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Women pulling on Hanky Panky wedding thong waistband

Hanky Panky wedding underwear guide

Let Hanky Panky take care of all your wedding underwear needs with specialty stitched lingerie or accessories to be worn by the bride or bridesmaids on the big day.

Rely on Hanky Panky underwear to help keep VPL under control on your big day, with more luxury thongs available. Hanky Panky I Do underwear or Bride stitching on the waistband will allow you to do something special. Underwear should also be practical for the wedding, so comfort is guaranteed.

Allow us to guide you through your options for Hanky Panky wedding underwear to be exclusively worn under one's wedding dress on the day.

Not only are Hanky Panky made for brides but the style is inherited off their famous collection, so comfort is guaranteed for the day.

That is due to much of their Bridal collection existing in the original signature range; with only the stitch or attached crystals making a difference.

Well expensive, Hanky Panky thongs are sure to keep the VPL under control, all while there's little to no chance of bunching up.

Bride stitched thong

To make it that extra special why not treat yourself as the bride-to-be to a beautiful matching Hanky Panky thong with the words Bride stitched onto the waistband.

Its not a necessity by any stretch of the imagination, but a little something special that will make you feel great under your dress.

Many options are available, but take this Bride Original Rise Thong with the word Bride subtlety printed on the left side, on the front of the wide-waistband.

Designed to be hard to see as to not be seen through wedding dresses, that are shell we say a little see-through under bright lighting.

The Hanky Panky thong style is in fact essentially their Original Rise thong made with the word bride stitched on.

Seamless under your dress

Insurance of no VPL under your more fitted wedding dress shouldn't be reduced to you having to worry about underwear lines all day.

So with that in mind, know all Hanky Panky underwear are pretty much seamless by default, so no lines to worry about.

You could pretty much pick out their Signature Lace Low Rise thong for example, well knowing that there's no seams at all.

What you will get in replace of lines is the dreaded ridge or drop off from underwear to the soft skin on your bottom or around the waist.

Great thing about that is, if it's a thick material wedding dress then you're in luck; the material should prevent lines or any ridge showing up.

It won't be easy to remove seams in really silky smooth wedding dresses, but it will help while wearing Hanky Panky thongs over the fully fit underwear style.

Avoid VPL by default

Hanky Panky underwear, especially those of thongs or the g-string is one of two panty styles that should be considered over all others.

Absolutely no way will the Hanky Panky Bare G-String be visible under your wedding dress, thanks to its little shape in a multitude of shades for pale skin or women of color.

Hanky Panky will help you avoid VPL on your big day, so there's no upstaging you as you're saying' I do' or up on the dance floor taking the first bride and groom dance.

You should always opt for Hanky Panky thongs to avoid such an issue occurring; though full coverage panty styles can fit beautifully - but are less practical for avoiding VPL.

Try not to worry too much about visible panty lines while wearing their naturally seamless style thongs, but worry more if wearing full coverage underwear.

Dress styles that show up VPL are possible; V-Neck, Mermaid Silhouette, Lace Tattoo or Peplum style wedding dresses - that's because they can be tight around the bottom.

The Signature Rise thong collection

Know that in the need to wear Hanky Panky on the big day, there's never any pressure on you to only wear the bridal collection that is available to you.

As a matter of fact the Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original Rise Thong or their High or Low rise thong range naturally look like its made for brides.

And as the Signature range are famous for being among the most comfortable thongs in the world, you won't go wrong if deciding to wear a basic, but luxury thong.

Not only do you get the super soft comfort of of nylon lace; but that all important waistband will sure prevent the material digging into your skin.

There's no hard or fast rules which style you choose; as the original, high or low rise thong style you wear completely depends on you.

Hanky Panky 'I Do' underwear

Hanky Panky have their Bride stitched thong available but so do they have the popular Hanky Panky I Do thong.

Again, the thong of choice is the Signature Original Rise thong with their comfortable fit around the waist.

The words 'I Do' are stitched to the left side of the waist located on the front, with the words made in Swarovski crystals.

The Hanky Panky I DO Original Rise Thong is designed to not distract you in comfort wise, nor are the stitched on words suppose to show up under your dress.

In contrast with a white color thong the crystals are hard to see, yet pop a little more if wearing the Powder Blue or Ivory color thong shades.

Lace to match dressing dress

What is remarkable about Hanky Panky wedding underwear is how the luxury feel of the all lace body translates to underwear to be worn every day.

And that's what you'll get with their famous lace underwear which couldn't be more suited to a wedding - or bride shell we say - than any other occasion.

Lace of the Hanky Panky underwear is sure to match beautifully with your wedding dress, so would be a delightful bonus if matching is a must.

It doesn't matter if its a thong or hipster style underwear; they're all made in Hanky Panky's signature lace which is incredibly comfortable.

For example, this I DO Cheeky Hipster with Swarovski despite its larger figure, will do well to blend in with your wedding dress.

Rely on a luxury brand

Did you know Hanky Panky don't just do luxury lace thongs, in fact they design panties in all styles with additional accessories in their collection.

If you're going full on with there wedding lingerie; then you'll need to checkout the items intended to be worn by the bride on the big day.

For example, take this all in one Anastasia Leg Garter and Low Rise Diamond Thong that is absolutely needed for the duration of the wedding.

So no going to waste as its thrown in the underwear drawer to not be seen again; as the garter can be passed on well the thong especially can be continued to be worn.

There is not doubt when it comes to wedding lingerie, Hanky Panky are the go to brand to have you covered for the big day.

Bride tummy support

It must be said Hanky Panky do not make or release tummy control or support underwear in any way whatsoever.

So what we are talking about here is a thong that has a little tummy coverage; not for support, but simply the style its made into.

However, if you're a bride that is a little unsettled with her tummy, its possible covering your belly with extra material on this high rise thong will give you a little confidence.

Example is this Retro Thong with Contrast Trim that will help keep VPL under control, all while designed to fit higher up the tummy.

Again, its not a control thong as you you'll need to depend on Spanx thongs for that; its only to make you feel more supported under your wedding dress.

Treat for bridesmaids

Such a special day that one will never forget, but an expensive one if that; especially if you decide to wear Hanky Panky under your dress.

However, as you're going all out in terms of quality underwear, did you think about what your bridesmaids will be wearing under there dresses.

For sure, its no ones business but if you're concerned about your bridesmaids upstaging you in terms of VPL or bunching up under there fitted dresses, there's a way to fix the issue without being too cheeky.

Why not treat your bridesmaids - the adult ones that is - with a number of Bridesmaid Original Rise Thongs for all or some of them.

To do something special for your Maid of Honor; you can go one better by buying her a Maid of Honor Original Rise Thong especially.

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