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Can you wear a thong with a tampon

If you can wear a thong with a regular pad or thong pantyliner, then for sure you won't have any problems wearing a thong with a tampon.

You can wear a thong with a tampon but it does carry issues of its own. The string for example can appear on the outside, as it hangs out of the thong more, which isn't good if wearing a mini skirt. Often an heavy flow can occur so its a little difficult if you need to apply a pad in the thong, but its still a possibility.

You can absolutely wear a thong with a tampon, as the latter is inserted in an area that is sure to not be a cause of concern.

However its still a problem if wearing the tampon wrong as the string used to pull at the tampon can hang over, and out of the thong gusset.

Not ideal if wearing a mini skirt or dress as you bend over, as longer strings can be visible to the world.

So do take care when pulling up the thong as to make sure the string is tucked away.

What else can be a problem wearing a tampon with thong underwear is that is has little in the way of room for a pad.

Now you might be thinking that's not an issue as I will be wearing a tampon...

But in fact if in case of an emergency, such as an heavy flow - a midi pad or large sanitary towel may need to be fixed to the inside of the thong gusset.

Thong gussets are not designed for regular pads but is possible with a little practice, or else you will want to keep a spare pack of thong pantyliners - as they're designed to fit the shape of a thong.

Its a doubling up measure, so the tampon with a pad combo it not an uncommon practice.

Tampons CAN be used with thongs

Make no mistake, you're free to wear a tampon on your period as it stands to cause little in the way of wearable issues.

Meaning the wearing of a thong - or skimpier g-string - while wearing a tampon will not make any difference to say wearing a pad with a thong.

In fact, as you insert the tampon into the vagina its up and out of the way.

So the tampon will not cause issues on the thong nor will the tampon be an issue on the thong.

If the tampon is fitted correctly it will be discreet as it can be, which is the whole point of the tampon right?

So don't expect many issues while wearing a thong with a tampon, however there is the issue of the string attached.

Discreet string or hanging

You know when wearing a tampon correctly the string remains out of the vagina as too pull out the inner tube with ease later.

While that is nothing to be concerned about when wearing full panties, the problem with a thong is the string might want to appear outside the underwear.

So instead of it being tucked up in the gusset, where you'd want it to be - the tampon string could be visible on the outside.

Not a problem for most women as you'd be decently dressed as to not be visible, but a mishap while wearing a mini skirt could render it visible to all.

To avoid that while wearing a mini skirt or dress, you can just make sure this string is tucked into the thong as to avoid it slipping out over to the side.

If you like there's no harm in taking a pair of scissors and cutting the string off or making it a little shorter.

It would require you digging in to remove the tampon later but its an effective way to make sure the string can never be seen - which is great if wearing a bikini on the beach or getting undressed in public changing rooms.

Emergency pad reserve issue

This is an issue as you wear a thong with a tampon but you won't know about it until the problem arises later on.

That is if you experience an heavier period but are only in a thong or tinier g-string.

As it is you can wear a pad with a thong no problem, but unless you know how, it can be a little tricky, or a more daunting if you don't know what to do.

Inserting a regular pad into the narrow gusset of the thong requires a little customising, such as keeping the large pad in place on a piece of material not intended for such a large sanitary product.

So in case of an emergency, its going to be a problem if you're only in the possession of thongs, but need a regular pair of panties to fit a pad if you risk leaking on heavy days.

It won't hurt to carry around a pack of special thong pantyliners, designed to fit the shape of a thong gusset.

You can wear a tampon with thong underwear just as long as you don't suffer with heavy flows, or else you'll need to double up with tampon plus a pad.

Less sanitary then panties

Now that is not true if you have a high standard of hygiene, but this issue can arise to any women unexpectedly.

That is as your vagina is more exposed to the outside of your thong, it can more than likely come into contact with your outerwear - such as the inner jeans or pants.

Its therefore likely to see your vagina come into contact with the outerwear, and if there's any risk of leaking, it will show up from the outside.

Not an issue for most women but its an accident waiting to happen when combining an heavy flow to a very small thong that refuses to keep your vagina hidden away.

What else might be a problem is the wearing of a short, flowy skirt or dress that rises up as you sit.

It would then mean your vagina - if on the outside of the thong - will come into contact with a bacteria ridden ground or seat - depending on where your sitting.

This is not an issue for most women as skirts are likely to offer protection for your vagina and bum, to the surface under you.

To summarize

Tampons can be worn with thongs or g-strings as long as you know it can carry risks, but its more than likely an issue that won't ever apply to you.

Inserting a tampon will intern keep that device up and out of the way, so in no way can a tampon cause any issues with thongs.

But as the thong is notoriously skimpier than full panties its likely the hanging string can be seen if wearing a short skirt or dress.

So be sure to tuck the string away or if you like cut it off or trim it down. That way you'll benefit more if wearing a bikini on the beach, so that's bonus tip for you.

Remember in wearing a tampon it means you get lighter monthly flows so the tampon can be used - but in heavy months the combination won't work.

But it can if you support the use of a tampon by doubling up with a pad.

Thongs are less sanitary than panties in terms of the gusset of a thong is more narrow and visible than the more support offered by full briefs or bikini underwear.

Its therefore worth nothing that your vagina - with any potential leaking - can come into contact with your outerwear if you're not careful.

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