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Do thongs get more comfortable

To ask if thongs feel better over time, I can only assume you're wearing thongs for the first time, and you are unsure about the discomfort you're currently feeling.

The thong you try on for the first time that is causing you discomfort, will never get more comfortable over time. When people say thongs take getting used too, they're referring to the feeling of thongs over regular panties, so a thong causing issues can not improve, so ditch that one and buy a new, comfier thong

Its an exciting time wearing a new type of panties, but it shouldn't compromise comfort over being in discomfort over the course of the day.

When asking if do thongs get more comfortable: am I correct in saying its your first thong and it doesn't feel as comfortable as people make out.

Well, guest what, there's no need to give up just yet as the thong you're wearing currently, simply needs to be trashed.

Thongs don't need to get more comfortable, it should be super comfortable at the get go.

Its scientifically impossible for a piece of underwear to improve, its not like wearing in a pair of new shoes.

You might be able to put up with a certain level of discomfort, but why do that when there're some really wonderful thongs out there to buy.

Thongs do NOT get more comfortable

No, thongs do not get more comfortable, if its a thong that is causing you trouble, it is sure to not improve over time.

Its a common misconception what people will say - well first time thongs wearers - will say thongs take getting used too.

Well for sure thongs do if you've only worn regular, full briefs in the past.

But that never applies to getting through a pain barrier, or a uncomfortable thong suddenly becoming more comfortable over time.

Let's be honest, that is scientifically impossible, while it applies more realistically to getting used to say, high heels or wearing a tampon.

If a certain type of thong you happen to be wearing is uncomfortable, its unlikely to feel super dopey later.

Rather get more used too

Thongs are more about getting used too, again much like a tampon; its not painful but its a different feeling that needs some time to get used too.

If a thong is uncomfortable from the start, it will unlikely be a thong to wear ever again.

However if that same thong is just feeling a little unusual, that is because you're not used to wearing thongs for the first time.

Pain can come from the waistband, the front panel or more commonly, the thong strap that rides up the crack of the buttocks.

So on the off, make sure the thong doesn't have any of those issues; because much like any type of women's panties, its unlikely to feel better any time soon.

In putting on a thong, it should feel like air, super soft and barely noticeable, that way you get the full benefits of wearing a thong to its fullest.

Need to wear a comfortable thong

Its up to you as the thong wearer to buy and own thongs that are comfortable to you, and you alone.

While one style or brand of thongs can be a gift to some, it might be a nasty fit to you.

Much like the difference between a thong and a g-string, while most women prefer the thong, others like the less fabric on the g-string.

In an effort to wear a comfortable thong, you will know you picked the correct one as there's no getting used to it - as you're lead to believe.

Its going to be barely noticeable around the waist; its going to be a high, low or original rise thong; the crotch coverage will be sufficient and the strap that runs up the bottom is going to go unknown for the entirety of the day.

Treat yourself to Hanky Panky, what is suppose to be the world's most comfortable thong collection, or concentrate on a 100% cotton thong that is super light, super stretchy.

No resolve in wearing thongs

If you find yourself constantly trying to get used to wearing thongs, you might have a little problem.

You see the wearing of thongs or g-strings is not for everyone, young or old; thus you'll never find a thong that is comfortable.

Its not the fault of the store or manufacturer, but in fact it just could be that your body doesn't take to the feeling of wearing thongs.

Some women hate the feeling of thongs, but they stick up with it for fashion, but incredibly they can always feel the thong - even after trying different styles - up the bum.

In the end, thongs don't get more comfortable, because your body is rejecting it.

So you could be one of those people you only wear a thong when required, as such to avoid panty lines or if regular panties risk becoming visible under clothing.

But I will give you these encouraging words, there could be a thong out there that is a comfortable fit for you.

While a skimpy g-string might be a better option over a thong made in a full body - so less material could be a better fit for you.

To summarize

While you're asking if thongs get more comfortable, I can assume you've recently started to wear thongs, and the ones you're wearing are a little uncomfortable.

I can say it does get used too, but it will not. The thong you're wearing needs to be thrown away as it will not improve over time.

Good news is that thongs do get used to in regards to the surreal feeling you are not used to due to wearing full coverage panties previously.

But if that thong you're wearing is causing discomfort on the off; its time to ditch it to wear a thong that is far more comfortable, with no getting used to wearing it needed.

Thongs are super comfortable and will be from the start, so if any thong is causing you issues, its simply a thong that is not a good fit - just as certain panties can be a poor fit.

Think about buying new thongs when you go shopping next with a style that is different to the last - focus on the area that is troubling you and improve it.

The thong strap that goes in-between the buttocks is the most troubling area; so next time either go for a thinner strap, a stretchy one - or ditch the thong style for a skimpier g-string.

To resolve the issue of an uncomfortable thong, it won't get better over a period of time as you wear it, it doesn't work like that.

But you may need to give up after many, many tries if you fail to find a comfortable thong, as you body just may be rejecting thongs outright.

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