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Model wearing skimpy white lace g-string

Do g-strings feel good too wear

Absolutely g-strings can feel good in terms of comfort, but it can be a rare occasion as g-strings are more hassle over the wearing of thongs.

G-string do feel good if you buy the correct fit, but body type can change all that. To make it one that feels good - as in the g-strings goes unnoticed - the fabric panel over the crotch will need to avoid front wedgies. Whereas the string up the bum absolutely needs a lot of stretch, preferable made in soft cotton.

Make no mistake, g-strings can be comfortable but it can depend most on the design, the brand and the coverage level.

If we're talking about the stringy g-strings, then it can be a lot of trouble as the string can dig in or the little fabric covering the crotch can cause wedgies.

If you compare that to a comfortable full bodied thong, the difference is the fabric fits nicely into area, conforming to the bum and around the waist.

All a g-string wants to do, and especially if its a too tight a fit - is dig into the skin, resulting in bumps as seen under clothing.

For sure g-strings can feel good to wear with the right fit, but it can take some getting used too, if all you can feel is strings digging in.

Comfort benefits over thongs

Let's say the g-string you bought and now wearing feels good, so good in fact it barely feels noticeable when on.

Well, be thankful because g-strings are worn by a lesser percentage of women, as the full bodied thong is preferred.

Reason for that is the thong can feel more comfortable with a soft, snug and extremely light feeling.

Whereas a corresponding g-string feels less soft due to less fabric; a snug feeling results in digging in with g-string because its more stringier - and while the g-string can feel light, its still noticeable.

Its worth saying that the g-string as its benefits, as it has less material to worry about causing wedgies or bunching up - where a fully thong could still cause that issue.

G-strings are much smaller too, so could be a better fit under certain outfits where a thong is still too visible - or why not consider the use of a t-back underwear - with no fabric in the rear other than a cross-section stitched string.

Hassle of stringier thong

The wearing of a g-string can feel extremely good, so comfortable that it won't likely be felt for the entire day.

But when you remove the support of a full panty, or in this case the g-strings counterpart - the thong - the string in a g-string can be a nuisance.

What that nuisance is caused by is basically all over, the g-string is so stringy the areas where its primarily made in string will cause trouble.

Not so much discomfort but its more to do with the string can be felt on the skin.

Often this can be a small problem that goes unnoticed or the feeling is overcome in time, but a g-string is often more hassle than its worth.

If you don't believe me just think about a tiny shoelace wedged up the bum, because without the right fit, that is not a nice feeling.

String up butt varies

Unlike the full bodied thong with a wad of fabric covering inside between the buttocks, this can ultimately result in a more comfortable fit.

That can be less so with a string up in-between the buttocks for a couple of reasons - but it can be dealt with if you know what to buy.

So a g-string fit in the rear will need to be a stretchy, soft string strap to feel the benefit of wearing a skimpier g-string over a fuller thong.

On top of that, depending on the body type, how your bum is shaped between the buttocks area - it can leave less - or worst still too much of a gap.

That gap can in turn result in the string wanting to move about in the butt, thus causing you to feel every movement throughout the day.

More important than ever is to wear a g-string with a wider string strap up the rear, or simply make sure its a super comfortable one.

Front triangle panel

Less fabric covering the crotch and therefore the pubic area on a women can have its ups and down.

On the upside the less material, the less likely the g-string is going to be seen under clothing - but there's more of a downside in this department.

You see the way the g-string fits over the crotch is an upside down triangle fabric panel, wider up the top before moving into a point.

Its an unstable piece of panel because often it doesn't have the support to stay in place, thus the cause of a front wedgy is a possibility.

Soon after the g-string curves under the crotch to reach the gusset area, this part of a 'g' is for more narrower than a full bodied thong.

Its more a design flaw which can lead to wedgies, but a good fitting g-string can feel good to wear in that area.

And that brings you over to the issue of the stringy elasticated g-string waistband.

Elasticated waistband digs

Make no mistake, if the g-string serves a purpose not to be seen under clothing, thus to avoid VPL issues, additional problems can arise here.

Imagine wearing a thin, made to fit firmly around the waist piece of string; now that won't create panty lines initially, but it can create lumps.

So a too tight stringy waistband pressing into the skin can cause a visible mark under clothing.

Not only that this part around the waist can cause discomfort as a badly fitting g-string lace up the rear - and that can lead to a rash did you know?

On the side, or hips only, is where a g-string fails to deliver comfort - but a soft, wider waist band will help with issues around the waist.

Depends on wearer

In the end it can depend on the person wearing the g-string, the quality or brand - while the body shape can have a final say.

Of the women who wear thongs and g-strings, its the thong that is worn by the much higher percentage of women around the world.

Reason for that is the thong does have a better reputation for comfort.

Thongs don't so much have a bad reputation but the idea of wearing a stringier thong can be off putting to most.

Sure, a g-string can feel good as in feeling super comfortable, but it really is more of an hassle to find the correct fitting one.

That is comparable to the full bodied fabric of the thong, while an uncomfortable thong is a possibility - its almost a guarantee a good fit, and therefore a lovely feeling.

Do g-strings feel good summary

It really depends on the person at the end of the day, as the body type can change the comfort level of a g-string.

Its then about the very stringier kind too the less stringy option, but you'll find more women wear a full bodied thong more often, as the g-string can cause a lot of discomfort.

Designed to be made up of strings only with perhaps a small front panel and rear fabric.

G-strings can also be a lot of hassle, for example they will be felt more over a thong or to a more fuller, yet related panty type - a Brazilian or cheeky panty.

Front sizing can vary but a small panel of material covering the crotch and therefore the pubis area, can creep into a wedgy if its too narrow.

And where the string fits up the bum, forget about it; a nasty fitting, no stretch cotton string up there can cause many problems.

Good fitting g-strings should never be felt in that area, but make sure its a fit that goes unnoticed so it feels good to wear for the entire day.

In the end it will depend on the person, most are thong wearers others are g-string die-hards - but know it takes a while to get used to wearing a g-string more over thongs.

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