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Cheekster meaning

What with it being called cheeky underwear, cheekies or even cheekini; I plan to get to the bottom of it as I explain the meaning of cheeksters.

Cheekster means to be cheeky to show off a little bum cheeks. More commonly referred to as cheeky underwear or cheekies for short, the panty is designed to reveal the lower buttocks, thus the material curves into the bum rather than offering full coverage. Victoria's Secret are a company that uses the term most.

Confusion around the term cheekster is often due to the underwear called by many different names.

It can be a cheeky, cheekies or cheekini, but cheeksters is the word of choice by Victoria's Secret, and really VS only.

If you believe it to be a sort of cheeky underwear, you won't be wrong because that is exactly what cheeksters are - nothing more or less.

Its nothing in a appearance too a thong and certainly not a g-string, but more closely linked to the fitting of a French or Brazilian panty cut.

Cheeksters have no material that covers the lower half of the buttocks, thus designed to reveal your bum, but in reason - unlike the thong.

To be cut in this way will not help in VPL but can feel more safe in a short skirt or dress.

The way cheeksters do go up the bum can end up feeling very comfortable, or it can be a very uncomfortable fit - if for example its made in the wrong fabric.

Panties designed to reveal bum

Cheeksters are a type of women's underwear designed to reveal the lower buttocks, as oppose to the brief, bikini or hipster panty keeping the bum completely covered.

To be a cheekster, it must appear to be quite a full coverage panty at first glance, only in the rear the fabric is designed to curve in-between the cheeks.

Levels of cheekiness can vary in a cheekster, but true cheekster underwear, or if you like cheeky underwear - will reveal more of the lower buttock crease.

Any panties that fit in-between the buttocks on the lower end of the bum can be classed as a cheekster.

Unlike the thong where more material is removed to make way for comfort; cheeksters still have a full coverage of material in the rear, thus the fabric can be seen even where it enters the bum.

How much buttocks is revealed in cheeksters can very from the littlest, to as much as half of buttock on each side.

Shape of the cheekster does vary widely, but it tends to curve in a downward spiral as appose to a horizontal line - much like French panties - or vertical like a thong.

Meaning of cheekster

Behind the term cheekster is from the expression, cheeky. Meaning that's a little cheeky in doing something naughty - but in the utmost playful way.

Cheeksters originally come from the panty type known as cheeky underwear, or cheekies for short.

To say cheekster rather than cheeky, its because the word flows nicely and can be a slang word across the globe - but its used mostly in the USA.

Cheeksters are more known worldwide as cheeky underwear, or simply cheekies.

To be cheeky in underwear it can mean one of two things; cheeky as in naughty; or cheeky in butt cheeks.

That is because with the cheekster design, the focus is entirely on a women's buttocks, as it reveals them a little in a fun, playful way.

So the meaning of cheeksters it that they show a part of the buttocks.

Multiple name calling

Did you know the term cheekster is one that is mostly used in the USA, by the well-known underwear store, Victoria's Secret.

While the name makes no difference to the design or shape, in using the name cheekster anywhere in the world can cause confusion.

Most commonly used is the term cheeky underwear in singular, or cheekies as plural.

Less used is the term cheekini, but it basically means cheeky or cheeksters - or perhaps a bikini or something that is a little more lacey - have you ever seen the mankini?

Go ahead and call it a cheekster but the name doesn't carry much weight outside the US.

Instead you will want to continue to refer to the cheekster as cheeky underwear, while using the term, or slang word cheekster in a more playful way, or as a nickname.

As the cheekster is primarily used by Victoria's Secret - as they refer to g-strings as v-strings - then know other stores or places other than VS won't understand the meaning.

Who's calling them cheeksters

I promise most women who wear cheeky underwear around the world would of, or heard the cheekies being called a cheekster at some point.

It could be due to shopping online or more likely its what they refer to their cheekies by a nickname - so instead of cheeky underwear, its simply cheeksters.

To be calling them cheeksters I can guarantee you've had a run in with Victoria's Secret, or indeed you shop their for panties regularly.

And that is where the term cheekster is really limited too, when shopping at VS.

No other store - well maybe a handful - refer to their cheeky underwear selection as cheeksters.

Victoria's Secrets are quite unique in what they name their selection; so instead of a g-string, they've inherited the name v-string - as it matches the companies branding.

So the meaning of cheeksters is cheekies to VS only, as the name is quietly adapted to their customer base calling it by that name - so only VS come top when you search for it.

Not a cheekster

While I've established what cheeksters are, and that is cheeky underwear designed to reveal the lower part of the buttocks...

Let's see when a cheekster is not actually that at all, but something entirely different.

So the cut of cheeksters can vary at different levels on the buttocks; so while it maintains that unique shape across the bum, it continues to be classed as a cheekster.

But as that cut across the bum get higher and narrower, it will in fact become a thong.

There is a big difference between cheeky underwear and French knickers too, with the latter covering more of the hips and waist, and finished in lace.

Although bare in mind you can buy cheeksters in all types of material, including lace.

Confusion can also be between the cheekster and Brazilian cut panties. But know the Brazilian usually cuts on a forty-five degree angle across the buttocks, on a high cut.

Cheekster meaning summary

So there you have it, a cheekster is a panty designed to reveal the lower buttocks, with a low cut to avoid being mistaken for something else.

Cut of the cheekster varies but it is commonly seen lower, but a cut half way up the bum is not unheard of.

Cheeksters is a nickname given to cheeky underwear, the sort that shows off the bum as the material passes into the buttocks.

You can be calling it a cheekster as a nickname or slang word for cheeky underwear, but it does mean the same thing.

In most underwear stores they're sold as cheeky underwear or cheekies; in Victoria's Secret the company have dominated the name cheekster, and use the name in their selection.

Cheeksters can be mistaken for French or Brazilian cut underwear, but what differentiates cheeksters its is shape in the rear, while appearing to be normal panties as seen from other angles.

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