanky Panky thongs heading the race to the top.

Material of the thong body is made in primarily nylon, well more common fabrics are used, namely polyamide with much less elastane.

To be the best the thong, it must be comfortable; so all thongs featured all meet this important criteria.

Similaristies are present across all styles as its all that's needed to make up the best thongs available.

Hanky Panky: Signature Lace Low Rise Thong

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Low Rise Thong

Its goes without saying this signature lace low rise thong from Hanky Panky is up there as the very best no VPL thong on the market.

All thanks to the body of the thong that is made in a nylon lace that is so comfortable, you shouldn't, or more likely won't know you're wearing a thong.

Hanky Panky pride themselves in quality so won't release a thong if its doesn't do what its suppose too, and that's eliminating VPL.

Why their thongs are so popular is for this reason alone; they're worn by women to rid themselves of visible panty lines in most fitted, or even loose bottoms.

That might not happen if what you intend to wear this thong with is a dress, high waisted light pants or a pencil skirt.

For that reason, its important you switch to the Hanky Panky high rise thong to make sure the thong waistband sits up along with the waistline of your pants or skirt.

Available to buy from the Hanky Panky web site, or choose Amazon for convience as sold in the USA or UK or the Canadian marketplace.

Hanky Panky: Signature Lace G-String

Hanky Panky Signature Lace G-String

Well its a thong you're after we're still sure this Hanky Panky signature lace g-string can still be classed as a fully fledged thong.

Unlike conventional skimpy g-strings made up mostly of string, this version is the very opposite to the stringy kind which is a less favorite of women.

What you get with this Hanky Panky g-string is thong-like underwear with less coverage as a thong, but still with the look and feel.

To stay in keeping with the Hanky Panky trademark; there's no mistaking this g-string belongs to no other than them.

Where you'll benefit most with this thong, and one we consider to be the best; is that it has less material in the rear, yet still has maximum coverage in the front.

This g-string will be sure to keep you happy as you go for minimum coverage in the rear, well the all important wide waistband is still present.

Not available elsewhere so can be bought from the official Hanky Panky web site.

Spanx: Under Statements Thong

Spanx Under Statements Thong

Spanx will tell you themselves that the comfort of this Under Statement - also copyrighted - thong is beyond approach.

And that is what is important the most and the very purpose of what they were intended for; to prevent panty lines with the No VPL design.

The way this thong is designed is so that there's no additional lines or bulging caused from overstretching due to tightness.

So that wide band around the waist is vital in this thong and should help keep its shape.

To keep with the strict No VPL tag; the width or shell we say depth of the waistband will feel like a second skin, so there's little in the way of a drop off on the edging.

No additional seams as they're laser cut, moisture resistant and lighter than air thanks to the Spanx technology.

Make it no other than the Spanx official web site where to buy this thong, well relying on Amazon to keep the thong in stock from USA, the UK or Canada.

Calvin Klein: Invisibles Thong

Calvin Klein Invisibles Thong

No need to associate Calvin Klein as the sport thong brand here; in fact their thongs are among the best in the world for every day wear.

How incredible does this no show, nude thong look, with a feeling that goes unrecognized due to the soft nylon body its primarily made from.

What Calvin Klein have done here is create a thong that has a wide body in the sides and a strap that goes in between the buttocks - and for good reason.

That extra body will go towards helping the thong maintain its shape, so there's no twisting or curling of the edging, so no VPL will be shown.

The nude color will certainly go on to help woman of light skin, and well there's a black or white option; there's no shades for women of color at this time.

Full coverage is a guarantee with this Calvin Klein Invisibles thong will little to no spillage in the front, in terms of front wedgies.

Buy from Figleaves in the UK with an option for USA shipping; once again you can rely on Amazon to have it stocked in the UK store, USA or Canada.

Hanky Panky: Signature Lace Original Rise Thong

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original Rise Thong

Back to the Hanky Panky thongs with one that is a staple in their collection. And that is the Signature Lace Original Rise thong that will fit on most body shapes.

Its not too high as your clothing sits to low, well its not to low if the style is not your thing.

Though it must be said it does sit higher on the hips rather than low. But there is huge benefits for going with the original rise style.

That now means the shape of the thong is more natural and looks flattering. It also helps the material that runs up the rear to sit more naturally.

So now the thong will sit in a way that farther reduces the VPL from showing up. With a v-shape in the back that forms to the shape of the upper buttocks.

It must be said there's more material in the rear, but the design should help keep those lines as discreet has possible.

Most reputable shops keep in stock the Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong; try Amazon UK, USA or the Canada store respectively. If all else fails, turn to the official web site.

La Senza: Invisible High Leg Thong Panty

La Senza Invisible High Leg Thong Panty

Minimum coverage in this La Senza Invisible high leg thong panty will help keep the shape of the body from showing up under clothing.

To make that work the thong body, namely what the material is made up most in the front, sides and upper rear end - is a micro-fibre that will feel like a second skin.

It should lay over the skin with little in the way of a difference between material and skin, so then the No VPL design will do what its suppose to - keep that edging hidden.

La Senza have chosen to create this thong in the high rise style; so only think of using it under high waisted jeans, skirts or pants, and less so in the low rise kind to stop it showing up over the waistband.

There is a choice of two or three skin tones that will suite women of all color; as it will help more as you try to keep the thong from showing.

