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Selena Gomez on stage

Does Selena Gomez Wear Thongs?

Yes, Selena Gomez does indeed wear thongs when the occasion arises.

In the past she has been photographed in various outfits sporting a VPL with the sight of a thong kept well concealed.

The question of 'has Selena Gomez ever been photographed wearing a thong' can now be answered.

The first earlier in the year was well intentioned, but the second time, purely an accident.

Before now, Selena showed a great deal care keeping her underwear hidden. But that changed dramatically this summer when in recent months Selena openly shared a photo during a brief rest from a 'behind-the-scenes' photoshoot with her new boyfriend.

And just recently her thin black dress became transparent from the paparazzi camera lights revealing her bare boobs and nipples from the the front view; only for her larger than life black thong showing up from a rear view when getting into an awaiting car.

Whether this was intenational giving her recent moments, or a simple waldrobe malfunction, we'll never know.

Selena shares lacey nude thong

Selena Gomez in nude thong
Selena Gomez shares this rather raunchy photo on instragram during a photoshoot.

This is the photo that was posted to instagram to hint at a new photoshoot - a publicity shot that would cause a storm on social media.

Here she is in front of a mirror wearing a high leg lace nude thong - or gold we can't quite work it out - holding a towel wrapped around her waste, but still enough for the hint of thong and back tattoo.

Paparazzi lights reveal Selena's black thong

Selena Gomez in nude thong
Paparazzi camera's reveal Selena Gomez string thong under a sheer black dress..

Later this year, Selena again made headlines with these unintentional paperazzi photographs

Selena on a nightout with her boyfriend was heading into a resturant when the pap caught her boobs in the flashing lights.

But on the way out the focus was on her posterier as her black dress become very see-through revealing her black thong.

Had she been wearing the lacey nude thong she wore earlier in the year Selen's thong may not of showed up under these lights at all.

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