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Best shorts to wear under dresses

What we consider to be the best shorts to wear under dresses are those that cannot be seen; so therefore are slim fitting, skin tone with no seams but with lots of stretch.

Best tight shorts to wear under dresses tend to be made in Spandex, and skin tone with no seams. High waisted shorts help with keeping them discreet under dresses that may be see-through, all while you may prefer the tummy control option. Shorts mustn't be seen so never wear baggy or loose shorts.

In an effort to prevent underwear of any kind being seen under dresses, choosing shorts is the best option in regards to preventing VPL.

Short can't be those sporty loose or baggy kind but tight fitted shorts to wear under tight dresses where underwear lines or bunching would be seen.

Here are fitted shorts that are classed as underwear but you may be comfortable wearing them out of the dress.

What we know to be the best shorts for dresses are those that are design to sit mid thigh; thus moving the likelihood of VPL showing up into a less discreet area around the bum to a little farther down the leg.

We can't say it enough you must still opt for skin tone shorts over bright colors or prints; skin tone will stop shorts showing under see-through dresses.

All shades of skin tones are widely available whereas those shorts that are a little sheer would help them blend in with your skin much better.

Tight short to prevent bunching

Woman wearing skin tight shorts

We hope as you're searching for suitable shorts to wear under a dress that you know it must be skin-tight shorts to wear under a dress - and not loose sports shorts.

Also an added bonus is making use of fitted shorts that are anti-chafing, available from Amazon US or try the UK side.

Its imperative fitted shorts are worn as they remain discreet under fitted dresses, well certainly not causing issues in flowing dress styles.

What we've done is made sure only those shorts available are a second skin with an amazing comfortable fit.

That won't be the case in loose fitted shorts as there is tugging, twisting and riding up to be had; so make it slim fitting shorts to avoid common issues.

And well its under the dress there's little in the may of correcting the mess going on under the dress until you have access to a toilet to make adjustments.

Fitted shorts will not only be more comfortable but they will do well to prevent VPL showing up under dresses - that also goes for avoiding awkward bunching up.

Seamless shorts without edging

Light tone seamless shorts

Know that when you choose fitted shorts under dresses they will tend to be seamless, even if you don't go for that style exclusively.

Seamless underwear has a vital role for avoiding panty lines, so well panties or knickers will show up some lines, shorts will have this design that is unlikely to show up at all.

Bestena shorts do have seams but with extended seams to make it harder to see; example of those are here on Amazon US or the UK store.

Opting for seamless shorts instead of seamless underwear requires little effort on your parts; as with shorts the seams, or edging - is sat mid thigh.

Obviously an area that is not likely to be seen while wearing shorts, whereas seams around the bum in knickers or panties can be seen one way or another.

When wearing shorts, know that there's little you need to do in regards to finding shorts without seams, strangely enough they all tend to be made this way.

Though you can do one better by making sure they're promoted as seamless, as that extra care and attention to the design will help hugely.

Spandex is the key

Spanx high rise skin tone shorts

Secret to comfortable shorts to wear with dresses is in the material, Spandex is what you wear under dresses to help the material rest on your skin as comfortably as it could.

Cotton or similar materials are fine if the softness and fit is there, well is using Spandex you can guarantee its always made to be comfy.

One short style brand you should seriously consider wearing is Spanx mid thigh shorts; designed with maximum comfort in mind with several important features.

You can visit the Spanx official web site or rely on Amazon in the USA or the UK.

You get the soft stretch spandex with Spanx, but they also go farther by making it seamless, VPL proof with a flesh tone to match all skin coloring.

Shorts that are made in Lycra or Elastane are pretty much Spandex, so therefore that is what Spanx are made in.

What else you get from Spanx is there sheer or mesh like design that allows for the skin tone to blend through, all while guaranteed to be breathable.

That is an important part of wearing shorts under dresses as heating up is more likely; so its vital shorts that are used allow the body to breath.

Skin tone for expected see-through

Dark skin tone shorts

One thing that most women will do is pick out a style of shorts to wear under a dress without thinking of the consequence of a see-through mishaps.

You may not know about it at all in the duration of the dress being worn; but under certain lighting hitting your bum or hip area, the shorts can be seen.

Not to be worn with very tight dresses but a little looser are those made by Brilliance by Vanity Fair; widely available from the USA, UK or Canadian Amazon stores respectively.

The only way to deal with that happening to you is by making sure the shorts match to your skin tone as best as possible.

