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Boy shorts vs cheekies

Couple of distinct differences between a boy short, or boy leg underwear, and that of the much skimpier, revealing cheeky underwear.

Boy shorts versus cheekies is all about rear coverage; while boy shorts fit like briefs in midi or hipster - cheekies are less moderate as to reveal the lower, overhanging buttocks. Boy shorts and cheekies offer full hip coverage in a low to normal rise. Cheekies have a narrow gusset whereas boy shorts are wide.

It has to be said, boy short underwear tends to be the most comfortable to wear out of the two - but that is understandable with its full support.

Cheekies can be comfortable but less so, no thanks to designers not knowing how a cheeky should fit - leading to wedgies or bunching up.

Difference between boy shorts and a cheeky panty is in the rear design.

Boy shorts offer much needed coverage with a wide gusset and plenty of material over the hips.

Cheeky underwear can be revealing to modest, but the buttocks that overhang on the crease will be visible one way or another.

Cheekies can fit much like full coverage panties with no entry into the bottom.

Whereas the skimpier cheeky underwear can fit in-between the buttocks; while that is its purpose, you will never seen it on a comfortable, well made boy short.

But it has to be said, depending on the shape of you own bum; boy shorts or cheekies can fit far differently to what they were supposed to.

Different shape on rear

One possible difference between boy shorts and cheekies that are easily distinguishable is the shape of either panty in the rear.

Notice how in a boy short it can appear to be short length shorts while covering a little thigh higher up.

Boy shorts appear to be hipster or midi style panties as seen in the rear, whereas cheekies are just that, showing off a little butt cheek.

Cheeky underwear as seen in the rear have a fit that can vary in modest to something far more covering.

How much of the lower half of the buttocks is seen will depend on how far up the bum the cheeky underwear is cut.

Cheekies can be comfortable in either shape, but you'd find cheekies with only a little bum on show tend to be the most comfortable.

So with boy shorts the rear is covered as much as full covered briefs, including a little leg covering or not - cheekies cover much of the buttocks but are designed to reveal the lower cheeks on the bottom.

Full hip coverage

One distinct similarity to the boy short and cheekies is how much coverage is on the hips, and it can be quite full on either panty style.

Boy shorts are made to fulfil one's needs of offering full coverage and support; they do this with a low rise boy short fit that has to wrap around the hips.

Boy leg panties can appear to be full briefs or in fact can put a little cheek on display, but the boy short will cover the bum with little wiggle room.

Boy shorts are very comfortable to wear but have the benefit of no to little wiggle room, so will stay in place if you want them too.

Much like boy short underwear for women, cheekies tend to be made in a fuller hip style and would most often be in a low rise.

Difference between a boy short and cheeky underwear is that in cheekies the fabric on the hips can be less or wider.

If its shorter that means the cheeky will enter in-between the buttocks higher up the bum.

Similarity in crotch cover

To view a boy short or cheekies in the front, one would not know the difference between the two - as they appear very similar as seen in the front.

Boy shorts would appear to be much like women's shorts underwear, offering full coverage over the crotch while the boy shorts, or more appropriately, the boy leg wraps around the top thigh.

Only difference between a boy short and cheeky is that cheekies as seen in the front can appear to fit higher up on the crotch, thus exposing a little more skin.

Cheeky underwear does not appear like shorts either, so while the crotch is protected, they fit more like regular briefs.

Depending on the cheeky underwear design, there's also a possibility of the vagina folds spilling over, while also creating the dreaded camel toe.

Cheekies are often made with a wide lace trim, with only a cotton or softer fabric covering the crotch, so while it can appear full coverage, in fact cheekies can be be prone to front wedgies.

Boy shorts are far more practical in the front as they offer coverage that keeps things tucked away.

Narrow vs wide gusset

Moving on away at the crotch, you'll end up at the gusset with often one thing in common the boy short and cheekies share - a nice soft comfortable cotton gusset.

However, it has to be said due to the way of the boy shorts far wider gusset, while a comfortable fit, it can be difficult keeping a sanitary towel in place.

Comfort in the gusset is still a winner for the boy short every time.

Cheekies have a gusset that can be more like a bikini or hipster style panty, so can in fact take on a pad or larger sanitary towel.

But where cheeky underwear fails you in the gusset is a too narrow gusset that can lead to a bad fit in the crotch.

Narrow gusset means less coverage in the front, so front wedgies are a possibility.

Cheekies, cheeky underwear or if you like, cheeksters are supposed to ride up the lower bottom - for that to happen cheekies must be made with a narrow gusset.

So as a rule of thumb, a wider, more coverage gusset in a cheekster can result in less buttocks being seen.

Normal to low rise

I would say its hard to buy a cheeky or boy short in a rise that is not a regular rise or low rise fit.

Boy shorts and cheekies tend to be made with an original rise that sits low on the waist, as too allow coverage over the hips.

For a boy short to be high rise it can appear to be more of a granny panty, with no distinct difference between the two.

Whereas a high rise cheeky - or cheekini if you like - cannot be; to be a true high rise cheeky, the fabric would cover the lower back - an area where covering is not needed.

To wear a boy short know that it will be in a mid to low rise so plan your outfit in advance, as high rise pants or skirts might not fit well with low rise boy shorts.

Likewise, even the most invisible NO VPL cheekies cannot stay hidden under pants or skirts that fit higher up.

Any attempt to pull up a boy short or cheeky will only result in self-induced wedgies.

To summarize

Understand that when it comes to boy shorts vs cheekies, the shape of the panty styles can only be distinguished in the shape of the rear.

Boy shorts can appear to be full coverage briefs in hipster or midi style, thus no bottom of the buttocks is exposed - though bare in mind it can happen.

Whereas cheekies are designed for the sole purpose of exposing the lower buttocks, or as far as half way up the bottom.

Boy shorts cover the bum in comfort and support, cheekies are made to enter in-between the buttocks at various levels.

However a boy short and cheeky underwear do offer full support around the hips.

Both pairs of panty styles can be similar in the crotch with no skin seen, though a cheeky can show skin up on either side of the panty crotch.

While boy shorts will do a fantastic job of staying put, a cheeky gusset is far narrower so can move, causing discomfort.

But one big similarity between a boy short and cheeky is that they both are low rise to regular fit only.

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