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Women holding up blue thong underwear for beginners

First time wearing a thong: a beginners guide

So you want to wear thongs for the first time but need a little guidance before doing so, well don't worry as our guide covers all topics you need to know before you do.

When you wear a thong for the first time, its essential you make use of the most comfortable thongs on the market. With thongs made with more material up the bum or width on the sides, including more coverage in the crotch. It takes time to get used to thong so allow time to pass.

If you're a first time thong wearer then you'll need to quickly become accustom to them in order to keep the thong comfortable, yet discreet.

Beginner's think that you simply wear a thong then forget about it, that is far from the truth.

In fact the types of thongs available serve a purpose when it comes to the outfit they would be worn with.

So if you're wearing high waisted jeans, leggings or yoga pants; did you know you should wear a high waisted thong to help keep it discreet.

More so, if you're wearing low rise jeans or pants then a matching low rise thong should be used to prevent them poking above the waistline.

All that matters while wearing thongs is comfort, so make use of super soft cotton or nylon thongs with a wide waistband to prevent digging.

Wearing of thongs is all about how to avoid VPL in fitted clothes; so well the thong won't stop it, they will sure do there best to reduce lines.

It takes time to get used to wearing thongs for the first time, so give it the time it requires.

Discomfort is not part of getting used to thongs, so if they're painful its time to try a different style in a softer, stretch material.

The only feeling you should be experiencing while wearing thongs for the first time is an unnatural fit where the bum feels exposed - and that is completely normal

The THONG style for first timers

No need to rush into wearing thongs until you get a clear picture on what the type of thong underwear you should indeed be wearing.

So as you're about to wear thongs for the first time, you need to think about comfort; all while making sure the thong is practical for everyday use.

In which case forget about the fancy thongs well focusing more on thongs that fit like regular underwear.

Meaning the appearance only differs in the rear whereas the front or sides have more coverage.

Think about coverage in the front as there's a possible chance of front wedgies or a nuisance caused by fabric not staying put.

There's no mistaking first time wearing thong must be made in 100% cotton or soft nylon before you think about trying other materials.

The thong first time wearers must be wearing is one that supports the vagina; and well it might not seam necessary, to support the anus.

What we mean is if the strap that rides up the bum is wide, then that would lead to full coverage over the anus, so therefore little in the way of causing discomfort.

Most comfortable thong styles

When delving into the world of wearing thongs, its important you get off to the best start by picking out the right thong underwear for you.

In due course you'll relies what types of thongs that are most comfortable or those that are to be avoided.

But in the meantime you need to start somewhere; so with that in mind don't get to fancy or clever with the thong style you chose to wear.

First time thong wearers will not go wrong by choosing something similar to the Hanky Panky thong style.

Now we're not saying go out and buy the very expensive thongs by Hanky Panky; but there won't be any harm if you try others styles in a similar design.

So when its your first time wearing a thong, you'll need to pick up a thong that is:

  • Low fitted thong to fit more snuggly around the crotch while high rise thongs tend to have less coverage
  • Has a wide elasticated lace band that prevents digging into your waist or hips
  • Wide strap that rides up the bum at first, as you can switch to a thinner strap later if that is what you prefer, for example a g-string
  • Made in 100% soft cotton or nylon with so much stretch it will comfortably form to all body shapes

What to know as first time thong wearer

Don't assume when you start wearing thongs that's it, it really isn't and here's why; thongs can cause a few issues that need to be doubt with.

First of all, wearing your first thong might not be a comfortable one, so therefore you need to find the thong that is comfortable too you, and not to others.

Once you found the thong and thinking about all issues with VPL are doubt with; agasin you'll be wrong, because as it happens you can get VPL in thongs.

So with that in mind you'll need to wear thongs that have little to no seams; so try for the seamless or no VPL thongs to help reduce lines in your butt.

Once you've overcome the trouble with VPL, make sure you're wearing an appropriate rise thong as to avoid visibility or an imprint of the thong.

If wearing a high rise thong with low slung pants or skirts, likelihood of the thong becoming visible over the waistband is sure to happen.

Likewise, if you wear a low rise thong under high rise pants or skirt, the shape of the thong will be seen.

If you first don't succeed

Its hard to take all this in but don't give up with thongs just yet, once you've found the right thong, or g-strings - you'll never look back.

So you're excited to wear thongs for the first time but there's a problem; discomfort is at its peak when the thong is worn.

Probable areas of concerns is first the fit up the butt doesn't feel right.

If that relates to you, and it does with most women at first; know if its only a different feeling, it could be that you are just not used to material up the bum.

In due course, say after a few days, this feeling will soon fade as you forget you're wearing thongs all together.

However, if the feeling is more discomfort as in pain, annoyance or the thong is giving you a wedgy, then it could be the thong underwear you're wearing is a bad fit.

Just like full briefs, thongs can have there downside too, so its time to try on different styles of thongs until you've found the best fitted one.

If you don't succeed at first, then try, try again as there's a thong for every women.

Get used to thongs around the house

When you first start wearing thongs try to avoid leaving the house until you've become a little more accustom to wearing the thong.

What could happen as you leave the house with only 30 minutes or so of wearing thongs for the first time is this...

You're now walking at pace whereas in the house you were only lounging; so here is where trouble with the wrong fit happens.

Now the fabric or fit moves in a way you never realised as you were indoors.

So in time the fabric that is riding up the bum is moving or starting to feel like a wedgy; that also goes for pain in the front as material moves up the you know where.

