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Thong underwear on display next to thong panty liner, maxi pad

Can you wear a pad with a thong

Its an issue most women will have to deal with in there lives, the hassle of getting a pad to fit comfortably on a thong, while serving its purpose well.

You can wear a pad with a thong and it can be very effective too, though it only applies to lighter days, as heavy flows are hard to control while wearing a thong. Simply use a normal pad on a thong or why not make the most of the specialty thong pantyliner, designed to fit on the gusset of a thong.

Sure we all have our reasons for wearing thongs, from comfort to avoiding VPL, but it all still applies when its that time of the month.

What use is avoiding VPL to only then get ugly panty lines as you're forced to wear full panties that can hold a pad.

And if you're the kind of women to only own and wear thongs, you might not have no choice but to wear some sort of pad with your thong.

But don't despair, its still possible to wear a thong on your period, thanks to the use of a thong pantyliner - or why not customise your regular pad into something that will fit the gusset of a thong.

How you apply the regular pad to the thong is how you always had, remove the strip to then position it on the crouch of the panty.

While thong pantyliners have a sticky wing that needs to be stuck around the outer thong gusset - you will need to roll up a regular pad to make it fit on the narrow gusset.

In theory it will work but in time it can come unstuck so there's no guarantee it will stay put, but over time you'll master this technique.

The only downside to wearing a pad with a thong is limited to use on light days only, as the heavy flows cannot be contained as you customise a regular pad - thus downgrading its integrity - or using a smaller thong pantyliner... again intended for light days only.

Only on light periods

As we're talking about wearing thongs with pads during your period, you really must consider it on light days only.

To wear a pad with a thong on a heavy flow can cause a lot of trouble, namely leaks.

Light periods, while not entirely comfortable, can give you the chance to carry on about your day while not worrying about your flow passing through your makeshift, folded up pad - that is if you decide to go for the normal pad with a thong option.

Freedom of lighter days also allows you to continue to wear tight fitted jeans to yoga pants or leggings, all without the pad becoming visible.

Now if it was indeed a heavy flow then a larger, crinkled up sanitary towel would need to be attached - only this option would make it visible to the naked eye.

So only consider my advice on wearing a pad with a thong on light days only as to avoid issues with leaks or it becoming visible through outer clothing.

Regular panty liner with a thong

So if you don't go down the route of wearing a specialty thong panty liner, designed to fit full bodied thongs, then not to worry as you'll have options.

That option is to take a regular, normal pad to wear with a thong, with a few adjustments needed to make it work.

By all means it won't work for everyone as body shape or the type of thong underwear you'll be wearing can make or break this simple solution - for example a fuller thong is better than using the gusset of skimpy g-string.

No difficulty here, all you need to do is remove the strips to the sticky side and apply the normal pantyliner to the thong as you would with a sanitary towel to a full panty.

Simply crinkle up the edges to make it into a narrower shape, thus allowing the pad on thong to press against the vagina without causing a mess as you move about.

Its important to know going down this route will actually cause the access pad to fit inside the lower bottom, between the buttocks and over the anus.

Pad size 1 option only

Going down the route of the no-nonsense regular sanitary towel or pad needs to be met with common sense.

Meaning you'll only be able to apply a small size pad to the super thin thong gusset.

So no use of large sanitary towels on heavy flows or the kind that are used over night, for example.

To make this work while wearing a normal pad with a thong must come in the size 1 region, so pads that are designed for light days only.

Not only is the overall size of the regular pad smaller, but the pad is in fact thinner.

What that means for you is comfort, less hassle getting it in place, and no extra pad cloth that will get in the way.

Failing to use light day only pads will increase the chance of the towel being seen through the crouch of your leggings or jeans.

Screwing up a larger towel will also see it come unstuck, thus causing it to dislodge or move away completely.

Thong-style pantyliner recommended

Solution to wearing a pad with a thong is answered with this amazing invention, a simple thong-style pantyliner, designed to fit to most thong underwear styles.