Where else to but this La Senza Invisible High Leg thong than know other than from the La Senza official web site itself.

M&S: Body No VPL High Rise Thong

M&S Body No VPL High Rise Thong

Marks & Spencer are among the top underwear sellers in the UK; so for that reason they must stay on top of offering the very best NO VPL thongs that compete among the best.

And they've done just that with this M&S developed body No VPL thong in the high rise style, so will be used for high waisted clothing only.

Skin tone almond or black are the color of choice; well the thong sizing has everyone in mind - starting from size 6 up to a 28.

Focus of this thong is the ability to keep the thong pressed up against the waist and hips as best as possible, without creating additional bulging or lines through a fault.

As the seams are cut they're sealed using bond that stops them ever showing up; they even go as far as to keep edging or the drop off to the skin at a minimum.

If you need a No VPL thong quickly on the high street, drop by the department store as this thong should be readily available.

Marks & Spencer are the designer, so therefore the only sellers, so visit the M&S web site where you can buy online, or visit the store.

Sloggi: Zero Feel Thong

Sloggi Zero Feel Thong

Sloggi can't be left behind in the No VPL thong craze, so they've come up with a Zero Feel thong, so shouldn't feel as if you're wearing anything.

And they may be on to something here as the original rise thong is designed into a shape that would keep most women happy.

Then there's what the body of the thong is made out off, choosing to go with what mass produced thongs are made in, namely polyamide with less elastane.

They pride themselves in creating the thong in a soft Japanese multi-stretch fabric; so all you need to know its very soft and stretchy, which is the best feature of any thong made.

Still a subtle seam that is reduced to only a line, bonded using technology, so could that be laser cut we wonder?

Sizes don't cater for all as only XS to a L are available, though they do have shades that are close to darker skin or tan.

Buy it from Triumph online or turn to Amazon in the UK, USA or Canada.

Top Shop: No VPL Thong

Top Shop No VPL Thong

Back on the high street in search for a No VPL thong? Then its time to head over to Top Shop for their version of this revolutionary thong underwear.

Again its made with up with a full body that supports the waist, front section and the upper back before it curves in between the buttocks.

Material used for comfort is the reliable polyamide, with a little less elastane.

One color in a light pink but could be mistaken for nude; the sizes measure from 6 up to 16 - though at the time of writing, the availability always seems a little short of stock.

No seams so a No VPL thong, though it must be said the stitching that connects the front end to the back is enhanced in the sew, but should be of little concern where is matters the most.

Wide band in the rear with a larger v-shape that slips in between the bum is design to prevent lines showing, which is farther helped by making use of the high rise design.

Top Shop thong so you'll only find their No VPL thong at the Top Shop web site, or in-store if you need it quick.

Chantelle: Soft Stretch String

Chantelle Soft Stretch String

Brand that goes missing among the top lingerie brands on the market, so less well know brands should be considered in an effort to remove lines forever.

So here is the Chantelle soft stretch string thong, a name that we've paid attention to as we like thongs made in soft fabric, with lots of stretch.

Stretch helps keep the thongs shape while preventing the material from rolling or curling on the edges - not so here as Chantelle have gone with the full body thong.

Meaning the soft stretch thong is full of extra material, made with only comfort in mind.

While the thong appears to have seams to its fullest, its designed to not show up so will help with the no VPL showing.

Benefits to having seams of course is that it helps to keep the shape when worn as its suppose too, which is unlikely when no seams are present.

More popular than you think this thong as its available to buy John Lewis, Selfridges, or the reliable Figleaves. Amazon have it up too in the UK, USA or Canada.

Gap: Invisible Thong

Gap Invisible Thong

Can't forget Gap now can we, so what they have available to you is an invisible thong that inherits the full body in a high rise.

Stretch fabric that is made up of largely polyester with a little less polyurethane, well weaved into a thong that should stay in place.

No seams so a reduction in VPL as you would expect; but what the Gap Invisible thong features is edging that allows for give or shell we saying rolling.

Not in a way that would make it visible under bottoms, but so that a little roll is allowed to naturally press into the soft skin.

Gap have strengthen the need to make use of their thongs over similar brands in that they have skin tone colors available - largely for lighter or tan skin.

Sizing goes a little farther with XS to a XL, but with only five sizes available in total.

Buy the Gap Invisible Thong from no other than their own web site itself, which should be made available in country-wide stores.

Figleaves: Smoothing High-Waisted Thong

Figleaves Smoothing High-Waisted Thong

Now this Figleaves designed smoothing high waisted thong is not a design that appeals to the young crowd, and we can guarantee that.

But its a thong that will sure keep all signs of VPL out of sight due to the way the waist band keeps on rising in an effort to move panty lines away from the natural waistline.

Example where this thong would come in usual is wearing it under a wedding dress, or a tight, clingy dress that would otherwise show the imprint of the thong body.

Seamless too so that goes towards keeping those lines at bay, with coverage in the front to its fullest, and a v-shape in the back that is not to obvious.

Its not a tummy control thong but will sure feel like it as its worn over the belly.

Sizing starts at 8 up to 18, with a color palette that is sure to match pale skin women to women of color.

Figleaves own Smoothing thong is made available on the Figleaves official web site, with worldwide shipping an option.

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