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Buyer's Guide

Our guide showcases all types of underwear for all occasions; allow us to pick out what you'd need to wear under a certain outfit... jeans, dressy trousers or skirts.

Published 30th September 2020

6 stay in place underwear types to buy

To be a reliable stay in place underwear for women the style must be full coverage, with the exception of a thong or g-string in the correct fit.

Published 23rd December 2019

Underwear for dark skin women

Allow us to assist you in finding underwear for dark skin underwear for women of color; namely panties in dark tones with a mix of shades.

Published 23rd December 2019

Best NO VPL knickers

To avoid panty lines one can make use of No VPL knickers designed with no seams so will fit flush up against the body, never to be seen.

Published 23rd December 2019

Hanky Panky wedding underwear guide

Make use of Hanky Panky wedding underwear for use under your dress; all while the thong can be used for years after as regular panties.

Published 23rd December 2019

Most comfortable g-string

To be the most comfortable g-string it must be made in nylon or spandex, have a wide rear strap with hopefully a cotton lining gusset.

Published 23rd December 2019

Trendy knickers (to wear in 2020)

Trendy knickers you can wear are all lace thongs, or wide-waisted sports knickers that display the brand around the elasticated waistband.

Published 23rd December 2019

Best NO VPL thong

What makes up the best No VPL thong underwear relies on seamless with no edging visible, made to stretch, flush against the skin.

Published 23rd December 2019

Are Hanky Panky thongs worth it

No doubt about it, Hanky Panky are famous for their thong range; known to be avoid VPL, comfortable while made to be worn with all outfits.

Published 23rd December 2019

Most comfortable thong underwear

Comfortable thongs are those that are made in soft material, stretch all around with a wide waistband to prevent digging or twisting up.

Published Aug 20th 2017

10 Hot Pink Knickers

Girls favorite color in underwear is pink, but with hot pink you are making a statement with this bold, bright color, to be seen.