The principle is the same, you remove the strip from the thong pantyliner before applying it to the gusset of the thong.

In theory the shape of the thong pad will match the thong you'll be wearing, but if it doesn't, not to worry as there's plenty of room for error.

Access pad wings flow over the side so will need to be folded over by you to create a strong seal.

Hopefully you can go about your day without trouble but know this pad will naturally find its place as you go about your day - hopefully not in an annoyance to you where it can be felt - or else it will need adjusting.

Its a tricky job to apply the pad as its has more adhesive than normal pads, so only apply the string pantyliner it with your thong around your knees.

On that note, if you're interested in buying a box of thong panty liners to try, they come under the name string liners or tanga liners, available through Carefree, Always or Libresse - to name a few recognisable brands.

Large sanitary towels impossible

I've mention it above but I'll say it again, the wearing of a pad with a thong does not translate to large sanitary towels.

You can only wear a thong with a makeshift regular sanitary towel designed for light days, or even better, a specialty thong panty liner that mimics the shape of the thong gusset.

What you get out of large sanitary towels is three things that will not allow it to stick to the thong material so well.

But more importantly, a large sanitary towel is used for heavy flows, so not a good idea if wearing a thong when leakage is a real possibility.

Being a larger towel that means its far larger than the thong underwear its self, so attempting to fix this massive pad to a skimpy thong is near impossible.

On top of that it doesn't allow for you to fold it over as and adhesive won't cover this basic need to make it stick.

Lastly, larger towels are far thicker for soaking up the moisture, so again it will be made hard to make it fit on the thong gusset.

If you attempt to make a large, thick sanitary towel work like a midi pad then it will lose its integrity, meaning it won't do what its suppose too - basically soaking up leaks before they pass through.

Avoid thongs on heavy flows

So its therefore not recommended you wear a thong on heavy flows, I know this applies to many of you but its near impossible.

Its still a possibility if wearing say a pad for light days with a thong but you'll still need reinforcements.

That could be doubling up with the use of a tampon with a thong, then with the pad used merely as a backup to catch any spillages.

I could says its unlikely you'll be in the mood to wear a thong on your heavy period as you won't need the hassle as you deal with menstrual cramps.

But then again some of you might not have a choice but to wear a pad on a heavy flow, so what do you do?

I'll say it again, you'll have to wear a tampon with the option - if you're busy at work - to regularly visit the toilet to change over.

No guarantee pad stays fixed

Having said all that, the reality of it all is that there is no guarantee a pad will stay fixed to the thong.

That is especially true if you go through the regular midi pad with a thong option, because really it can come unstuck, or simply dislodge if being active.

Its therefore safe to say there's no guarantee leakage will be prevented onto your thong, because with most products, it does happen.

That issue increases with a pad to thong combo, but extra care will need to be taken on your part - including regular checks to see things are in place.

Taking a regular fit pad made to fit full panties has its ups and downs, but to make it work with an underwear style that leaves little to the imagination, needs practice.

I could say then to try all these methods mentioned so far around the house only, when you're not on your period, just to see if you can manage it.

Pads with a thong summary

You can wear a pad with a thong but you must understand there is risks, namely it can become unstuck or it can have its discomfort issues.

However that really applies to wearing a normal pad with a thong as appose to making use of the useful thong panty liner - designed to fit thongs.

If you want to wear a pad with a thong, then I highly recommend you only do so with use of a thong panty liner, as its designed to follow the shape of the thong gusset - thus reducing pad material not needed for this situation.

It can still carry daily problems, for example it can come unstuck, or it can be felt when worn over the course of the day.

Be away, whether you go down the thong pantyliner route or the regular pad with thong option - the pad will always need to enter the lower end of your buttocks.

To wear a pad with a thong, one needs to remember its for light days only, as heavy flows are not as forgiving while wearing a skimpy thong.

So its a pad size 1 - or in some cases a size 2 - so it therefore a lighter pad, smaller and much thinner.

That will allow you to position the pad where it needs to go including rolling it over around the gusset of the thong, if need be.

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