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Can you wear Spanx under leggings

Congratulations, your concerns with what to wear under possibly see-through leggings will be answered if you choose to wear Spanx underwear.

Spanx are the ultimate underwear for under leggings. The wearing of Spanx will stop VPL, reduce sheen if the sunshine its your bottom and will form to your body to compliment your curves, rather than make it look unflattering. Spanx will stay discreet under leggings if made in cheap or high end material.

Simply thinking about wearing Spanx under leggings means you know the difficulty of wearing leggings with panties being seen.

Leggings can be see-through as must women are pro-active is making sure it never happens to them, so the answer is a thong, usually.

However, what women will do is match a black thong to the black leggings; thus increasing the likelihood of there thong underwear being seen.

Skin stone blends in with black leggings but black underwear is highlighted instead.

Not so while using Spanx as the answer is in the sheer material that is available in up to seven skin tones to help you solve the mystery of visibility.

No trial and error using Spanx either; not only will their underwear not be seen; there's no possibility of VPL or the underwear shining through if the sunshine or bright lights hit it.

Must match skin tone

Great thing about Spanx is the color shades available; designed to make the skin tone match the Spanx with help of the sheerness bringing through your natural skin coloring.

One important thing while wearing underwear under leggings is the right color.

Women do it time after time, matching up black panties with black leggings, or would go for white panties under white pants, for example.

This is a terrible fashion blunder with people making do with what they can, but never doing much else to reduce panties being seen.

You can do so much more to stop your underwear showing by simply matching the undies to the color of your skin tone - not match underwear color to leggings.

Here is where Spanx will help over say - and a really good brand too - Hanky Panky skin tone thongs, is the skin tone coloring with the sheer material helps so much more than just a skin tone match in cotton or nylon.

Regardless of your skin tone, Spanx will do well to keep them discreet under leggings so long as you're willing to make a near match to your skin color.

Spanx focus on one nude shade well they have a color palette for women of color too.

Don't wear panties under Spanx

Women can treat Spanx as shorts to wear under dresses or simply a way to help control your tummy, not realising they're intended for use as underwear.

There's no need to wear underwear under Spanx; Spanx are underwear so should be treated as to help get the most out of them in terms of comfort.

Spanx are incredibly comfortable worn under any outfits, not just leggings so you need to help yourself by removing underwear when you're in Spanx.

That might benefit you more if you don't want to ruin a lovely short or thong style Spanx while you're on your period for example, but other than that, underwear will not need any other time of the month under Spanx.

Making use of underwear under Spanx can do one of two things.

Wearing panties or knickers under Spanx can bring out the worse of VPL, so if your intention is to avoid VPL in leggings, don't wear panties.

What will happen is lines will show up under Spanx before being visible under leggings.

And that takes us to underwear being seen; black underwear can be seen under Spanx somewhat, so if it can be seen under Spanx it might show up under black leggings.

Not if it has shine

By all means wear your Spanx under your leggings to stop underwear becoming visible, while reducing the possibility of VPL showing up.

However, one major flaw in mostly nude color underwear is that is has a shine to it.

What that means is the material that makes up the full body of the underwear can have a natural shine or a glint when the light hits it.

That can absolutely make underwear be seen through leggings, partially if the sunshine hits it dead on.

Forget about VPL or underwear being visible, you've just lit up your butt as the entire underwear shape is clearly seen.

Not so with Spanx as the mesh or sheerness blends into your skin tone, so should put a stop to it glowing up in bright light.

Spanx are not a one color fits all so this is a never talked about issue but can happen regardless.

When you're next wearing Spanx under leggings; make sure you turn your butt to the full length mirror, facing the sun - and see if your Spanx is seen as it brightens up.

Must form to your curves

Something that may not apply to Spanx in partially because they've designed their products to be so versatile well fitting under all outfits regardless of tightness.

So one major thing you'll benefit most while wearing Spanx under leggings is that it will adapt, or shape to your curves.

Why is this important? Well if the underwear can form to the shape of your bum, hips and waist shape; it reduces the possibility of them being seen.

Allow us to explain ourselves; when full coverage underwear sits on the bum, if the material is a wrong fit along with the style, it might end up sitting tightly across the bottom.

If that were to happen your bum will have this broad, box shape to it that highlights big old granny panties being worn.

To avoid that mishap happening to you, Spanx will form to all the curves around your hips and waits; thus making the Spanx look natural against the skin.

However, you really need to focus more on if the underwear or Spanx, will curve a little into your butt crack.

Without that all important design the bum becomes like a brick wall, with no shape or form to it - it really isn't a nice look.

Spanx styles to wear under leggings

The wearing of Spanx under leggings cannot be a one style fits all approach; you need to find the style that matches the leggings or yoga pants, then role with it.

In that we mean Spanx don't have a one style of underwear, but many kinds for all different outfits.

So with that in mind, let's take a glance at the Spanx underwear availability, to see where the style fits in well wearing leggings - will assume the leggings are all black while the Spanx are skin tone in our examples.

Mid thigh shorts

Probably the most popular style of Spanx underwear would be their mid thigh short range designed to be skin tight shorts to wear under all outfits.

A popular choice when trying on wedding dresses or special outfits where people gather in a try-on situation.

And that's with the benefit of the tummy control shorts for the ultimate slim fit.

If you were wearing the Spanx mid thigh shorts, then that is for sure a style we would be pairing up with leggings.

No VPL is possible ever, nor is the possibility of seeing any seams at all, so the shorts can be worn under dresses of all styles, including the tight fitted kind.

So if you want to wear these mid thigh shorts under leggings, absolutely do so as its a style that can never be seen - in our opinion.

High waisted thong

The wearing of any thong under leggings or yoga pants is a must providing its skin tone and high waisted, reasons for that are very important.

As we've mentioned many times, the skin tone thong will help it blend against your skin, well helping it go unnoticed - as many women don't seem to realise that.

Meanwhile, as it has a high waisted thong underwear waistband its positioned higher up, hopefully inline with your leggings waistband - so brings the thong to an area where it can't be seen.

No longer is the thong sat in the middle of the bum well the leggings keep going up, causing a thong imprint or lines. It's now positioned so far up, there's really no telling from where it starts to where it ends.

Better still, well making use of Spanx, their thong design keeps on going beyond the belly button so there's no difficulty in fixing the waistband.

We brag a lot about Hanky Panky have the most comfortable thongs available; but make no mistake, Spanx do a wonderful job too.

Shape or control briefs

Absolutely, Spanx control briefs can be worn with leggings with the benefit of full coverage if thongs or the short styles are not your thing.

Spanx briefs fit similar to regular underwear; that is without the seams so reduced VPL and light sheer material that blends in with the skin, so therefore can't be seen under see-through material, such as leggings.

Its really a one shape fits all kind here, namely a hipster or midi style underwear that fits higher up on the waist, and far down under on the hips.

What that means is the high waist design will allow the briefs to fit around the waist along with the leggings, while the low style moves any VPL under the butt cheeks.

As its Spanx we can be sure that's not really a possibility if compared to similar underwear styles, no thanks to the unique design in their underwear.

To summarize

Spanx will give you the freedom to wear all their styles under black leggings in particular without fear of them being seen.

Knowing that you are wondering if you can wear Spanx under leggings is a big win for you; you know the possibility of keeping your underwear discreet can happen if wearing panties that are designed to stay hidden.

Spanx will do just that as the unique panty range are made with skin tone in mind to match nude or women of color skin - with a little sheerness to help skin blend.

That will help with no sheen or shine showing up under leggings, well they're made with No VPL in mind, but more importantly are incredibly comfortable.

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