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Do thongs hurt

Thongs can hurt you just as regular full briefs can, but the key to comfort is in the stretch with thin, light material in a full bodied thong that is soft to touch.

Thongs do hurt in a sense of feeling uncomfortable to wear, so the right thing to do would be to remove it. Don't expect a thong to cause physical harm, but a thong rubbing the wrong way can lead to blood seen on the fabric. Solution to a painful thong is throwing it away and replacing it with a soft cotton thong.

Thongs have a reputation of being painful, but that information only comes from women who don't give thongs a chance.

In fact, a thong can feel very comfortable to wear, moreso if its made in a light, thin, soft material with stretch the important factor.

Stretch in thongs combined with the correct size thong - which is one or two sizes up of regular panties - will cause you little issues going forward, but it can be a trial and error.

Know that a thong can indeed be problematic in the fit, and that can lead to a thong that does hurt you after all.

Solution to that is simply trashing the troublemaker, while next focusing on a thong made in 100% cotton that is known to be a comfortable fit.

Thongs can hurt you

I can confirm the wearing of a thong can hurt you, in fact thongs do hurt so much its quite unbearable, with literally a torture device up the you know where.

Trouble is in the construction of the thong, if its designed all wrong while using the wrong material with no genuine stretch or softness - it will hurt as long as its worn.

Thongs can hurt you because you are wearing it all wrong; example of that is pulling it up too high, thus tightening the strap up the bottom.

What's likely to cause the pain in a thong is that is too tight, or its made in a fabric that is not ideal for thong underwear - namely synthetic materials.

But what is more important is stretch, without stretch a person is likely to feel pain as she bends or squats - as the thong needs to stretch when you do.

But solving the pain issue can be overcome with common sense and a few neat tricks.

Solving the pain issue

If you believe the thong you are wearing to be promoted as a comfortable thong or indeed a popular thong as recommended, it could be you causing issues.

I've said it before but it has to be said again, is the thong a size to small; if it is then its time to go up a size - or moreso two sizes up for complete comfort.

What else can be hurting you is if you are wearing the thong all wrong.

This day and age a thong is designed to sit low or high on the waist, so forcing it up when its intended to sit low can be a common cause of discomfort.

Forcing a thong up will stretch out the fabric as far as it can, thus allowing no room for more stretch when its needed.

You will also want to adjust the strap that goes up the crack with your thumb; as you will run your thumb up the strap flattening it out - as twisting can be painful.

If all fails with no way of fixing the issue, you can always buy and wear a brand new thong.

Hurt but no thong injury

When I talk about if thongs hurt I am of cause referring to discomfort only, not in the sense of causing physically harm to a person.

Thongs can appear to be harmful to you due to the way they appear to rub up the butt, but in no way can a thong cause you to bleed.

However, it has to be said in failing to follow strict personal hygiene, you could find that a thong that is never changed, can lead to rashes, rubbing or similar.

Thongs can cause rashes where the thong is tightest, or where the thong moves as you are active.

I cannot say you won't bleed, but you may notice blood stains on your thong in an area that is most irritable.

So thongs can hurt you in a sense of discomfort only, and that is especially true if you're wearing thongs for the first time - while getting started in thongs is a trial and error.

Solution to painful thong

Feeling discomfort right away in a thong that is indeed hurting you on the off, can be a tell that the thong is no good, so you could be throwing it in the trash in due course.

To wear a thong is not an uncomfortable feeling, nor should it cause you pain.

Thongs can take getting used to for sure, but that is only in the case of getting used to the feeling of no material over the bottom.

If the thong is hurting up the butt, that is a first sign of the thong is a bad fit, thus will need throwing.

In a thong, much like regular panties, they can cause issues around the waist, crotch or sides - so its a matter of buying a new type of thong underwear to try.

If in doubt you won't be disappointed in Hanky Panky thongs, as they are believed to be the most comfortable thongs in the world.

Do thongs hurt summary

Its hard to believe a thong cannot hurt you or feel uncomfortable, as it is an underwear after all - so much like regular panties, they could need throwing away.

When trying thongs for the first time the feeling should be one of a weird feeling; never should a thong cause pain or be uncomfortable to wear.

Common cause of painful thongs is a size too small, so do go a size up to two.

Trouble in thongs is the rear strap that goes up in-between the buttocks; so focus on a thin, stretch, soft 100% cotton thong to not be disappointed.

In wearing a thong all wrong won't help either, so resist in adjusting the straps or pulling the thong too far up the waist, where it doesn't belong.

Its not possible for a thong to cause you physical harm, but it can cause a rash that can lead to blood seen on the thong - so if that is to happen trash the thong in question.

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