And as you're out in public, probably in school, work or shopping; there's never a good time to adjust.

That also goes for being outdoors in general, there will never be a time that will allow you to put your hands down your pants to pick a wedgy or make adjustments.

With all that in mind, make sure you become aware of all issues that might arise as you're wearing thongs for for an extended time - all while in the privacy of your own home.

Takes time to get used to thongs

In the time it takes to get used to wearing thongs around the house, it might not be a feeling you'll get used to, but a feeling that should, and must disappear over time.

Its known that when a women or girl starts to wear a thong the feeling of fabric in between the bum is obvious for a short while.

It could be a few hours to a few days, but in due course that feeling will soon go.

In times when the feeling is always there, no that this is not right so therefore, you'll need to think about trying another thong that isn't identical, so will fit differently.

Wearing thongs for the first time will feel different as the fabric is removed from the bum cheeks, to up the bum itself.

So you'll also have to get used to the material not covering much of your bum.

While you're wearing fitted pants, jeans or wearing a thong with yoga pants it should feel more comfortable as the fitted outerwear replaces the coverage in your panties.

However, if you're wearing say, loose pants or shorts; then there is a feeling of the material rubbing up against the skin of your bum.

It won't be uncomfortable but will need time to adjust to the new experience.

If wearing a thong with a skirt then the feeling is a different kettle of fish; you will for sure feel a breeze on your bum, combined with the skirt or dress fabric rubbing.

Clothes intended for thongs

When you'll need to think about wearing thongs is in tight fitted clothes that would otherwise create panty lines.

So basically thongs are primarily worn to avoid visible panty lines where underwear lines leave an unsightly mark that draws attention.

Where else you might want to wear thongs is in a outfit that would leave the imprint of regular underwear, thus making it obvious you're wearing boy shorts or ugly granny panties.

Women's clothing is more fitted then ever before so make use of thongs to help keep those lines discreet.

What bottoms to wear thongs with will include:

  • Despite the thickness of jeans, denim jeans still need a thong as they form to the bum better than regular pants or trousers
  • Leggings absolutely need a thong as lines can show through the light fabric, though it must be said you need to be more concerned with leggings being see-through
  • Yoga pants are worn for lounging or gym, so will need a thong as the spandex is sure to show up every nook and cranny
  • Fitted pants or trousers that form to the bum, so is needed more as the material is usually thin enough to show up panty lines
  • Pencil skirts that fit on the bum are essential for work wear, and where appropriate for school uniform so need a thong
  • Tight fitted dresses that wrap around the waist before fitting over the bum will sure need a thong as dresses are smooth on much of the back of you

When NOT to wear thongs with

Obviously, when you should not be wearing thongs is if you're too young or cannot get your parents approval.

For anyone who is at an age to make there own choices, we might say there is a number of outfits that could probably do with a thong underneath.

But why does that matter? Well to put it lightly outfits can show underwear due to being too sheer or to short if its a mini skirt.

However, before all that, unless you wear thong panty liners, wearing a thong on your period would be avoiding unless you're willing to try different things to make them work.

Back on the top of what you shouldn't wear thongs with; well as we've said think about how short the mini skirt is, and whether there's a risk of exposure.

We're not talking about a shorter than normal pencil skirt with thongs as the fit allows for little accidents.

What we're referring to is wearing a thong with a skater skirt, or a skirt style that hangs over with room to flow in the wind.

Where else you might want to avoid wearing a thong with, regardless of outfit, is if you are embarrassed about nudity and you need to get changed in public, which we discuss next.

Remember you need to undress

When you start to wear thongs problems can arise which you would never of thought of; that is getting undressed in front of people.

So say you're wearing a thong which you're a little embarrassed about, what happens well you're shopping with friends is when you try on clothes in the changing room it becomes a little awkward.

Or worse still what happens if you're in school taking gym or its PE day and you need to get undressed, only options is to pop into a toilet stall or keep your bum firmly sat.

Not something you may of realised until it was to late, so that could lead to a little bum exposure with girls nearby.

However, if you're a mature women the problem with undressing in public is a little less embarrassing.

Though it must be said at one time to another the need to change if front of strangers will happen if taking gym, swimming or a similar sport or activity.

So yea, there you have it, remember if you don't want people to know you're wearing thongs, try to avoid it on days you'll be undressing in front of them


When you wear a thong for the first time, remember its not a matter of putting it on and forgetting about it.

The getting used to thongs is a delicate operation; with time needed to adjust to the feeling of fabric up the bum, or no support of material on the bum at all.

If you're wearing thongs for the first time but feels a little uncomfortable, know that its not normal so you should try other thong styles.

When its a feeling that is not uncomfortable with no discomfort at all; then that is normal as it takes time to get used to wearing thongs for the first time ever.

To get off to the best start, make it a thong in soft cotton or nylon with stretch. Make it so it fits wide on the sides, with full coverage in the front and a wide strap up the bum.

Given time, you'll come to relies what type of thongs fit best for you.

Know that you're not limited to thongs, as g-strings can be made comfortable; but are not a style to begin with.

Get used to wearing the thong around the house for a week before venturing outdoors, just to avoid making adjustments or picking wedgies as the thong becomes an annoyance as you're wearing it with more activity.

Thongs can take time to get used to so allow a week or so to become accustom to the no fabric on the bum - which will be made more aware of as loose fitted material rubs on the bum cheeks.

If you wear leggings, yoga pants, fitted jeans, skirts or dresses, then there's no better time to wear thongs for the first time.

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