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Women wearing yoga pants working out outdoors

Can you wear yoga pants without underwear

If you feel comfortable wearing yoga pants without underwear, then by all means go commando, though be warned it carries risks.

You can go commando under yoga pants with the benefits outweighing the risks. The wearing of no underwear can be comfortable, well there's no layers or the potential for irritation caused by none sporty underwear. Never leave the house without doing the squat test or checking yoga pants under bright lights.

We think most people including us will encourage going commando under yoga pants as there's comfort to be had while doing yoga or working out at the gym.

Wearing regular panties or knickers, including thongs or cheekies have the potential to ride up more or cause you to itch as you sweat.

So going without underwear will prevent all mishaps as you exercise at the gym or home.

Benefits to going commando under yoga pants also includes no VPL or underwear showing through the material.

Though it has to be said your bum, the butt-crack, a tattoo, or even your pubic area could be exposed if the yoga pants are see-through, or become see-through as you sweat.

While we've outlined the benefits to going commando, allow us to outline the downsides too - though bare in mind we are looking for a solution to the problem; as like we've said, we prefer to go commando under yoga pants.

Commando potential VPL

Going commando under yoga pants could be more important than you think, largely due to avoiding the often hard to avoid VPL.

Wearing yoga pants in a causal, lazy way around the house is one thing; wearing yoga pants for what they were intended for, is a another matter.

Doing actual yoga in an environment with lots of strangers - be it other likeminded women - is the setting yoga pants are intended for, so going pantyless might prove to be beneficial.

So going commando will sure help avoid VPL, by not wearing underwear at all.

The wearing of yoga pants are sure to show up underwear lines of all types of knickers and panties, so going without underwear will put an end to this issue there and then.

Uncomfortable with layers

We've all been there: the chaffing, the rubbing, the extra sweating due to the extra layer of clothing we wear under shirts or pants.

With the extra layer of underwear under yoga pants not often an issue, for some women it could cause the problem of overheating.

That's not forgetting the painful experience of chaffing on underwear that let's face it, would probably be best seen in the bedroom with all the lace and strings.

And while some people can't distinguish fancy underwear to appropriate workout underwear, it would be best to go without your thongs or full briefs for now.

Must not be see-through

The wearing of yoga pants without underwear must be done with caution, as yoga pants are notoriously see-through under the right lighting.

So it could happen to you as you bend or squat as you follow the instructor along.

Do away with yoga pants that have that mash material on the upper thighs and up the outside leg, as accidents will result in seeing your bits.

Try high-waisted yoga pants (as if there's any of type) that have lots of material up high around the waist.

It should be farther supported with lots of stitching, pockets or layered material to prevent the bum being fully exposed.

Squat proof

To know if your legging are see-through would require the technique of squatting in a full length mirror before you leave the house in the morning.

In the bedroom or bathroom where the mirror is usually positioned, turn your back to the mirror and do a squat in your chosen yoga pants with your bum pointing out as you do.

Its a little tricky if you're not able to turn your head in such a way, so make sure you have someone who can give you there opinion.

When doing the squat test in the mirror, the said full length mirror should be facing the window when its light outside.

This will help determine if the yoga pants become see-through as the lights shines right through the material.

Pattern yoga pants only

Often its impossible to go without underwear in yoga pants as they become see-through one way or another.

And as explained previously, the squat proof technique well it will work; if they do become see-through what choice do you have but to wear the yoga pants if you don't have another pair available.

So once you've got the opportunity to buy another pair of yoga pants, don't go for the plain black or bold color kind, but pattern yoga pants should be bought.

Its really impossible to see through patterned yoga pants and if they are; the colors and patterns usually distract the part where you might be able to see-through them.

Not on your period

You can wear yoga pants without underwear, but we don't need to remind you never ever on your period.

You don't want to have a little leak when posed in a position where everyone will see the crouch area.

You'll have no other choice but to wear underwear at this stage so its time to pick out the right pair, and it must be said the next best thing is thong underwear.

The wearing of a thong on your period can bring up a few issues in regards to making a pad fit, though there are options available including wearing a tampon.

Don't assume the wearing of a tampon on your period well going commando under yoga pants should be sufficient, common sense should tell you that's not true.

Existence of a tattoo

Be honest, do you have a tattoo on your bum in a place that shell we say is right on the butt cheeks.

Well if you do this might be a reason to not go commando when wearing yoga pants, or any clothing with the potential of going see-through as a matter of fact.

When the yoga pants stretch around the bum, even when you're not squatting or doing yoga of any kind - the tattoo could become visible.

Make no mistake, people will know the tattoo shouldn't be seen as the underwear should be covering it up.

If the tattoo on the bum cheeks are seen, then its clear to all and sundry you're going commando.

So with the squat test along the a quality pair of none see-through yoga pants, be sure to look out for your tat, along with your bum crack both becoming visible.

Shave or wax before

If you're the kind of women who doesn't wax or atleast doesn't shave or trim your pubes drastically, did you know your pubic hair could become visible through yoga pants.

We're not talking about the bum area becoming see-through as one might expect, but the front area you might not of thought of previously.

And well its possible to do the see through test and squat technique in the rear, its impossible to tell from the front.

As you do yoga, during the session you begin to sweat, so the virgina area will too so will become damp with sweat.

Its at this point the material becomes see-through so your pubs stand out a mile.

While wearing yoga pants with the intention of doing a aggressive, sweaty session; just be sure to trim way back to prevent a slip up in class.

While wearing yoga pants causally around the house and out shopping, then this is a non issue.


If you're thinking about going commando while wearing yoga pants; we certainly don't discourage it as we know the benefits can be pure joy.

There's no extra layers or the discomfort of the underwear seams or silly stitching digging into your skin.

Instead its just the soft Lycra material of the yoga pants against the flesh.

A feeling that can only be beneficial to you while wearing yoga pants, well more so if you're intended to do yoga or sports well wearing them.

Its not a cut and dry solution though; you must do a few things to make sure your yoga pants are secure enough to go without underwear.

Yoga pants must not be see-through so you can do two things to check; squat test in front of mirror; check if yoga pants are see-through under bright lights.

If they do become see-through under any circumstances, then you should go without and buy yourself a pair of new yoga pants made up of patterns and colors, with thicker material.

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