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Best thong material

Congratulations, by understanding a thong should be made in a certain material will help improve the overall comfort level, and that matters more in thong underwear.

The best thong material to wear is cotton, and that would be 100% cotton in a thin, light cotton with stretch, then double it up with a cotton gusset and trim. It is possible to try super comfortable Hanky Panky 100% Nylon thongs or Lycra - also known as Spandex - in the Spanx thong range.

Thongs can are more comfortable than g-strings because of the material its primarily made in, which helps create the comfort feeling.

Its also true thongs can be more comfortable than other types of women's underwear, as the less material can help loads.

But in order for a thong to outdo the g-string or say a super comfy granny panty, you must first buy it in the correct material.

Best thong material where you can't go wrong in comfort is 100% cotton; but make it thin and super light, so therefore breathable - with plenty of stretch.

Go the extra mile but only making sure its a 100% cotton gusset with a cotton trim.

Cotton thongs are no-nonsense so you'd be buying thongs for everyday use, such as wearing under jeans or sweatpants.

However to go for something more lacey, or sporty if you like; the Nylon thong range is an excellent material for thongs.

Once upon a time that was not true, but if you buy a Nylon thong by Hanky Panky or Calvin Klein, you will be in good hands.

Too stay comfortable with tummy control in mind, make it Spanx thongs made in Lycra.

Finally that brings us to thongs made in Polyamide, its a soft, light material when introduced to thongs, but also primarily used by top retail stores such as Victoria's Secret, among many other stores.

100% cotton thongs are best

Quite possibly the most comfortable, soft material a thong can be made in is cotton, preferably 100% cotton with no other fabric in use.

Cotton thongs will serve you well as the material is best for allowing the skin to breath, yet absorbs dampness.

Thongs made in cotton can have some level of discomfort, I am not denying that; as it can depend on the brand or what type of thong it is you're wearing.

But for a thong to wear everyday of the week, make it a cotton thong.

Where the thong should be made in cotton is the body part, that is anywhere in-between the seams or edging - excluding the gusset.

However that is how reliable cotton is in thongs, not only are 100% cottons super comfortable to wear, but the gusset is guaranteed to be made in cotton.

Not only thongs either, any type of women's underwear usually has a cotton gusset.

So there you have it, if its a 100% cotton thong you'll sure to be in good hands. Though it does help if the cotton is super thin, light and highly stretchable.

Nylon is comfortable

I will still recommend 100% cotton where applicable, but I ask you too buy and wear thongs made in Nylon if its a well known brand.

Now I know Nylon is a man made material, and again it is a material that does have a somewhat poor reputation.

But that can be ignored if buying into a brand that makes super comfortable Nylon thongs.

They're made in 100% Nylon but they can be a Nylon, cotton blend - not forgetting the trim can be made in something entirely different.

Excellent example of a super comfortable thong is the Hanky Panky thong collection.

What are classed as the world's most comfortable thongs to wear, there's no going wrong when it comes to relying on Hanky Panky Nylon thongs - not including trim.

Where else you can see Nylon thongs in use is in the Calvin Klein thong range; though it its only less than 75% Nylon with Elastane making up the difference.

Spandex or Spanx

Who would of thought a thong made in a synthetic material can make the list of the best thong material - but it can even though it has its downsides.

So you may know it as Spandex - which is not a brand name by the way - or if you like, its a key fabric used in the Spanx thong range.

Otherwise a sportswomen would know it as Lycra or Elastane; as its what her shorts or sports bra is made of.

That also goes for leggings or more commonly made in yoga pants.

But if its a thong made in Spandex, it will almost always be the Spanx range.

The idea behind Spandex is it can be super light, but more importantly very stretchy, and that is the most important feature in thong material.

It needs the stretch to ride up the crack, while the thong body stretches over or around the waist in comfort - and not forced causing pain or discomfort.

If you want to wear a Spandex thong, rely on Spanx tummy control thongs.

Polyamide a common thong material

Buying thongs over the years, a person may come to see her thongs made primarily in Polyamide - which is a synthetic polymer - or it can occur naturally.

If you're buying from, or relying on your favorite thong brand or store; it might not be possible to avoid the use of Polyamide.

In fact Victoria's Secret own thong and panty range is primarily made up of underwear made in this material.

Not bad considering they're the biggest thong seller in the world; so in otherwords VS would replace the material used to make their thongs, if there was a problem among their consumer base.

More examples of brands relying on Polyamide is Gossard and Figleaves.

Polyamide in thongs while a prime fabric, thongs are not entirely made up in such material - having making up the rest of the thong in Elastane with always a cotton gusset.

Thongs made in Polyamide can be sexy lace thongs or more with an everyday look.

Best thong material summary

So I, much like most health doctor's recommend the use of 100% cotton in underwear in general, and while not referring to thongs directly, it still applies.

Thongs made in 100% cotton are the most comfortable type of thong you can wear, nothing more, nothing less.

Actually that is not true, it must be in cotton but in a thin, with a light cotton blend, with more stretch than is needed to be the most comfortable thong you'd ever likely to wear.

Nylon is also one of the best thong materials, and while its a man made material it can be developed in such a way to be super comfortable.

Hanky Panky make their thongs in 100% Nylon all while are branded as the most comfy in the world - and that is all you need to know.

If you want to take control of your tummy, then make it a Spanx tummy control thong in what is known as Spandex, or more commonly referred to as Lycra.

Having said that, you might not have a choice what material to pick if you only shop by a certain store or stay loyal to a brand.

That is because Polyamide is a material mostly used in thongs today; with Victoria's Secret, Figleves and Gossard making their range primarily in this material.

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