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Woman laying on top of bed wearing a thong

Can you sleep in a thong

Concern over wearing a thong to sleep in stems from fear of personal hygiene, medical or if the thong can become uncomfortable.

Millions of women wear thongs to bed as if they're a regular pair of panties, causing no issues as a result of the thong. On the plus side at least wearing a thong in bed there's no wedgies or bunching up - but there can be a problem if on your period or you indeed have a poor sense of personal hygiene.

Go to bed with what underwear you've had on that day, and you won't often need to think much else about it.

Thong underwear can be continued to be worn to bed with no real medical data telling you not to, saying its not safe.

OK previous published medical advice as referred to not wearing underwear at all to bed to allow the genitals to breath for a while, but its not specific to thongs.

The wearing of thongs will not cause health issues but its worth noting if you have poor personal hygiene, it might be best to change to full briefs to sleep in.

That is because periods can be a lot of trouble to deal with as the pad can come loose.

Its therefore possible to contract a yeast infection or some such which can be contributed to wearing a dirty thong, but going to bed in one might not necessarily be the cause.

Can sleep in thongs

Millions of women around the world wear a thong to bed, much as wearing the same pair of regular panties they wore that day.

Its safe to say you can wear a thong to bed if you feel up to it.

Often a person can change there mind, so will quickly remove the thong or change into a full brief or boyshort.

But where a women wears a thong everyday, there's no need to go through the hassle of changing into wedgy enduring briefs to sleep in.

And that is one benefit to wearing thongs to bed, at least that ultra comfortable thong won't cause discomfort in the night - namely by wedgies or bunching up.

So do wear a thong to bed, but I can speak for most women who only wear and own thongs that have no choice but too.

That very reason they have no complaints is that they have no issues with thongs in the day, nor problems that are taken into bed with them.

When NOT to sleep in a thong

Of course the wearing of a thong to sleep in will not apply to all; that is because pain or indecency can prevent you doing so.

What I mean is sleeping in a thong, while more comfortable to most, it can indeed be an agonising experience to others.

And if you're are a mother of kids or have no privacy for example, it might not be a good idea to wear a thong if you don't want to be seen in it.

But where you might go wrong here is the type of thong you're wearing to sleep in is not up to a high comfortable level when lying in bed.

OK it got you through the day, but the thickness of the waistband or edging for example, can cause discomfort as you put weight on it as you sleep on your side.

So while it might be a good idea to wear more sporty thong underwear to bed, the fancy, lacy thongs with pearls or bows - will probably have to be removed.

Its also worth noting thongs can still twist as you sleep, but its generally not as bad if wearing a full brief or boyshort enduring wedgy, that's for sure.

But where else you shouldn't sleep in a thong is if you have poor personal hygiene.

Poor, personal hygiene

To wear a thong anytime is a bad idea if you have a poor standard of poor personal hygiene, and moreso if you continue to wear the dirty thong to bed.

If you struggle to cope with keeping the thong clean on any day of the week, in terms of skid marks or pee stains - you could be in for a world of trouble when on your period.

While wearing a thong on your period takes a little getting used too, it gets complicated more when the thought of sleeping in a thong with a pad that can make its way loose - then you're in for cleaning up your bed sheets.

So you can sleep in a thong providing you can carry a high level of hygiene in to the bed with you, or you risk contracting a nasty yeast infection or dirtying your sheets.

To stop any issues, it can help to wear full briefs to bed if you come under this category.

More importantly, and you'd probably work this one out for yourself, you will need to wear big granny panties if you have the risk of diarrhea.

Nursing an upset tummy

To prevent the risk of leaks on your sheets or mattress, a full brief panty can help with that as the full coverage prevents any spillages.

Not so with a thong as the often narrow thong strip that runs up and inside the crack is not enough to keep bodily fluids secure.

If you only wear thongs it might be worth investing in a full panty - it doesn't have to be a big ugly panty - just with enough coverage to deal with expected issues such as this.

Thong straps can be just a shoelace as in a very skimpy g-string, or can be an inch or two of fabric in case of more luxury, comfortable brands.

While this type of women's thong underwear is sure to prevent any leaking, the riskier g-string will have to be replaced.

And while its important to nurse an upset tummy before going to bed, remember there's also the possibility of discharge in a thong or bladder issues.

To summarize

Feel free to sleep in a thong if you have a good sense of personal hygiene, with who you tend to not have any real issues throughout the day.

To sleep in a thong one would be a thong wearer around the clock. It could also be that you don't own or wear any type of panty styles.

But while many millions of women wear a thong to bed on purpose or unintentional, such as falling a sleep or forgetting to change - there's reasons not to wear a thong to sleep in.

It could be a simple thing of the thong style not designed to be slept in.

What I am getting at is the thong while super comfortable going about your day, it could be a different story if sleeping on it.

So the pearls, lace trim or a bow will have pressure put on it while lying in bed, so in turn will dig into your hips or thighs.

To overcome that issue replacing this fancy thong with a comfortable sporty, everyday thong would solve the issue.

And where else you shouldn't be wearing a thong is if you don't have a sense of good personal hygiene.

If the thong dirties throughout the day, be it through skid marks, pee stains, discharge or even due to being on your period, it might be safer to remove the thong at night to be put in the laundry.

Then take that time to allow your genitals to air by going commando - but still in PJ's - or put on a full coverage brief until hygiene down there is improved drastically.

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