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Women pulling on rear thong strap due to wedgy

Do thongs feel like a wedgy

Only a question that can be asked by those that wish to wear thongs for the first time, and while you can get wedgies, the problem can be overcome.

The wearing of thongs do feel like a wedgy if trying this exciting new underwear style for the first time. Thongs are comfortable, though in the early stages it might feel like a wedgy. A feeling that shouldn't last long as you get used to thongs; so if they continue to be a discomfort, try another thong style.

The effort to getting used to thongs must go ahead as the need to avoid VPL is more important now than ever before.

And don't worry, while thongs will feel like a wedgy, and certainly will continue to with the wrong style - its only matter of getting used to the feeling over the coming week or so.

Don't feel as if you have to make do with a wedgy or any discomfort.

Its up to you to try different thong styles if the first or second one doesn't feel right and is the wrong fit.

Women or girls of all ages have there preference; so whether its a gorgeous, ultra comfortable Hanky Panky thong or VS v-string - there's a style for everyone.

The time its takes to get used to thongs for the first time is no more than a few days to a week...

During which the feeling of a wedgy will vanish over time and so will the odd feeling of your bare bum skin rubbing up against the material of the inner side of pants or trousers.

There's huge benefits to thongs to out weight the discomfort. Thongs are not bad for you nor are they uncomfortable as sworn by many women.

Its a matter of finding the most comfortable thong style, and committing to it for years to come - as its fine to wear thongs everyday, and so to as you sleep in them.

Thongs can feel like a wedgy

Make no mistake, the wearing of thong underwear for the first time can indeed feel as if its a wedgy as you go about your business.

As you go about most of your life wearing full coverage underwear while going about the difficulty of wearing them can conjure up, here comes the trouble with thongs.

Its a matter of trial and error with thongs because the feeling of a wedgy should do away after a few days, but shouldn't be a permanent feeling.

Getting used to material that rides between the buttocks is the problem area.

So as you once wore knickers or panties that covered you up; that feeling of material in the bum is something else entirely.

There is such a thing as a wedgy that is only used to describe a different feeling; to the actual meaning of the word to describe a nasty, uncomfortable, painful feeling.

Any thong that is extremely uncomfortable, or just felt in the rear a little, is not a thong any women should be wearing or likely to get used too.

So throw it away in an effort to try different styles until you find a nice fit.

However, a subtle feeling of a wedgy well trying on thongs for the first time should only be something new, well completely disappearing as you forget you're wearing thongs as time passes.

The level of comfort wearing thongs should be that of the underwear going unnoticed; if that were to happen you, then you're wearing the best thong underwear possible.

Don't accept discomfort

You should never except the discomfort of a thong up your bum; its not a normal thing to carry on about your day with that feeling that never goes away.

That is not the point of a thong, the idea is complete comfort so the feeling of a different kind of underwear in thongs should fade away of the coming days.

Discomfort in the rear end is a common occurrence while wearing thongs.

So for every girl, women or mature wearing trying on thongs for the first time; the problem can be disappointing as you feel you won't be able to wear thongs after all.

That is never the case as you need time to get used to the feeling of no material covering your bum, as is the point of thongs.

And if that feeling of a wedgy does exist, no that it absolutely shouldn't be there; well it can feel different for a short few days of wearing thongs, it will disappear.

Don't accept discomfort while wearing thongs, the wedgy feeling just means you're wearing a problem thong, so you need to try on others.

Wide or thin strap preference

Trying on a thong for the first time shouldn't feel like a wedgy at all; the trouble is thongs can still feeling uncomfortable with the type of thong making a difference.

And in that regard its only the thin or thick strap that disappears between your bum cheeks that is the deal breaker.

Well most women's thongs are made in a wider strap; often that strap can be so wide the material can be felt, well you never get used to it.

If that were to happen to you simply try another thong with more stretch, more soft material.

On the other hand its possible to do away with thongs that have wide straps up the bum well substituting it with a thong or string strap up the rear.

