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First Time

Throughout a women's life she's likely to try all styles of underwear, for comfort to getting rid of VPL, so our first time wearing articles should give you comfort along the way.

Published 4th February 2021

How to tell your mom you want a thong

How you would ask mom for a thong is being straight up with her; if she says no then give it the VPL issue or friends say thongs are comfortable.

Published 28th August 2020

Thongs 101: a beginner's guide

Wear thongs like a pro by following an extensive beginner's guide to wearing thongs for the first time, as to avoid all common mistakes made by newbies.

Published 28th August 2020

Reasons Why NOT to wear thongs

Reasons why you should not wear a thong is VPL issues, exposure is more likely, trouble while on period and the thong becoming visible over pants.

Published 23rd December 2019

First time wearing a thong guide

To succeed in wearing thongs for the first time comfortably; make use of super soft cotton thongs with stretch, along with the correct rise.

Published 23rd December 2019

My daughter wants a thong

When your daughter wants a thong, and she will in her teens; its because of fashion with yoga pants, panty lines and peer pressure in school.

Published 23rd December 2019

My mom wont let me wear a bra

Reasons to wear a bra could be genuine if you're developed, so relay that to your mum; if not then you need to make up a few scare stories.

Published 23rd December 2019

Should I let my daughter wear thongs

Daughters want to wear thongs for the right reasons if they've come to a parent first; so permit her to for avoiding VPL or her fashion needs.

Published 23rd December 2019

Too young to wear a thong

Too young to wear thongs is if they have poor personal hygiene; while 12 years olds who compete in sport may need to avoid VPL.