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Taylor Swift on stage

Does Taylor Swift Wear Thongs?

Taylor Swift has never been seen, photographed or spoken personally about her underwear preference, since she rose to stardom back in 2004.

That's not to say Taylor does doesn't wear thongs but in the time she has been in the public eye, she has done an amazing job to keep her intimates... well intimate.

As she is currently the biggest pop star on the planet, that's quite an achievement considering all her peers have displayed various underwear shots over the years.

She did have a close call on stage

Taylor Swift dress blows up on stage
Taylor Swift modesty pants became visible from a gust of wind.

However, a few years ago Taylor Swift did have a mishap on stage.

Well performing her hit song Belong With Me, the singers flowery purple dress flipped up when a gust of wind caught her out.

Taylor reacted swiftly - no pun intended - and pull her dress back down. But for a few moments she didn't realise she had not pulled the dress all the way down and her modesty knickers were on display for a short time.

Here's hoping Taylor Swift thong is kept discreet for the foreseeable future for her sake and largely for her fan base.

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