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Getting used to thongs

Applying to first time thong wearers only is the overcoming issue of getting used to wearing a type of panty with no coverage in the rear.

Getting used to thongs will first have the issue of feeling naked on the bum, but tight pants or jeans can fix that. Thongs need time to get used to so it can take up to week until you feel comfortable. To get used to thongs will mean committing to one thong type only, before experimenting with other styles later.

I can guarantee you with a little time and patience, you'll soon be wearing a thong with no issues at all - soon forgetting material is wedged up the butt.

Many reasons to wear a thong this day and age, so you really will need to get over a different feeling, but not a feeling that leads to discomfort.

Benefits of wearing a thong like a professional will result in no more panty line issues in any outfit in the closet.

Getting used to thongs first time will be all about that feeling of nakedness in the rear, but know the strap is suppose to go up in-between the buttocks, not fit out of it.

What I do recommend most is being loyal to a certain type of thong so you can wear it everyday while you can refine the fit until it fits your body perfectly.

To continuously transition over to all types of thongs can lead to a thong you will never find comfortable.

Thongs are certainly comfortable to wear so its important that the thong fit is suited to your body type - perhaps with a bonus of being able to apply a pad to the thong gusset.

To wear a thong in no time at all will feel as natural as can be, only you should be more confident knowing there's no VPL issues or no imprint of full briefs being seen.

Getting used to naked feeling

While getting used to thongs for the first time wearing them, it as that feeling of no fabric covering over your bum.

What wearing thongs lack is of the material in the rear is where your mind is focused, sometimes distracting you too much.

Constantly being reminded there's no feeling of support over your bum, which is a feeling of nakedness, rather than discomfort.

To get used to thongs the feeling of being naked on the rear, thus feeling exposed to the world will soon fade away.

After wearing thongs for a few short days, no longer will that feeling being naked exist, so do make sure you wait it out.

If you are not too comfortable with that feeling, you can do one thing that will help you get through it - that is wearing tight clothing.

Support in tighter clothing

Now I know it sounds like it won't improve anything, but by simply wearing tight, more fitted clothing can do a bunch to help you feel supported.

What I am referring to of course is wearing tight fitted pants or jeans, as to substitute for the no thong coverage over the bottom.

What happens is the pants or jeans press up close against the bum; thus supporting the buttocks in a comfortable manner - as pants and jeans cup under the buttocks.

As it happens, to wear tight fitted pants and jeans and even skirts can lead you to forget you are wearing a thong - as the outerwear presses against the buttocks.

Supportive full briefs can go a lone way, so to remove the rear coverage after so long wearing them can be a surreal feeling.

Remember support comes in tight pants or jeans only. So to wear sweatpants or a flowy skirt can cause the material to rub around on the buttocks.

Thongs take time to get used too

I guarantee you every teenage girl or women who needs to get used to thongs for the very first time will need time to adjust to the new type of women's skimpy underwear.

It surely can't be no longer than a couple of days but a week or two may be needed.

In this time getting used to the thong you will want to wear it as often as you can; in that as soon as you get dressed, and up until you go to bed.

Think of getting used to thongs as much as you do wearing in a new pair of shoes.

In the time it takes for the thong feeling to subside, never should a thong feel uncomfortable to wear.

Getting used to thongs means only adjusting to a new type of panty, never does it mean putting up with pain.

I can say that for most, within a week you'll be wearing a thong like a pro, but issues can arise once in a while you will need to adapt too.

Briefs to thongs converts

To start wearing thongs for the first time would usually mean a convert of regular briefs to thongs - rather than originally wearing any other type of skimpy panty or thong.

If you will be wearing skimpy cheekies or alike, then transitioning to a thong can't really be that difficult.

So to switch over to a thong from wearing a regular panty your whole life, needs a time of adjustment.

Briefs once offered so much coverage in supporting the genitals and rear, you would of thought not much else of it.

Not so now while wearing a thong as the need to make adjustments is a must.

To wear a thong everyday without issues, you need to resist adjusting the strap while absolutely avoiding the need to pullout a wedgy.

So to that I ask you to read my how to make a thong comfortable as you slip it on first thing - as to avoid common issues throughout the day.

Correct thong style

So many thongs to try with so little time and budget, but the trick to getting used to thongs is only getting used to the one thong type only.

What I mean by that is once you've found the perfect thong in terms of comfort and fit, continue to buy into that same thong for the foreseeable future.

Thongs can take some time to get used too, only it can take much longer if only what you are doing is constantly wearing different thong styles from one day to the next.

To most women the Hanky Panky thong is the most comfortable, so it makes sense to only buy the Hanky Panky thong - be it in low, high or original rise cut.

For others the sporty Calvin Klein type thongs in a high rise is what's preferred, so it makes sense to stay loyal to CK.

If you're experimenting with thongs, then it makes more sense to do so with 100% cotton thongs only, as comfort is mostly in the fabric in use.

They can be the type bought in-store, at the supermarket, or in PACK of 5; so make it cotton thongs only in the time that is needed to get used to them.

Know when its a BAD thong

In getting used to thongs the body must never know you are in fact wearing a thong, which of course it should never, ever feel uncomfortable.

Getting used to thongs means just that only, to adjust to life in a thong that fits up the bum, with no rear coverage.

It never refers to getting used to an uncomfortable thong for the whole day.

To start out in a thong that feels painful at any point, could mean the thong is a bad one so will need replacing.

Thongs are very comfortable to wear and so you should know that when people say thongs are uncomfortable at first - they are instead referring to a strange feeling of lack of support on the bum.

To know its a bad thong is in the fit: pinching, tightness or lack of stretch can to tell-tale signs of a poorly designed thong.

With that in mind its time to trash the trouble thong and buy more comfortable options.

Resist tugging or pulling

The whole point of wearing thongs is so you can go about your day without panties causing issues as you stay active.

So all this would be a waste of time if you were only to replace a panty with a thong you feel the need to tug and pull at all day long.

I understand adjustments are needed once in a while, but resist the need to once you leave the house.

First time thong wearers will absolutely make adjustments outside in public and moreso in private - and when its needed, then do so.

But understand a thong is a much different panty style, so while it would feel like it needs a tug or pull once in a while - resist the need or you won't be able to stop.

If the thong is causing issue that really do needs a constant tug here and there, it could be the fit so might need changing.

Get used to thongs summary

Don't put too much pressure on yourself getting used to thongs, it can be an enjoyable experience so it doesn't need to be a big deal.

If you are finding the whole getting used to thongs a big deal in terms of being a real discomfort, then rest assured it doesn't end here.

To get used too thongs means only getting used to the new feeling only.

In no way should a thong cause the littlest of discomfort; if it does know it could mean its a poorly design thong, so commit to a new thong style.

Never allow yourself to put up with discomfort while wearing a thong, much like you wouldn't put up with it wearing a big old comfy so-called granny panty.

Getting used to the nakedness on the bottom is a strange feeling, but in wearing fitted pants or jeans that feeling with quickly vanish to a non issue.

Full bodied thongs can give you the feeling of wearing more full coverage panties, so do try this kind over a skimpier thong or g-string.

To wear a thong for the first time, it could be that you are converting over to thongs from the reliable full brief.

All you need to know is a thong will feel like a brief in under a week of getting used to them, so be patience and stay the course.

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