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Does seamless underwear work

The trouble with seamless underwear is that where the seams have been removed, up pops the problem with a ridge or lip that runs off the underwear onto the skin.

Seamless underwear can work under strict conditions; not to tight as to create bulges well wearing a thong or hipster panty that sits low hip. Seamless can only work with certain styles of panties; with a soft, stretch material that lays flat on the skin, thus reducing the deep ridge that runs onto the skin.

We are not very complimentary when it comes to seamless underwear because in our opinion, its just a gimmick and not necessary practical.

That's no thanks to the way the edging of the underwear still remains; so therefore its this ridge or lip that will now create VPL, not the seams themselves.

You can avoid that issue by simply wearing underwear that sits lower below the bottom, well a seamless thong will help eradicate all farther issues.

No need to commit to the seamless underwear as a way to help avoid lines; simply use reputable knickers or panties that are designed to do the same thing.

So with that in mind, familiarise yourself with brands such as expensive Hanky Panky thongs, Gap, Sloggi, Victoria's Secret or similar well known brands.

They will be worth your time as the designers not only produce the underwear with no seams, but more focus is directed at avoiding bulges or ridges that replace seams.

Seamless underwear doesn't always work

Its never a guarantee that seamless underwear will work as it depends on how the panty or knickers fit on the bum, your body shape and the style of knickers.

Seamless, or shell we say NO VPL underwear - can only work when strict conditions are met, though it must be said poor seamless underwear can fit well.

Take full brief underwear, a style for certain that will show up panty lines, so avoiding VPL in briefs is a tough one for seamless to overcome.

Which in most circumstances you will never be able to hide lines well wearing full briefs.

In an effort to make the seamless styles work you'll need try different styles of underwear until you've found a set that does what its supposed too.

How underwear styles effect seams

No good picking out full brief underwear to eradicate yourself from lines as it will only bring up other, familiar issues.

For example, knickers digging into the skin from tightness or poor design will create bulging under clothing.

Panties that are prone to wedgies well also cause bulging and unsightly marks on the bum cheeks, so the seamless style is not much use when that happens.

Let's take a look at what type of underwear works best or not with seamless styles:

  • Briefs are the curse of VPL so its a style that is more likely to show up lines over any of knickers, so should be avoiding well wearing seamless.
  • Boy shorts will for certain show up lines as it shapes around the lower bottom, possibly leading to wedgies also.
  • Cheekies are designed to cut across the middle of the bum cheeks so regardless of seamless styles, those lines will continue to show up.
  • Hipsters are a good example of full brief underwear that helps keep the lines discreet well wearing seamless due to their position on the body.
  • Thongs are a godsend to help keep those panty lines away, with seamless only contributing a little more for any lines left behind.

So there you have it, in our opinion the hipster and thongs are the best style of undies to wear if the underwear is indeed seamless.

Other kinds will only continue to show up lines as the ridge or edging of all other knickers or panties are likely to show up regardless.

Seamless only reduces lines

Know that the wearing of most styles of seamless underwear will not work regardless of the type of underwear, what material its made in or how well it fits on the body.

The wearing of seamless underwear will only reduce the possibility of underwear lines showing up under clothing.

That's due to seams being replaced by edging or a ridge or lip that runs off the panty to the skin underneath.

To overcome this issue women would need to find a style that is made in a material so soft and stretchy, it not only holds its shape well worn but feels as if its a second skin.

The best way to stop underwear showing lines is in the material itself. So as mentioned, if you can make it fit close to the skin as possible, the ridge or lip on the edging will disappear.

No difference in certain underwear styles

Reducing underwear lines in different styles of underwear makes little difference until you go the extra mile to make it the perfect fit.

In doing so you will eradicate all styles of underwear that is prone to VPL before you've tried on the seamless alternative, as it will for sure allow lines to pop through.

However, an underwear style that is not traditionally worn as underwear is by wearing seamless shorts which fits well underwear certain dresses.

The best seamless or no VPL knickers are those that sit low down around the legs - such as shorts - or those that go up the bum, such as thongs.

Highly rated, reputable brands

There's no good rushing out to buy any type of seamless underwear as the lines are removed but cheap designs do little else to remove edging or bumps.

So with that in mind you need to focus more on design, high-end seamless knickers or panties that are made in a way that is not always about no seams or no VPL.

Brands that make well know thong styles will be your bet for getting making use of there seamless kind, as they eradicate all other issues.

So turn your attention to Hanky Panky thongs for comfort and the no VPL, Victoria's Secret thongs, Calvin Klein, Sloggi or Gap respectively.

Once the issue of seams have been removed, its then time to deal with the edging that is left behind.

The only way to remove that big dip or ridge is to use material that fits nicely to the skin, namely thin, soft smooth nylon or spandex underwear.


There you have it, in our opinion seamless is less likely to work than prove to do the job its intended for.

That blame doesn't lie squarely on the seamless underwear style itself; as other problems occur that cannot be helped.

Namely the body shape will make the underwear fit how it shouldn't; the underwear style should not be used in seamless; or its simply to tight so will show lines or bulges.

What replaces the seams is a ridge or lip around the edge of the panty leg hole; thus creating lines made from a ridge, not the seams themselves.

One way to overcome that issue is wearing underwear styles that fit lower around the hips, below the bum; such as boy leg, hipsters or thongs should be strongly considered.

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