While g-strings can be comfortable to wear, they're not for every women. So a g-string doesn't need to be worn, just switch to a thong with a narrower rear strap instead.

If you do feel as if you'll never get used to the extra material up the bum, then its time to make a change.

Therefore, you might not be a thong kind of girl at all with only g-strings satisfying your needs in regards to comfort and the thong underwear style you wish to wear.

Days to get used to thongs

Has it happens the wearing of thongs well feel as if you're walking around with a wedgy, that feeling could last for up to a week or two.

You see the problem lies with that wedgy feeling that won't go away.

But again, if that wedgy from wearing thongs hurts you, then that is not normal. So do away with wearing thongs until you're next at the shop where a comfortable thong should be a priority on your shopping list.

Women or girls who start to wear thongs at a young age do so to rid themselves of VPL, so in you're quest to rid yourself of panty lines you'll need to break through the pain barrier.

In an effort to avoid VPL, it comes at a cost; so absolutely make sure you're wearing thongs in the time it takes to get used to them.

But don't do it at the cost to your bum; it is possible to hurt your bum while wearing thongs if the material, tag, seams or fit is all wrong.

Feeling of no underwear on cheeks

Once you've passed the pain barrier and happily wearing thongs like a pro; problem that might occur next is bare skin up against the inside of your pants, skirt or trousers.

You see previously you would be wearing full coverage bikini briefs, granny panties or boy shorts without a care in the world.

Now your world turns upside down as the material that once protected your bum cheeks from the material on your clothing, now rubs uncomfortably on the inner jeans or pants.

Welcome to the world of having your skin rubbing up against the material of you bottoms, and a problem you never could of imagined.

Thong straps that run up between the bum cheeks now bypass the bum all together, leaving your rear out there exposed to rubbing.

However, while this feeling is sure to disappear over the coming days, it won't go if the pants or loose jeans you're wearing are dropped in exchange for more fitted bottoms.

The problem is loose fitting bottoms, baggy jeans or hard material skirts.

So if you were to wear say legging or yoga pants with thongs; then the feeling of material would fit tightly back on your bum, helping you feel secure and comfortable again.

Regardless, this feeling will disappear in due course as the wedgy feeling did previously.

Difficulty wearing thongs in other areas

So now we've helped you over the line of the wedgy feeling and the odd sensitisation of naked bums against clothing, let's take a look at other problem areas.

First and foremost, there is the problem with front wedgies occurring if you're decide to go with a sort of No VPL thong style or a high rise thong that narrows the crouch coverage.

Its not a guarantee to be trouble for you, but the problem in the rear can occur up front.

When deciding on what style of thong you should wear your preference should consider the fit in the front.

Make it so its more low fitting if high waisted is not your thing; to make sure the material does't reveal your front bum as you move or walk around.

Pulling up your thong straps too high can cause this issue, so can be not fixing the thong as you put it on.

To prevent such problems occurring, make it a sort of all cotton, soft stretch thong with wider sides, wide front panel with more material that runs up the bum.

If there's a wide strap between the buttocks, this will run between the legs before reaching 'you know what' area.

So more material in the back will help with no wedgies or spillages in the front.


Women and girls alike swear by the wearing of thongs for the reason comfort, avoiding VPL, and just generally being an easier underwear to wear daily.

However, this wasn't true for many of them as they probably had the same concerns of wedgies, and rightly so.

If you've not worn or tried on thongs before then know one could disagree; thong do look like wedgy inducing little things.

That it so not true with thongs, in fact the material that would otherwise enter the bum in full brief material is massively reduced in thongs, thus preventing the feeling of wedgies.

People's bums can take a reasonable amount of material without feeling uncomfortable.

So that's why the wearing of thongs are worn and have an enormous fan base.

No where in the history of the world would women put up with a nasty or just a little wedgy all day long.

While the wearing of thongs can feel and so feel like a wedgy at times, the problem is fixed by wearing a different style, and throwing out the trouble maker.

If you're wearing thongs for the first time, give them a week to get used to material up your bum.

Though with the best thongs, you will never feel that wad of material up your rear, ever.

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