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Rear view of women wearing grey Calvin Klein boy shorts

How are boy shorts supposed to fit

Boy shorts can be mistaken for briefs to boxers or cheeky underwear; so we hope to explain to you how a boy short should fit.

How boy shorts are supposed to fit would be full coverage with little in the way of accidental wedgies. Full coverage in the rear with material that wraps around the hips before joining a wide, comfy gusset. They should not appear to be boxers or trunks; only regular underwear with more of a fit.

Problem with boy shorts is that they are a take it or leave it kind of underwear; as regular undies or cheekies will be better suited fit.

Boy shorts can appear to be regular underwear, all while they can be a little cheeky in the rear, so it might be better to pick one or the other.

How boy shorts fit is extremely important to maintain comfort; but they tend to fit on one side or the other.

And if that is the case then there's no comfort as the cheekiness is not supposed to happen, well the appearance of regular underwear would render them pointless.

So when buying boy shorts make sure they are just that, boy shorts.

When picking them out, make it so the material is soft cotton but not to light, the seams have width to them with plenty of material across the gusset.

You won't know they're a good fit until you've tried them on; so when you, they will appear to look like regular underwear, but with a few distinctive features.

The fit should be wide on the sides with full coverage in the rear with no cheekiness of any kind.

The perfect fit boy short

The boy short would be shaped in a way that it would appear to be a pair of shorts, or atleast shorts with a little material that runs over the top of the thigh.

Discomfort will happen if the boy short legs are too long; so must be short to only fit around the part that connects the legs to the gusset or groin.

So in that respect, the boy short would fit like full coverage undies with the exception of regular bikini brief underwear contributing to the shape.

Full coverage is guaranteed to prevent accidental spillages in terms of front wedgies; and that can also be said for the backside.

Good fitted boy shorts should completely cover the bottom, with no little to no chance of wedgies forming or awkward bunching up or curling in the edges.

If that were to happen then you might need to wear a size up or down.

The gusset should be wide which would stop potential wedgies; but it shouldn't be so narrow your boy short ends up looking like cheeky underwear.

Similar underwear that matches up close to boy shorts are hipster underwear; and while hipsters are more girly, boy shorts should look like they belong to a boy.

When going for the kind with lace and bows, the designer has probably lost focus in the design well trying to satisfy there more girly audience.

Sides keep there shape

Unlike regular underwear such as bikini, hipster or granny panties; the shape of the boy shorts on the sides should help maintain a fit that doesn't cause issues.

The material that wraps around the waist, then farther down around your hips should start wide at the waist before ending over the top of your thighs, past the crease.

Its common practice for underwear of all styles to be classed as boy shorts; when in fact its just a regular bikini that has more material around the sides.

Unlike the thong or say the cheeky; boy shorts are supposed to fit like shorts themselves, only much narrower so they can still be classed as underwear.

Width of the sides would measure between 2 to 4 inches which depends on the brand.

Full coverage with no wedgies

When going for boy shorts they should fit in a way that would make them appear to be full, granny panty like underwear when viewed from the rear.

There's no getting away from that, boy shorts will appear like big old granny panties; though it must be said a popular, trendy pair can help avoid the issue of ugliness.

Material that covers your whole bum will keep its shape due to the way boys shorts are designed.

If your boy short keeps moving around in the back, then you might want to try another pair, until you find a boy short that fits perfectly.

What helps stop wedgies in boy shorts is the full coverage in the rear end.

So much material wraps around the sides before joining up with the material in the back, it won't be very often a wedgy occurs - though it can happen.

That is farther supported with the help of a wide gusset that are made into boy shorts.

Wide gussets equal no wedgies as the material stretches the width before cutting around your legs.

If you get wedgies it just might be the gusset is too narrow.

No cheekiness unlike cheeky underwear

Never should a boy short be made to have a little cheekiness in the bum. Boy shorts are made for full coverage, well its the job of cheeky underwear to offer this feature.

How boy shorts fit relies on them covering up the bum completely; so if it doesn't that could lead to wedgies rather than comfort.

There are several levels of how boy shorts fit under the buttocks; and its true they are designed to be a little cheeky in certain styles.

But by definition that is not a boy short, it is indeed cheeky underwear masquerading as boy short, or boy leg undies.

If you're getting the cheeky style in your boy shorts there could be a problem in regards to wrong fit, or it could be that is how they are supposed fit.

So if you know they shouldn't be creeping up the bum, then its time to buy yourself new boy shorts - possibly from another store or brand.

Not to be mistaken for girl boxers

Boy shorts can be mistaken for regular underwear to the more cheeky kind; but they can also be worn or classed as girl boxers.

Boy shorts are NOT girls boxers or what else they could called, trunks.

Boy shorts are supposed to be women's regular underwear in a boy's underwear shape; well still fitting as if they're bikini or full brief panties.

What girl boxers or trunks are and how they fit is completely different, and something you should know as you try them on.

Boxers like guys wear are like little tight shorts; well covering the entire bum they will run down the top thigh a little before coming to a stop.

If that describes what your boy shorts are, then make no mistake, they're girl boxers.


Boy shorts will fit in a way that they will, and should look like boy's underwear. With full coverage in the rear and material in the front that might have the Y-Front design.

When going for boy shorts try not to overdo the cute designs; the more girly they are the more chances are the design will look and feel like any full panty.

How boy shorts should fit relies on the font and rear being fully covered up; supported with more coverage in the sides with a wide gusset.

That should lead to no cheekiness in the bottom or no front wedgies.

The legs holes will fit around under the bum cheeks but never higher as they risk becoming cheekies or simply prone to wedgies.

Finally, they should fit around the waist where full briefs sit, there should be no looseness in the material in the sides, front or bum - and they should not be so long in the leg hole that they end up looking like shorts or trunks.

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