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Model wearing black hipster briefs with lace trim

Hipster briefs meaning

To refer to a type of brief as hipster would mean a low rise full brief that fits above the pubic, but sill offering full coverage in the rear.

Hipster briefs mean a full coverage panty in a low cut on the hips with an extra width of fabric snuggly hugging around the hips. To refer to hipsters, or hip-huggers specifically, would be referring to a special kind of panty; whereas the term low rise term can mean any type of men's or women's underwear.

If you don't like fabric surrounding the waist or hugging the hips too far up, a reliable hipster is a common ground in comfort and fit.

Hipsters mean just that, to fit low on the hips in a low rise style of underwear.

Full coverage is in the traditional hipster, but did you know you can wear hipsters in a thong; so simply referred to them as a hipster thong - though a low rise thong is a more acceptable use of the phrase.

Hipsters are similar in design to the midi or mini brief, but its cut much differently to the bikini, as it can be skimpy.

Hipsters can be mistaken for a number of popular women's underwear styles, but to tell a hipster apart would be how low they sit around the waist.

It can depend on the design but don't be surprised if they fit just above the pubic area, while just covering the crack of the bum.

Hipsters wrap around the hips

Hipsters are just that, intended to wrap around a persons hips at the widest part or a little further up.

To say hipster in question to women's underwear, it would be a low rise brief in the full panty type, all in the full coverage underwear.

Hipsters can be a thong that sit very low on the hips, as oppose to a thong that usually rises up quite high.

Cheekies or boy shorts are an example of low rise panties that never rise too far up.

Hipsters must sit around the hips, firmly hugging the hips as to not move.

Unlike the universally excepted term of the word, hipster; Victoria's Secret like to be different so you could find their hipster panties under the category, hiphuggers.

Hiphuggers is quite a descriptive name for the hipster because they are suppose to do just that, firmly hug the hips.

Fabric hip width varies

Low rise panties in the midi, mini or bikini style can offer very little to a wider fit that hugs around the hips.

Bikini can be only an inch whereas the mini or the midi especially is a little wider.

Not so with the hipster brief as they can appear to be a fully fledged pair of shorts - or if you want, boy shorts.

But they are not so, as the fit is simply a very wide fit around the hips, on either side.

Hipster cut panties calls for more coverage in this area as to allow a better fit on the bottom.

To wear hipsters in this design would offer not only better coverage, now wedgies or bunching is a less seen issue as there's so much material.

Low rise panty only

What with the hipster panty being a low rise style underwear - for both men or women - the term is only used to describe hip hugging underwear.

And in the hipster it comes at the very lowest point that is acceptable, yet comfortable to wear.

First there's the hipster that skims the top of the pubis area with the midi or bikini fit underwear a little higher up - then the boy short fitting two or three inches more.

No confusing a hipster with say a full panty though as the famous granny panty will fit all the way up over the tummy - often as far as the belly button.

Describing hipsters a low rise only can be an acceptable term used to describe them with little confusion - only remember low rise panties can apply to all types of women's knickers - i.e. thongs, cheekies or boy shorts.

To say hipster underwear would be very specific, as you'd be referencing a brief with full coverage that sits around low on the waist.

Referred to as hiphuggers

If you didn't know already, Victoria's Secret refer to their hipster range in their normal department as hiphuggers.

Whereas in the VS PINK range they continue to refer hipster panties as just that, hipsters - so perhaps its a generation thing.

I would of expected the term to be used across the whole of the VS and PINK collection as it appeals more to youngsters - but instead the teens get the proper use of the term.

So while one considers a hipster underwear to be quite plain or boring - they are intended to be more practical after all.

However, Victoria's Secret have gone a little more upscale with a range of bright, funky, colorful hipsters - or should I say hiphuggers - that are far more attractive.

To refer to hipsters as hiphuggers, there's a very big chance you've recently been shopping at VS - though Lounge Underwear or SheThinx use the same term.

Full coverage style

One thing that's guaranteed with hipster underwear for men or women is that they are indeed full coverage panties.

While hipsters can be referred to as granny panties by a large group, in fact they are a smaller type of panty.

Hipsters are full coverage panties with a fit in the rear that cups under the buttocks.

A wide gusset will help towards preventing wedging, but it can't do much about bunching up or twisting.

I guess that's one of the few flaws of the hipster as more material causes more trouble.

Coverage in the rear will not expose the buttocks at all, but the elastic waistband will come close to reveal the butt crack if leaning or sitting.

So if you want a comfortable panty to wear with full coverage in a low rise fit, make it a hipster, or hiphugger - great for under low waisted pants or skirts.


Hipster briefs means a low rise panty designed to fit low around the hips, just above the pubis but still offering full coverage in the rear.

The meaning of hipsters can refer to any kind of low rise underwear really; only to say hipster refers to a very specific brief style.

Hipsters are cut below what is known as the mini or midi brief, or even the bikini cut or boy short.

But you can never mistake a hipster for a granny panty as the hipster style is too small.

To wear a hipster brief would mean you will want to wear fabric snuggly against the hips.

Hugging the hips is quite important as you don't want too much material, as extra slack leads to wedgies or twisting.

In VS or PINK crowd hipsters are in fact referred to as hiphuggers, which is quite accurate as the style does firmly hug the hips.

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