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Women sitting as she pulls on thong waistband

How are thongs supposed to fit

In an ideal world the thong will fit in a way that goes completely unnoticed, but as you may know, even the best thongs in the world can make an appearance once in a while.

How are thongs suppose to fit is all about comfort. Only when you've overcome the fit issue you can worry about other issues arising. But to be a good fit thong, it must be the correct size; too small it will role or curl, too big the thong will drop. Thongs won't always retain their shape while worn, but that is your goal.

It can take some getting used to wearing a thong, but to be a thong that fits as best it can will sure speed things up from the outset.

Concentrate your efforts of making a thong fit correctly with how it fits up the butt.

That is the narrow thong strap fabric which is designed to sit inside in-between your buttocks - if its a comfortable fit hear, it shouldn't be a problem elsewhere.

But where you can go wrong is in a thong size too small; to be a small thong is a tight thong, so only buy a thong that fits firmly on the body but is still extremely comfortably - so never digs into the skin.

Telltale signs of a poorly fit thong is in the waistband or edging digging into the skin, thus causing bulges - which in turn can be seen under clothing.

How to pick the right thong begins with practicality over fun, lacey thongs; so do prioritise soft, light yet stretch thongs, preferably made in cotton, or with a cotton blend.

Understand, to wear thongs for the first time must still be comfortable but a surreal feeling at first. Its a common mistake to think thongs are comfortable first time out, but that unnatural feeling of no coverage on the butt does take some getting used to.

Suppose to fit comfortably

First priority of wearing a thong that fits well, is in comfort; once you've fixed the comfort issue you can only then make sure the thong fits as well as it should.

How are thongs are supposed to fit correctly is all in how they sit on your body.

If its a comfortable thong then every other issue is can be ignored; priority should be in how a thong fits, and how it fits comfortably only.

So what is a comfortable thong, and what makes it so?

To put on a thong just as you would regular underwear, with no comfort issues arising once its on, that is a comfortable thong.

Stretch, light, soft cotton thongs will be the most comfortable, so therefore must be worn if you have problems getting a thong to fit snug, but cozy.

To small size too big thongs

Once in a while you will have to overcome the issue of a thong that is too small, but less so if the thong is too big.

To be a thong size too small, this can only lead to the thong strap digging into love handles or the softer tissue that folds in.

How a thong is suppose to fit related to sizing is this: the thong has to fit firmly on the body without digging in.

While a thong can be too big its a less issue, but if its to big then the thong will want to drop, or else it will fold under clothing.

For a thong to be too small under bottoms it will create indents in the skin, so VPL-like marks will be visible under clothing.

Too small size thongs also like to curl on the waistband, which in turn can be seen but more importantly, can cause discomfort.

So a thong must fit comfortably on the body by laying flat, flush up against the waist and hips without causing the skin to bulge.

Thong to retain shape

Its not always possible to keep the natural shape of a thong as seen on the product picture online, as worn by the model.

The shape cannot also be maintained as seen on others, as no body shape is the same.

While its possible the type of thong underwear worn fits a certain way at first, do expect in due course the shape to distort under clothing.

How a thong should fit on the body can look amazing once put on for the first time, but to see the thong after a long day can be all mangled up.

Not to worry when this happens as its an unavoidable occurrence of wear and tear.

However, a little can be done to help retain the shape of a thong when worn; to not only retain its beautiful shape, but to stop VPL occurring, even in a thong if you'd believe it.

That brings me back to wearing the correct size thong only, as too small or too big will cause the thong to curl, roll or twist under pants or yoga pants.

Worst still is while wearing a thong with a skirt as the looseness of certain skirts will allow the thong to move about beneath it if its a too big thong.

Concealed rear strap

While thongs are designed in many different ways, whether they be cheaper offerings or available by top thong brands, how thongs fit in the rear strap can vary.

What I am referring to is that strap of fabric in the rear that rides up in-between the crack.

Make no mistake, one way or another the thong strap must ride up the buttocks, in doing so its a thong; but if it doesn't then it could be a brazilian style panty or cheeky.

But just because its a thong that is not to say it must run up the bum all the way.

In fact, you can get styles of thongs that run up the bum of course, but so to does it allow a certain amount of material to protrude outside on the buttocks.

How should a thong strap fit is in the design of the thong, but so to can it depend on personal preference.

Don't make the mistake of buying a thong when the intention of wearing it is to help avoid VPL - because a thong strap showing out of the butt is possible.

So I will leave you with that, while the body of a thong must fit firmly yet comfortably on the body, the strap that runs up the bum is up to you.

As a rule of thumb, the wider the thong strap that rides up the bum is likely to be seen more out of the crack - while a tiny g-string is not going to be seen at all.

Unnatural thong fit

To be a poorly fitted thong, you'd soon come to only realising that with a little wear, but that shouldn't be, so its time to remove the troublesome thong.

So apart from being a wrong size, a thong can cause you all sorts of issues.

For example, to be a good thong, it must feel very pleasant to wear, with little to no feeling of the thong whatsoever.

Not so on a poorly fit thong, in wearing a thong which causes issues before you've even moved, that issue is unlikely to be fixed.

Furthermore, a thong must allow you to move around like you've always had.

Where this can be a problem is the thong strap not allowing you to bend over or lean at least, because without enough stretch the strap riding up will become a torture device.

Its therefore recommended to never wear this thong, because that's not how thongs are suppose to be.


To conclude, thongs are suppose to fit in a way that regular underwear should do, with no coverage in the rear of course.

But its hear in the rear end where issues around comfort in thongs can arise.

If the thong is too small its in the strap that rides up in-between the crack that will be uncomfortable - but if its too big the thong strap can cause less issues.

But to be a size to small thong the tightness can not only cause ripples in the skin, leading to bugles as seen under clothing, but also VPL in the most weird shape.

How thongs are suppose to fit is as natural as possible: it must fit lightly on the skin but still fit firmly around the waist and over the hips.

The thong must retain its shape as best it can but its OK if it gets distorted with wear.

Thong preference in the strap that runs up the buttocks is a personal choice, but it must be a comfortable fit.

It can depend on the brand but a strap can be completely concealed up in-between the buttocks, but so to can fit out of the crack if its a wider thong strap.

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