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Hipster vs cheeky Underwear

No clear cut differences between the hipster or cheeky, both come up as a similar style in the front - well the cheeky exposes the cheeks, the hipster is strictly full coverage.

Hipsters or cheekies are designed to appear similar in the front, though its the part in the back that separates the style. Cheekies have a narrow gusset that leads to the style riding up. While hipsters have a wider gusset that cuts off around the legs for full coverage in the bum.

This is how hipsters vs cheekies measure up, and there is a big difference in the underwear style even though they appear to look the same in the front.

Its all about the rear end, well hipsters are made with full coverage for all age groups; cheekies are for the mature person who likes a little cheekiness.

However, where people find it hard to distinguish hipsters or cheekies is that the cheeky kind can have levels of cheekiness.

Much less in fact that there could be no cheekiness at all, leading to people thinking the styles are identical.

Not so though, its the designers that are to blame as they make cheekies with too much bum coverage, well labeling them as cheekies or hipsters, when then opposite is true.

Let's dig in a little deeper into what separates the styles in terms of fit and shape, so you'll soon know if one kind over the other is a fit for you or not.

Hipsters are for all body shapes

Huge difference between hipster and cheeky underwear is that hipster panties are suitable for all ages; meaning they are age appropriate for young girls, well women of all ages commit to the style.

Cheekies fit all body shapes and sizes well still maintaining a nice shape; however, that is not always the case as it does depend on the brand.

Hipsters on the otherhand reach a mass audience for all sizes, ages and needs.

Appeal of hipster panties is that they guarantee to be almost wedgy proof. And if its avoiding wedgies you require, then a purpose made cheeky would not be your thing.

Where hipsters and cheekies measure up in terms of shape in the front and a fit in the sides, both have more width then the usual bikini or brief style.

One major design in hipster underwear over cheekies is the width of the gusset that helps keep it full coverage.

Cheekies not so, well the gusset is designed to offer full coverage in the front, the cheekies gusset is much narrower - which ultimately leads to the cheeky style in the bum.

Hipsters guarantee no wedgies

Hipsters are designed in such a way that wedgies occurring throughout the day is a non-starter, it would be very unlikely to get wedgies while wearing hipster underwear.

That is thanks to the way the hipster is fully covered in material at the front, sides and back to help maintain its shape.

Sure it is possible to get wedgies at some point or another as you sit, lay or wiggle around awkwardly.

However, its not a normal occurrence in hipster underwear so should not be a major problem.

If wedgies are frequently happening while you or say your daughter gets wedgies through no fault of your own, its time make changes.

Difference between hipster underwear and that of the cheeky is material.

Hipsters are generally made in light, soft stretch cotton with thin seams or edging. With cheekies the cotton is a little thicker to help hold its shape well it curves on the bum.

So well material from cheekies tend to hold firm to the shape it was intended, light cotton of the hipster with stretch on the elasticated seams may still cause wedgies.

Bum cheeks hang out in Cheekies

As in the name cheeky, cheeky underwear is designed in such a way the bottom of your bum cheeks will show out of the bottom of the underwear.

To make that work, not only is the cheeky gusset much thinner compared to the wide gusset of the hipster to prevent wedgies...

Cheekies will still offer that all important coverage in the front with little wiggle room on the sides.

And as the front panel narrows into a narrow gap that passes between the legs, it maintains that width farther up so it stays put in between the bum cheeks.

Not in a way that is would be a thong or Brazilian style knickers; but so that well the material runs in between the lower bum material, it still sits outside on the bum cheeks.

The wearing of cheeky underwear that goes up the rear does not mean discomfort.

In fact intended wedgies with less material would not feel as if you're wearing anything up the bum at all. Less so with hipsters as lots of material would wedge up where its not intended to go.

Hipsters are full coverage in the rear

Hipsters are essentially full coverage underwear that fit like those of bikini or boy shorts, only they should be more of a no nonsense kind with guaranteed full coverage.

Girls grow out of diapers or nappies and into hipsters, just as they would then grow out of hipsters into something a little more cheekier such as thongs or cheekies.

Loyalty to hipsters is thanks to a fit that will cause little trouble as you grow up.

And as for mature women who swear by hipster styles much of there adult life, that is down to them being a reliable pair of panties.

The material that covers the entire bum is there to stay, with little movement or dislodging into an area it doesn't belong - namely up the bum.

The design covers up the whole bum from higher up on the waist to fully around the hips.

Its here that helps keep its shape well worn causally or for sports. The length of the hipster keeps its shape lower around the hips and high up on the waist line or below it.

Cheekies have VPL, Hipsters less so

One problem both styles of women's underwear have is that both can be a curse where panty lines are concerned.

So here's the deal, cheekies will cause VPL well hipsters do a better job of moving the lines lower down and away from view - but both styles will cause VPL regardless.

Where VPL shows up in cheekies is the area where the rear edging cuts across the middle of the bum cheeks or a little farther down, or in some cases, a little farther up.

On the otherhand, hipster underwear sits more under the bum which should help hide or reduce the lines from showing.

That completely depends on the hipster style, how well they fit and what material they're made from.

In an effort to avoid VPL in panties in both styles, its not an easy task. Both styles will show up lines well the wearing of them to tight will cause digging in and bulges.


One big difference between hipsters vs cheeky underwear is the coverage in the rear.

Cheekies are designed to show your lower bum cheeks a little, hence the name cheeky, while hipster panties are design to be reliable full coverage underwear.

To make the shape happen relies heavily on the gusset width to make or break the cheekiness or full coverage.

Cheekies are made with a narrow gusset to help the material run up between the legs before riding - hopefully comfortably - up between the lower bum cheeks.

Hipster underwear have a wider gusset that contributes towards full coverage and therefore, comfort.

Width of the gusset still applies in the hipsters so relies more on a wider strip.

Its that wide gusset that helps create the shape of the hipster due to the way the material fits in between the legs, before curving around the upper legs.

Same goes for the cheeky as the material between the legs does not stop to fit around the legs and under bum, but carries on up in between the bum.

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