Do not under any circumstances wear black shorts under black dresses, or white white shorts under white dresses - it will absolutely be seen.

In an effort to find your perfect skin tone, again Spanx are the brand to have you covered with each set offering a variety of shades.

Not to much focus is put on nude coloring; as they cater for women of color too with a shade that matches all women, not the few.

Now what happens while wearing skin tone shorts is that it blends in with your thighs; so therefore if the dress becomes see-through, there's no telling of underwear of any sort.

One more thing to consider, try to make it shorts that are sheer; as Spanx do have sheer shorts, this will help them blend in with your skin tone, rather than simply matching up a perfect skin color short to your own skin.

Spanx do well over other brands in shorts for tight fitted wedding dresses or ones for special occasions, so always consider them first.

Matching color to short dress

Mid thigh skin tone shorts

OK so circumstances don't always allow for making use of skin tone shorts under dresses if price or inconvenience plays a part.

So what you can do is match shorts with the color of the dress you'll be wearing.

Now this goes against everything we've talked about in the topic previously, but there is a fine line if choosing shorts to dress color match.

We're really enjoying the quality of Woweny anti-chafing shorts at the moment, so it only makes sense to recommend them - sold on the USA or UK Amazon site.

In part if the shorts are to be seen under the dress one way or another - probably if you're twirling as you dance or the dress rises as you sit - a matching skin color can help make it less obvious.

What will happen is say... black shorts wrapped around your black dress will appear to be the hem or end of the dress, so won't standout to much.

However, if you're wearing a white shorts under a black dress; the possibility of the white showing while in contrast against the back is sure to be seen.

Not only that is would draw attention where it would otherwise had no reason to.

Another thing well wearing a mini dress is there's a possibility of seeing up the dress as you're sat; so if the black shorts are seen instead of another color, it would be hard for praying eyes to make out if its the dress or indeed underwear.

Bonus tummy control shorts

Beige long shorts

There's no end to our advice in regard to the best shorts to wear under dresses; but here we are still going on, well continuing to contradict ourselves.

Not this time though as we talk about another feature that can be worn with shorts that would otherwise be overlooked.

That is making use of tummy control shorts when the occasion courses for it.

Quick example that is a must are Spanx Thinstincts Mid Thigh Short on their web site or try Amazon for your convenience, including the USA, UK or Canadian stores.

Now it won't apply to many of you, but if you want to keep your belly under control while wearing a tight dress, then make it tummy control shorts.

They will fit as tight shorts to wear under dresses as we've outlined before, only with the bonus features of avoiding VPL and being seamless, only...

Tummy control shorts are a little high waisted to control your lower belly, or why not go for the full length of your front to give you that extra control and security.

There's no need to make use of tummy control shorts with loose, flowing skirts; but women who wear tight dresses or dresses that fit around the waist will benefit.

Compromise using cycling shorts

Women wearing skin tone cycling shorts

There's really no need to go all out to cater for shorts that meet the criteria we listed previously, as there's other options that might be more convenient, and cheaper.

If you like you'll be able to get away with wearing a lovely slim fit pair of cycling shorts which are made similar to high end, purpose made underwear shorts

Example of that are ones pictured and available from Amazon USA store.

Similarities in cycling shorts to under dress shorts is in the fit; with little in the way of annoying seams with the material made Lycra or Elastane.

Don't go for the kind with padding where it can be seen under dresses; though if its padding around the crotch that should not be a problem.

Purpose made shorts for under skirts or dresses can be expensive with cheaper options available.

However, cycling shorts are always cheap or but can be expensive when making use of those on the higher end of the market, so there's savings to be had with cycling shorts.

Where you might struggle with cycling shorts is coloring; no cycling shorts are made in skin tone with mostly black a priority.

If you're wearing a white dress or one that leads to being see-through, never wear black cycling shorts as you'll need to wearing skin tone.


Do your best to be presentable under your dress by wearing shorts that compliment the fit, rather than make it worse.

To do that the shorts must be skin tone to avoid the possibility of shorts being seen through the dress material, so the flesh color - with a little sheerness - will help.

Then you have to make use of seamless shorts to farther help reduce VPL showing up around the mid thigh, so the no show seamless style will help there.

Low waisted shorts are fine, though the high rise shorts have the bonus of tummy control, so there's options for keeping your figure slim under fitted dresses.

Shorts worn under dresses must be tight fitted at all times with spandex creating a slim fit that is comfortable yet breathable.

In that respect, a pair of Spanx mid thigh shorts are what you need.

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