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How should a thong feel

Thinking about wearing thongs for the first time to most people can cause concern over the feeling of thongs, but you needn't worry.

How a thong should feel is absolute comfort, more so in the full briefs you were brought up in through your childhood. Its a feeling to get used too at first as you make the transition, but its not an uncomfortable one. If the new thong you're currently wearing is causing discomfort, its time to find a better thong style.

It depends a lot on the thong styles and the brand, but a pair of thongs bought cheaply from the department store or supermarket can be comfortable.

How should a thong feel but be basically nothing, you shouldn't feel the thong as its worn, doing so can lead to the thong being a bad one.

If you're getting discomfort in the rear strap that runs through the buttocks - which is a common cause for most women - then its a thong to throw away.

But ideally you will want no feeling in the crack, not even if its a soft, fabric feeling.

In due course that kind feeling can turn nasty as you go about your day. In no way should you feel anything from the thong as its worn.

To deal with that issue you have no choice but to replace or buy a new thong until you find a match made in heaven.

Ideally soft yet an unnoticed feeling

Much like the feeling of wearing full coverage panties, thongs shouldn't be much different in how they fit.

That is complete comfort with really no feeling at all, but indeed this is not a guaranteed trait on most thong brands or styles.

Softness of the material will be felt as you slip on the thong first time, but that feeling will soon fade away as you wear the thong throughout the day.

The thong being worn should then become unnoticeable; meaning it should not be felt at all, offering a comfortable, secure feeling when worn.

If your thong is not comfortable off the bat - meaning as soon as you put it on - then perhaps its not a thong you should be wearing.

Its therefore best you throw it in the trash or move it to the back of your underwear drawer, only used if others are in the laundry.

If its a branded, expensive brand just make sure not to buy it again, if its a cheap thong you bought then this could have a saying on the overall feeling in terms of comfort.

Depends on type of thong

Did you know the type of thong underwear you choose to invest in can have a dramatic say-so on the future use of thongs.

For example, if its the first thong you ever wore, and its an uncomfortable one; its then likely to change your positive opinion on thongs to a negative one.

Basically it will mean you will put up with the pain for a short while, but soon enough you'll likely to never wear thongs again.

The answer to this of course is women need to experiment with thong types in use.

The most comfortable thong on the planet is the Hanky Panky thong range; be it the original, low or high rise option.

How a Hanky Panky thong should feel - well at first at least is a sign of comfort - as the soft, elasticised nylon-blend fabric sits beautifully on the skin, fitting comfortably in between the buttocks.

On the otherhand, the current Calvin Klein high rise thong trend with a wide elasticated band is much different.

While the waistband provides security somewhat, the rear strap that runs in between the bum stays put, therefore it can be felt over the course of the day.

Should be NO feeling in rear strap

What is the point of wearing any kind of underwear if its only going to be trouble all day long, more so if that type of underwear is the thong kind.

So while the thong is likely to cause most women trouble in the rear strap, feeling it only a little bit is still totally unacceptable.

The thong strap that runs inside the crack should never be felt, even on the rare occasion its a comfortable feeling.

Too overcome that issue one needs to switch to a thong that has either a narrower band as to remove more material, or convert over to a skimpier g-string - as a string replaces the one each fabric or so.

So when wearing a thong you should not be feeling the thong inside the bum.

If so it could mean the thong is the wrong fit, as it could be a size too big; or its a poorly made thong, which is more likely.

On top of that, seamless thongs that do indeed still have a seam attached to it, can be felt if its a thick one, with a hard thong body that digs into the skin.

Feeling of elasticated waistband

One major issue to deal with wearing thongs after the rear strap comfort or agonising issue, the waistband on thongs can be a problem.

Modern thongs tend to be made with a wide, elasticated waistband these days so its a style you're likely to encounter.

However the thong waistband of this kind can be a godsend as it can make you feel more secure as the thong feels more safe as its worn.

Remember this kind of waistband does not move as you sit or bend over, so the likelihood of it showing above your pants or skirt waistband for the world to see is a likely occurrence.

Its not mishap that can cause discomfort but more of an embarrassing one really.

Having said all that, the use of thin, less obvious waistbands tucked into a overlap of fabric in other brands, or cheaper thongs - is a style that would feel more familiar to most women.

Finally, if its a no show seamless thong, the whole thong body acts as a waistband, so there's no issues with uncomfortable waistbands on this type.

How thongs feel in front

How a thong, or a g-string if you prefer, should feel in the front is full coverage, only leading to comfort.

With that in mind the cut of thongs are small, its therefore possible the front panel covering your privates can become visible on the sides.

On top of that the likelihood of front wedgies is a real possibility.

So not only will you have to deal with the rear strap causing issues up the bum, the front panel can be painful.

Solution to that is wearing a low rise or original rise thong with a full fabric body.

High rise thongs can cause the issue with less coverage on the front, thus causing discomfort as long as the thong is worn.

What else is featured on the front panel of a thong is the extra cotton gusset that should really cause no issues at all.

But if you notice where the thong front to rear panel is stitched; its here you need that stitching to not be so thick and obvious, as can be felt as it usually sits in between the buttocks, near to the bum hole.

To summarize

How a thong should feel would be described as basically nothing. Realistically no thong will ever not be felt, but there should never be any discomfort.

Softness of full coverage underwear that is felt on the skin will be felt too where a thong fits.

However, style of thong or brand can change all that from one thong pair to the next, so its often a matter of trial and error.

For example Hanky Panky thongs are extremely comfortable, and once you're over the feeling over the fabric against the skin, the underwear will then go unnoticed.

On the other hand sport thongs such as Calvin Klein thongs can be felt by the wearer, and while positive to most, it shouldn't really be any feeling.

To get used to thongs there is not pain barrier to get through. When a women tells you, you need to get used to thongs - she is only referring to the brief to thong transition.

Most women will have to deal with the strap that runs up the bum first and foremost.

Ideally the fabric shoved up the bum will never be felt regardless of the thong style, but if it does then the thong is a wrong' un, so needs replacing.

The front panel can cause issues in high rise thongs but less so in other styles, while the waistband can offer some comfort.

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