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Women in boyshort, hipster underwear looking in closet

Boyshorts vs Hipsters

Its hard to distinguish between boyshorts and hipsters due to both styles having similar characteristics, but we can tell if you look for the tell tale signs.

Not much difference between boyshorts or hipster underwear as both have full coverage in a style that is almost identical in the front, sides and rear. Ways we can tell them apart are boy short underwear is made to appear boyish, while hipsters would be in soft cotton with lace or girly trim around the seams.

That is not all, boyshorts well made to replicate boys underwear; that also goes for the material being thicker along with the seams.

So well that may not be obvious to the naked eye, its a big difference if tried on.

Another distinctive feature in the bortshort kind is the seams are wider; imitating men's undies well the front just might have the Y-Front design.

Women's hipster underwear are reliable underwear where people don't give it much thought, and that's because while reliable, they can be ugly.

Boy shorts on the otherhand are more trendy well appealing to young people.

Hipsters for women are likely to be made in t-shirt like cotton with stretch, have a thin elasticated waistband and frilly seams if any.

Boy shorts still have these features, only the waistband and seams are wider; matching how they would be on boy's underwear.

Hipsters are more feminine

Right off the bat we can tell the difference between boy short underwear vs hipster thanks to way they're finished.

While boyshorts are usually made to appear boyish, that is also true for hipsters.

Women's hipster underwear is made with soft, t-shirt cotton which boyshorts are not; and well hipsters have frilly seams, boyshorts will have plain seams or edging.

Hipsters remain the most feminine of the two so would be the better option if its female, more girly underwear you wear.

Boyshorts are not for girly girls

Boyshorts are not intended to be girly or feminine in anyways; so are more targeted towards women who don't mind the boy leg look and feel.

Sure thing, boyshorts can come in styles that are absolutely girly; with all the lace, trim and bows you'd expect on a pink cheeky or thong.

Not so much with boyshorts as the name is pretty much self explanatory... boy shorts.

So while the design can appeal to women of all ages; they are likely to be available in the tomboy finish - with minimal girly colors, lace or fancy bows.

Coverage in the bum in both styles

One thing we can say for sure is that coverage in both underwear styles are guaranteed to be full coverage.

Thanks primarily to do with where the leg holes are stitched; and that's in an area that puts the holes of the legs facing down.

That can only mean the material will stretch over the entire bum, including through the gusset to create full coverage in the rear that is not prone to wedgies.

Saying that, the full coverage in the rear is unflattering on the wrong bum, going as far as to reshaping the bum under clothing if worn with tight fitted bottoms.

Wide gusset of support

Boy shorts and hipsters will have wide - actually very wide - gussets which should help towards preventing wedgies.

That is due to the way the boy shorts and hipsters are made in the rear and around the sides - which help towards making women's hipsters and boy short underwear comfortable if the quality is there.

Hipsters are supposed to fit in a way that covers the front, rear and sides fully.

Well that is true for how boyshorts are supposed to fit; and that is full coverage on all sides.

So the design behind that is made in the gusset to make it wide as possible, yet comfortable enough in both styles to accommodate all wearers.

Sides are made with wide bands

Talking about width, one thing that boy short underwear and hipster panties have in common is there fitting around the sides.

Material that forms on the sides is up to 3 inches wide; so well it can appear trendy in boy shorts, it can look granny pantyish in hipsters.

Whatever material the hipsters or boyshorts are made in, the elasticated strap around the waist would be almost identical in either pair.

Movement in the hipster is more likely as the material would be made in more soft cotton, whereas the boyshort would be made in think cotton to imitate boy's underwear.

Not much you can do with VPL

One thing you won't get away with while wearing boy shorts or hipster underwear is that they are both prone to unavoidable panty lines.

More so in hipsters due to the lightness of the material moving around more, which would allow the seams to slip onto the cheeks where the VPL would become visible.

Boy short underwear on the other hand is helped with VPL avoidance due to the way they are designed, and the stronger construction.

That would allow the boy short to remain in place as they are worn throughout the day.

Its not a guarantee by any means, but if the boy short stays in place - the seams which causes VPL will shows its ugly face - rest on the lower bum or upper thigh area.


Its hard to distinguish between boy short underwear versus women's hipster panties that are near identical styles with a similar shape from all angles.

Ways we can tell the underwear apart is hipsters are made in a feminine design, while boyshorts tend to appear boyish.

While boyshorts were made for comfort, and an alternative to full brief underwear; hipsters were just another style of undies with mass appeal.

Boyshorts are popular with the young crowd as an underwear of choice when it comes to protecting your decency.

Hipsters can be more associated with young girls or even toddlers.

That's because its all about comfort levels; hipsters are guarantee to be comfortable due to so much coverage in all areas.

That's is also true for boyshorts, and while comfortable; they can go wrong in the thicker material they're made in, along with wider seams that can cause issues.

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