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Models wearing cheekies as compared back to back

Cheekini vs Cheeky underwear

I always considered a cheekini or cheeky being the same thing, whereas I referred to it as cheeky, while the term cheekini was more of a novelty use of the word... I was wrong.

Difference between a cheekini vs cheeky underwear is that a cheekini can appear to be less revealing; buttocks are seen but the material never enters in-between the buttocks, unlike the cheeky. Cheekies are nothing like this as the buttocks are fully exposed at varying degrees - cutting into the bum half-way up.

Before researching the difference of the two I come to believe nothing really separated them, Oh was I wrong.

In doing my research, I have found that a cheekini can be referred to as a type of bikini - as in the swimwear - that is more revealing, hence the name cheekini.

What I also noticed is that a cheekini therefore was more stringier.

However, that now means nothing as I've come to the decision a cheekini is completely different to that of cheeky underwear.

Cheeky underwear is what you might know them as to show up to half of the buttocks; a cheekini is not designed as such - instead it can be much like bikini underwear.

Only once you see the rear end you'd notice more fabric is covering the bum, while the shape curves in at the bottom of the buttocks.

Not so much as to go in-between the crack, but moreso to reveal the lower cheeks only.

Different in NAME only

Though it might seem like it is different, but you should really know there's little difference between a cheekini and cheeky underwear in many respects.

In fact you could say its the names only that separates the two.

Overall its women's underwear with moderate coverage in the rear, designed to show off as little or as much buttocks as possible.

Cheeky underwear is a globally accepted name, whereas cheekini is used less so.

In most English speaking countries its normal to hear cheeky panties referred to as just cheekies.

But as I understand it a cheekini can mean something else, and that is a bikini.

Can cheekini mean bikini

Cheekini bikinis do exist depending on where or what store its sold at, but for sure a cheekini can mean a bikini.

So the 'cheek' is in reference to 'cheek' whilst the trailing 'ini' bit is referring to the last part of bikini.

By no means is this a universally accepted term to explain cheeky bikinis.

That is because cheeky bikinis that reveals the buttocks does not inherit the shape of the traditional cheeky underwear.

Instead the shape is designed to whatever the designers says so, but can appear to be more in the shape of Brazilian underwear.

So cheekini can mean underwear but can, however rarely - be referred to as a bikini.

Cheekini are stringier theory

On that I also believe when referring to cheekini as some type of revealing bikini, it could refer to one that is stringier.

In theory bikinis targeted to adults that reveal more skin than fuller bikinis, are done so using string.

While usually tied up on the sides, it is expected a cheekini to be made like this.

If not I also believe the cheekini to be made in a weave of cross-stitch fabric that can appear to be stringy as seen on the outside.

But what I can guarantee is the matching bikini top will almost be tied up with strings.

Having said all that, perhaps a cheekini is just that, a cheekier bikini made in all types of material, whatever a women's bikini is made of.

Inherited Cheekini saying

It could be at the end of the day a cheekini is nothing more than a cheeky panty, but given a different name to sell more underwear.

Why I might say that is because by simply Googling 'cheekini' the results are quite interesting, yet very revealing.

Surprise, surprise, top of the results - well under the ads - is Victoria's Secret's panty category listed under 'Cheeky & Cheekini Panties.

As I inspect the VS collection, nothing stands out as separating the two terms, and I mean nothing.

So I believe you might be pitting a cheekini against a cheeky because you've recently shopped at, or browsed VS online.

Victoria's Secret cheeky collection varies in moderate to revealing, but that applies to panties referenced as cheeky or cheekini.

More proof than that is, the term cheekini is simply a name inherited by VS, as Victoria's Secret do sell g-strings - only they call g-strings, v-strings - as in 'V' for Victoria.

Unique cheeky shape

If I want to see a true cheeky referenced as a cheekini I have to visit VS in-store or more conveniently visit their store online.

The company has over 69 items in their collection so its not hard to find a difference in terms of the shape of the cheekini vs cheeky in the rear.

Admittedly, I can see perhaps one major difference between a cheekini and cheeky in how VS promote them.

That is VS cheekies - only 4 out of a possible 69 items - are more revealing, as in more than half of the buttocks are seen.

Whereas a cheekini can vary from a more coverage to moderate only.

So the difference could be cheeky underwear is more revealing, whereas cheekini underwear can appear to be bikini style panties, but with a little cheek on display.

Cheek on display for sure, but it has to be said a cheekini could be prone to wedgies.

Overall appearance

Cheekini vs cheeky underwear overall appearance can therefore be distinguished as the following.

Cheeky underwear that we know as being more revealing, it has fuller coverage in the front and sides - but the lower half in the rear is missing.

Cheekies can have ruffles, have a lace trim or be made in cotton or be in mesh.

Likewise, a cheekini can be mistaken for a classic bikini panty all around, other than the rear - but you'd have to look carefully.

That is the cheekini can be quite revealing at times, but for the most part the material barely enters in-between the buttocks - whereas a cheeky does at great lengths.

So overall a cheekini can be like a bikini whereas a cheeky is much more revealing.

To summarize

So at first glance a cheekini or cheeky can be different in name only, but they can be two difference styles, depending on how you look at it, or where you shop.

Example of that is a cheekini is not referred to as underwear by certain sellers, but moreso they can sell their cheeky bikinis, as cheekini.

So that could translate to a cheekini being more stringy, just as bikinis tend to be.

However, Victoria's Secret are the only top brand to use the term cheekini and cheeky as two different kinds of panties - but still revealing nevertheless.

What I have found is cheeky, according to VS, is fuller underwear but is incredibly cheeky in the rear.

Whereas a cheekini, once again what VS calls it; is underwear that can appear quite similar to bikini style underwear - only its a little cheeky in the rear.

In a cheekini there appears to be no entry of the fabric in-between the buttocks.

Cheekies or cheekini can come in varies styles or use all types of material, including a lace trim or be seamless.

Overall, difference in a cheekini is similar to that of a bikini, whereas a cheeky is what you might come to know them as - being super cheeky as they show more bum cheeks.

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