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How should a thong fit (in the front, side and rear)

Getting used to thongs can be a learning curve, but knowing how a thong should correctly fit will get you off the ground with little problems.

How should a thong fit in the front, sides and rear is full coverage, with width to counter curling or wedgies. Judge a thong fit only after wearing the high or low rise thong cut while focusing on the front and rear. Make it wide front coverage to prevent spillage, while the thong strap should go unnoticed up the rear.

To be asking how a thong should fit could mean you are currently going though a crisis of comfort, or you're wearing thongs for the first time, and need a little reassurance

But as a rule, think of thongs as fitting similar to regular panties; only attention will need to be put on a comfortable rear strap fit, plus full coverage on the crotch.

Different types of thongs cause so many issues, but as a rule, a full bodied thong that fits lightly on the skin, can be a very comfortable thong to wear.

Make it a thong in fabric that feels lighter than air, but success will rely on in the stretch.

If a thong is to small it will feel too tight, so any tightness can be countered with use of a light stretch thong - preferably in the cotton, NO VPL kind.

Of the top reasons to wear a thong, reducing or eliminating VPL is one of them, so whatever you decide to do, don't compromise the thongs purpose.

Thong TYPE fit differently

Explaining how a thong should fit is not easy as it can depend on the thong style, and believe me there's lots of them.

But know that in wearing a thong, it must be comfortable at all times with no exceptions.

Possible explanation for uncomfortable to wear thongs is too tight, no stretch, or the fit up the rear is an excruciating experience.

Overall, you'd want to expect a thong to feel comfortable everyday made in a light, soft stretch fabric with full coverage in the front, moderate to very revealing in the rear.

Example of that is Hanky Panky Signature thongs are an all rounder in full coverage, whereas a Calvin Klein thong has moderate coverage in the crotch, and less so in the rear with a narrow but often high rise thong strap.

High rise vs hiphuggers

How a thong should fit in terms of high or low can very greatly, but only deal with this issue once you know the type of thong cut is needed for your closet.

In wearing high rise thongs, the kind that sit up higher up on the waist - should still fit as if its a regular pair of panties.

In no way should the fit stretch out only because its lifted higher up, nor should coverage in the front be compromised - if it does then you've pulled the thong up too high.

In hiphuggers, or what they are more known as, low rise thongs, same rule applies.

In low rise thongs the style should fit more around the hips and just under the stomach.

Thongs in a low cut tend to offer a little more coverage all around due to the way they are designed, so can be more comfortable than the high rise kind.

Correct thong fit in FRONT

Where thongs cause trouble more than anywhere else on the body is on the front, so how a thong fits on the crotch is very important.

But know if the thong has a narrow gusset, this would normally translate to spillage of your pubis area - but this can be intentional, and not cause issues.

However, how should a thong fit in the front is full coverage over the crotch; fully covering the Labia Majora - the folds of skin outside the vagina - as to avoid the fabric slipping, thus the cause of front wedgies.

It would also be wise to fit the thong front to your pubis area, as too narrow thong would see pubic hair spill out - which would look funny, but still be ridiculous.

Make it a wide fit thong in the front as it would be in a regular panty, that way little issues can arise with the vagina and the area around it.

Band FLUSH against waist

Get off to a good start wearing thongs with a fit around the waist a comfortable one, but if movement or curling occurs, then that won't be so.

Signature or elasticated sports thongs tend to have an elasticated band so thick, yet still comfortable - this issue will not apply.

But in cheaper, PACK OF 5 type cotton thongs the tacky build with a structure that pays no attention to practicality, can see twisting or curling.

In curling of the elastic this can lead to pressing on the skin, so can be felt, but can also be a feeling that causes issues.

To avoid this is picking the right thong with a waistband that is wide but while fitting flush around the waist.

Rear STRAP fits internally

Depending on the body type, know that a thong strap that rides up the butt is intended to go in-between the butt, thus only buttocks are seen and the top of the thong only.

However, the female body is different and so are the many different types of thongs on the market.

So know the thong can fit internally in-between the cheeks, but still appear on the outside.

What this can be caused by is a flat bottom or a thong that is not fitted correctly, so a new thong or a different style might be what's needed.

I would say though the thong design in the rear strap that is the real cause, but its not a problem as that is what its usually intended to do.

If the strap that rides up the bottom is a wide one - say one to two inches - then for sure there's no way all that fabric can fit up the bum unless some of it can be left out.

Stretch counters too small size

How should a thong fit in the front, sides and rear will depend on the type of thong that is worn, but any tightness can be fixed.

That is by depending on a thong that relies heavily on the stretch in the thong body.

If the thong is the wrong size, and feels a little too tight, but still within reason - extra stretch will make up for the shortfall.

Tightness is likely to occur, or moreso feel uncomfortable around the waist and the strap that runs up the butt.

So if the thong is made in a super light, stretch cotton or nylon the issue of tightness will not be noticed at all.

To summarize

How a thong should fit in the front, sides and rear will depend on the style of thong along with what material its made in, plus how much stretch is available.

Overall you want a thong that fully covers the crotch, has width around the waistband with a wide strap that rides up the butt.

Width of the thong strap is a personal preference, but know it should feel comfortable.

How should a thong fit should be judged on only after trying on a low or high rise thong only, then continue to improve on the fit in due course.

But a fit in the front should cover the pubis area with no possibility of spillage; if that were to happen then expect front wedgies.

To prevent any issue with the elastic waistband, in terms of curling or twisting action - make it a wider waistband with a harder strap.

In the end you'll find that a thong that is too tight can be fixed with a thong that offers too much stretch - you can never have too much elastication.

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