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Models compared side by side with difference in French and Brazilian knickers

Difference between French and Brazilian Knickers

Its hard to distinguish the French to the Brazilian cut because as you may know, they are both cheeky underwear, but it is possible to easily tell them apart.

Difference between French and Brazilian knickers is in the shape; French cut appear to be lace shorts, whereas Brazilian cuts can be mistaken for regular bikini cut knickers. In the rear the Brazilian has a curve cut that can either go in-between the buttocks or remain out - French cuts always cut into the lower bum.

To distinguish both types of women's underwear would be in how they appear to the naked eye.

Notice how the French cut is much fuller, using more material and would appear to provide more coverage up high around the waist, while fully covering the hips and butt.

Brazilian knickers use much less material and can be seen as regular knickers in the front.

Only if you see both types of knickers in the rear they are guaranteed to be a little cheeky, but moreso the Brazilian cut.

French knickers fit over the buttocks much like shorts, only it cuts in as a horizontal shape into the lowest area of the butt cheeks - so are always moderate at best.

Brazilian knickers can appear to be moderate also but the curve can go as far up past the halfway mark of the buttocks - so in many respects can appear like a fuller thong.

Comfort level will bring the knickers on par with each other, and that is discomfort.

Moreso in the French knickers as they're lingerie, but Brazilian cut knickers can be comfortable - that is only after you get through a trial and error period.

Shape of knickers are not similar

If you were to compare French knickers to Brazilian knickers side by side, one notable difference that stands out to me is the overall shape.

French knickers are a shape that is unlike conventional knickers, in that the style is large, and often more square than that of the more curvy and original rise Brazilian.

Brazilian knickers, on the whole can appear to be much more like bikini style knickers.

That is the shape of the Brazilian knickers make for less material and are more curvy, but it is a shape you would come to recognise in everyday briefs.

That shape can vary from one pair to the next, but overall its right on point across all designers.

Same can be said about the shape of French knickers also, but the style can appear to be a much larger knickers, with a narrow, barely there gusset.

Square vs Curved rear

To know the difference between French and Brazilian knickers would be the fit on the bum, with a shape that can distinguish the two.

For the French knickers the rear end basically covers up the entire bottom.

It will mostly be high waisted knickers so will cover high up around the waist, covering hips - and for the most part - the entire buttocks.

Where French knickers differ is in the cheeky cut; in which it only has a little cheekiness in the French cut as the material cuts into the buttocks at the very bottom only.

That can also be said for the cut of the Brazilian knickers as it can only cut in-between the buttocks, at the very bottom of the cheeks.

However, the level of cheekiness can vary to moderate to revealing, as the curve in the rear can be raised much higher up the cheeks - past the halfway mark.

Think of Brazilian knickers shape in the rear as bikini underwear, only when the bikini knickers give you a wedgy - that pretty much explains how a Brazilian cut knickers fits.

Similar rear coverage

Its therefore safe to say both types of women's underwear can offer modest coverage in the rear - but that can depend on their respected styles at the time.

And when I say similar rear coverage I am indeed talking about how much flesh is seen.

So while French knickers can cut in near to the bottom, thus exposing the lower butt cheeks - Brazilian cut knickers can expose this little area too.

Brazilian cut knickers are a complicated mess of styles, with no shape fits all as they can vary in design a lot.

Not so true with the traditional lacey, yet might I say uncomfortable French knickers with a rear coverage that is consistent throughout the entire range.

Where the rear coverage differs in the French and Brazilian knickers is the latter is more curvy, so that results in a little more bum being seen.

In the French cut that curve is more horizontal, so only a little bum cheeks is visible.

Not comfortable knickers

What is universally accepted with both styles of underwear is that none are generally considered comfortable knickers to wear.

And that does originate in the rear cut with more of a wedgy feeling over anything else.

In the Brazilian cut knickers, while certain types of Brazilian knickers can indeed be comfortable - there's a likelihood of a wad of more fabric being wedged up.

Brazilian knickers need less material up the butt, but often the cut can be similar to that normal bikini knickers, only its on intentional wedgy with just as much material stuck up there.

While that is not true for the French knickers, its more certain to be a nasty fit.

French knickers are made in a lace cross stitch, with not very soft material, but often can lack the stretch that is needed.

To fit a wad of material up the bum - however little - can regardless feel very painful as you are active.

Fit on hips is different

Generally speaking the fit of both knickers over the hips can be differentiated over any thing else - so we can finally know the difference between French and Brazilian cuts.

In the French cut you'd come to notice there's a lot of coverage, moreso that it fits up around the waist, while fully covering the hips.

It therefore appears to a kind of sexy short type lingerie rather than everyday knickers.

Brazilian knickers fit much different on the hips, in that there's little coverage with as much as 1 to 3 inches - plus the elastic waistband if any.

To explain how Brazilian knickers fit over the hips would be to compare them to regular briefs.

Well I would say the bikini knickers only, as Brazilian cuts can be mistaken for normal bikini cut underwear, until of course you view the lack of rear coverage.

So there you have it, French cut knickers fit like shorts so cover much more, whereas the Brazilian cut pretty much fits on the hips like a skimpier pair of bikini underwear.

Lingerie to casual panties

Hugh difference between the French and Brazilian cut knickers is not so much in appearance, but how a women would wear them.

For example, women consider the Brazilian knickers to be a sort of everyday style of underwear to be worn at work, lounging around or doing the shopping.

That is because for every comfortable Brazilian knickers out there, they can be worn comfortably with little trouble.

Having said that both styles of underwear do not keep VPL discreet, as panty lines are guaranteed to be seen.

However, for the French knickers they could be seen more as special occasion lingerie; to be worn under a little black dress or when its going to be seen in the bedroom.

French knickers are notoriously uncomfortable, so off-the-shelf French knickers won't be the most practical knickers to wear during the day.

French cut tend to be lace only with no stretch or practical fabric that makes them comfortable to wear under jeans or trousers.


Huge difference between French and Brazilian knickers is in the overall shape, and how much material the respected underwear is made in.

Its also worth noting Brazilian knickers tend to be used for everyday wear, whereas French knickers are lingerie, so are designed to be seen.

To distinguish the French to the Brazilian is in the overall shape, which are not similar.

You see the Brazilian can appear much like an everyday pair of women's bikini knickers, whereas French knickers will appear to be like a sexy shorts underwear.

What the styles do have in common is they are designed to be cheeky, so it can be moderate to very revealing.

Less so in the French knickers as the cut is a guarantee moderate; only the Brazilian can cut a little into the lower buttocks or cut off higher up the bum to appear much more like a fuller thong or cheeky underwear.

Coverage in the rear can appear different in Brazilians as its more curvy, whereby the French cut is more square shaped, only cutting into the bum at the very bottom.

Overall, its safe to say French knickers are almost always lace, but for the Brazilian they can be lace - but can be found in cotton to nylon, amongst other fabrics.

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